Jun 27, 2019

Essay on importance of Yoga for class 2 to 8

Yoga-- An ancient kind of exercise which developed thousands of years back in the Indian society and is being practiced continually since then. It consists of various kinds of exercises to keep a person in good shape and to get rid of different forms of inabilities and diseases.

It is likewise considered as a strong approach for meditation which helps in relaxation of body and mind.

Yoga is being practiced around the world today. In addition to these 9 out of 10 Americans have heard of Yoga, one in three have tried yoga at least when and more than 15% of Americans have done Yoga in the previous 6 months. Indians have known the importance of Yoga from decades and from last numerous years the entire world is talking, practicing and embracing Yoga and its advantages.


To boost YOGA's awareness concerning all the benefits all over the globe, the Indian Prime Minister has recommended to the United Nations General Assembly to state the 21st of June as an international day of yoga exercise. By seeing the benefits of implementing the yoga exercise in everyday life, the United Nations General Assembly has proclaimed the International day of yoga exercise to be celebrated on 21st June of every year.



Essay on IMPORTANCE OF YOGA for Class 1 (200 WORDS).

Yoga originated in India and pertains to traditional physical, spiritual and mental disciplines. There are 5 significant branches of yoga in the Hindu philosophy, they include Raja yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana yoga, Bhakti yoga, and Hatha yoga (Yoga). Yoga objectives range and vary from improving health to achieving Moksha (Yoga).

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Everyone in this world wants to stay healthy. No one invests time to remain healthy. Yes, you can stay healthy just you have to invest 10 to 15 minutes for yoga. Yoga aims to physical and mental workout. Physically it consists of numerous "aasans" or yoga postures. Mental strategies are like breathing workouts such as 'Pranayam' and meditation.

Essay on IMPORTANCE OF YOGA for Class 2 (200 WORDS)

Yoga is stated to come from Hinduism long back and is being practiced worldwide today. Individuals have actually discovered the merits of Yoga and have actually accepted it in the form of workout and meditation. Essentially Yoga is not only a type of workout however it is an ancient knowledge for a healthier, better and peaceful way of living. It helps in finding inner peace and causes union with self.

Individuals usually believe that yoga is a type of exercise that includes extending and folding of body part however Yoga is a lot more than simply exercise. Yoga is a lifestyle or Art of enduring mental, physical and spiritual course. It allows to attain stillness and to tap into the awareness of inner self. It also helps in finding out how to rise above the pull of mind, emotions and lower physical requirements and face challenges of everyday life. Yoga deals with the level of one's body, energy, and mind. Regular practice of yoga brings positive modifications in the practitioner-- strong muscles, versatility, persistence, and health.

We ought to have patience towards yoga. Individuals normally choose faster ways like making use of medication, steroids or surgical treatment to lower weight which obviously has ill effects over the amount of time.


Essay on IMPORTANCE OF YOGA for Class 3 (300 WORDS).

Yoga aids in controlling a person's soul, mind and body. It provides the mental and physical discipline together to soothe the human body and mind. It also assists in managing tension and anxiety and keeps you relaxed. Yoga asana are understood to establish vigor, flexibility and confidence.

Advantages of Yoga..

  • It is a simple remedies for asthma.
  • Enhances internal organs.
  • Enhances versatility of muscles.
  • Corrects the posture and positioning of the body.
  • Renders better digestive system.
  • It helps in treatments of diabetes.
  • Helps in curing heart associated problems.
  • Helps in skin glow.
  • Promotes strength and stamina.
  • Tones internal organs.
  • Enhances concentration.
  • Helps in mind and believed control.
  • Keeps mind calm by overcoming tension, stress and anxiety and depression.
  • Helps in releasing stress.
  • Helps in blood flow and muscle relaxation.
  • Weight decrease.
  • Protection from injury.

These are amongst the numerous benefits of yoga. Yoga focuses on your natural propensity towards health and self-healing.

A yoga session mainly comprises of breathing exercises, meditation and yoga asana that stretch and strengthen numerous muscle groups. It is a good substitute for preventing medicines that are damaging to our mental and physical health.

Among the main advantages of practicing yoga is that it helps manage tension. Tension is common nowadays and is understood to have destructive results on one's body and mind. Due to stress individuals establish major problems like sleeping condition, neck pain, back pain, headaches, quick heart rate, sweaty palms, dissatisfaction, insomnia, anger and inability to focus. Yoga is understood to be truly efficient in treating this type of issues over a period of time. It helps an individual in handling tension by meditation and breathing workout and improves a person's mental well being. Routine practice produces mental clearness and peace, therefore, unwinding the mind.


Yoga is an extremely useful practice which is easy to do and helps in eliminating specific severe health problems that are common in today's lifestyle.

Essay on IMPORTANCE OF YOGA for Class 4 (400 WORDS).

Yoga is a practice that deals with 8 levels of advancement in the locations of mental, physical, spiritual and social health. When the physical health is undamaged, the mind is clear and focused and there disappears.

The primary objectives of yoga include:.

  • Self Realization.
  • Spiritual Health.
  • Physical Health.
  • Mental Health.
  • Social Health.
  • Factors to Practice Yoga Regularly.

Yoga is an art which links our mind, soul and body together and makes us tranquil and strong. Yoga is needed because it keeps us fit, helps burst stress and preserves out overall health. A healthy and well balanced mind can focus well and do everything.

Yoga is important since by practicing Yoga you are being benefited on the following points:.

Internal Peace-- Yoga helps achieve inner peace and combat against stress, mental problems and other complications. Yoga increases the peace level in an individual and makes him become more joyful resulting in more self-confidence.

