Mar 9, 2018

Composition On Don't Grumble. Make the Best Use of The Things You Have. When Life Throws You Lemons, Make A Lemonade.

It is rightly said that we understand the true value of things only when they are taken away from us.

This phrase showcases positivity and optimism in the face of misfortune and adversity.

Never wait for the perfect circumstance to achieve your goals. Waiting until the universe conspires in an instant of perfect circumstances to encourage you to work for your goals will only be the way never to reach them.

You see, maybe in these moments, you cannot work for your goals the way you would like. You still do not have the money, the training, you have not met the right person yet; you do not have enough maturity; it is not the right time, etc. The point is that this becomes an excuse for procrastination, and never to undertake anything.

It's time to act. If all life has given you are lemons, just make do with them the best way you can. Make your best lemonade!

Composition On Don

This is life - to get the best out of what we have. Instead of lamenting and blaming others for our "misfortunes," it is better to take charge and get the best out of your lemons, get the juice out of those lemons, and prepare a delicious lemonade.

The best and greatest men in history were characterized by doing what others considered unattainable. Everyone complained that they only had lemons while they were dedicated to making the most out of the circumstances they were offered.

I use this phrase a lot in my personal life because I always have goals, and some of them may not yet be within my reach. But that does not mean I remain motionless, waiting for the perfect circumstances. Rather, I use all the lemons that I get from life and make the best lemonade for myself.

Life will not give you more and better lemons until you use the ones you already have. But if you never use what it gives you, then how do you expect it to give you more?

Act now,and you will see that progressively, your lemons are becoming much better and varied, giving your existence a variety of nuances, and you will enjoy the variety of its flavors.

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