Healthy-- A healthy individual can attain and do more work than an unhealthy person. Life nowadays is extremely demanding and there is a lot of contamination around us. This is a reason for many health problems. Simply 10-20 minutes of yoga each day can assist regain your health. Much better health means much better life.

Being active keeps you conscious of the things taking place around you and also helps you finish your work more efficiently and quickly. And one method to attain this is by practicing yoga routinely.

Flexibility-- People nowadays suffer from joint pains, deal with problems while bending or touching their toes. Regular practice of yoga helps in eliminating these discomforts. The result can be seen in a few days of practicing.

Increase Blood Flow-- Yoga helps make your heart healthy and makes it work more effectively by increasing blood circulation in your body and veins. It helps in keeping your body oxygenated.

Power to Concentrate-- Yoga helps your body to calm down and unwind which implies there is less stress and one can concentrate and focus rapidly on his work. Due to the fact that it helps them concentrate better on their research studies, that is why teens and kids are encouraged to do yoga.


Thus, yoga is a wonder and as soon as followed, it will guide you the entire life. 20-30 minutes of Yoga each day can change your life in the long run by promoting a balance in between physical, mental and spiritual health.


Essay on IMPORTANCE OF YOGA for Class 5 (500 WORDS).

Yoga originates from the Sanskrit word, 'YUJ'. It means to join, join or connect. It is the union of specific awareness with universal awareness. Yoga is 5000 years old Indian philosophy. It was first discussed in the earliest sacred text-- The Rig Veda (Vedas were a collection of texts including mantras, spiritual details, tunes and routines to be used by Brahmins, the Vedic priests.

Yoga is being practiced in the Indian society considering that countless years. A person performing yoga will move from one posture to the other called Asana. Yoga benefits individuals who practice it routinely.

The kind of workouts carried out in Yoga is called as 'Asana' which can bringing about stability of body and mind. Yoga Asana are the easiest and easiest way to lower our excess weight and keep fit.


Yoga originated in ancient India thousands of years earlier, long prior to the first religion or belief system was born. It is believed that Shiva is the first Yogi or Adiyogi and the very first master. Thousands of years earlier, on the banks of Lake Kantisarovar in the Himalayas, Adiyogi shared his knowledge into famous seven sages as it was hard to put all his wisdom and knowledge in a single person. The sages took this effective yogic science to various parts of the world, consisting of Asia, North Africa, the Middle East, and South America. India is blessed to have actually found the yogic system in its maximum expression.

The fossil stays of Indus-Saraswati civilization are proof of the presence of Yoga in ancient India. According to the studies, Yoga was being practiced under the direct assistance of a Guru and its spiritual value was offered a lot of importance.

Maharishi Patanjali is understood as the dad of Modern Yoga. He did not develop Yoga as it was already there in different types. He absorbed it into the system. He saw that it was getting quite intricate for anyone to understand it in any meaningful way. So he absorbed and included all elements into a particular format-- Yoga Sutras.

The function of breath is really crucial in the practice of Asana or Yoga positions. In yoga, the focus is integrated on the breath while indulging in sluggish motions as well as while doing total Asana.


Yoga is only partly understood as being restricted to Asana. Individuals fail to understand the immense advantages Yoga provides in unifying the mind, breath, and body.


Essay on IMPORTANCE OF YOGA for Class 6 (600 WORDS).

Yoga postures have actually always been an essential discussion in yogic culture. In some yoga schools positioned abroad, yoga postures are categorized as Standing, Sitting, Lying on back and Lying on Stomach but the real and traditional category of Yoga involves 4 main courses including Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Kriya Yoga.

Classification of Yoga.

Here is a take a look at the four primary paths of yoga in brief to comprehend their importance.

KARMA YOGA-- It is likewise called 'Discipline of Actions' in the western culture. This type is one of the four important pathways of Yoga. This teaches to carry out one's responsibility without getting connected to the fruit or reward by doing selfless activities and duties. This is the primary lesson which is being taught to Karma Yogis. It is for those who seek the spiritual path and look for union with God. It can be also practiced in our regular life by performing one's task in a sincere way without anticipating the benefit. This is the path of spiritual advancement. Generally, Karma is the action we do and its subsequent response. Life of an individual is governed by his karma cycle where if a person has great ideas, great actions and recommendations he/she will lead a happy life whereas if an individual has bad ideas, bad actions, and bad words, he will lead a tough & unhappy life. In today's world, it is very tough to lead such a generous life as people are prone to fruits of labor they do. These are the reason that we are dealing with issues like high tension, mental disorder, and anxiety. Karma Yoga teaches to eliminate all the materialistic courses and lead a pleased and content life.

JNANA YOGA-- It is likewise known as the 'Wisdom Yoga'. This teaches a person to merge with the inner self by practicing different mental methods by practicing meditation into deep conscience mind and carrying out self questioning sessions. It is typically advised to practice Jnana Yoga under the assistance of a qualified expert to attain the objective and to perform it in the finest way.

BHAKTI YOGA-- Also recognized as 'Spiritual or Devotional Yoga'. It is the most convenient and most popular one. Bhakti Yoga leads to the purification of mind and heart and can be attained by numerous mental & physical yoga practices.

KRIYA YOGA-- It is the physical practice in which numerous body postures are performed through meditation methods of energy and breath control or pranayama. By practicing the Kriya yoga the whole human system is energized in a brief time. The blood absorbs the high quantity of oxygen and becomes de-carbonized rapidly which helps in general well being and number of psychosomatic illness are avoided.


A Yoga guru or instructor can teach the proper combination of the 4 fundamental paths as it is required for each seeker. Ancient sayings have actually stressed that it is necessary to work under the instructions of a Guru to obtain the above mentioned Yoga courses.

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