Nov 22, 2019

Essay on Indian Festival for Class 2 to Class 5

People of India like their festivals and culture even the much less substantial ones with interest. India is a land of different religions as well as cultures; thus, every religious belief has its own festivals and personalizeds way of celebrations. Despite the diversity, every festival is celebrated with each other by the people of different faiths as well as ideas.

Festivals of India show the rich cultural heritage of its people; their faith in each other's religious beliefs; common harmony amongst individuals of India as well as their love for the country and its heritage.

India is a land of festivals. It incorporates people from various religions as well as cultures and thus celebrates numerous spiritual festivals. Indians additionally celebrate three nationwide festivals. Festivals in India are waited for all year long and are celebrated with wonderful splendor as well as program. The entire environment is filled with joy as well as excitement during the joyful season.


You will also recognize how the festivals are a way of maintaining centuries old customs as well as beliefs alive amongst the masses.

Below we are providing brief as well as lengthy essays on Indian Festivals of differing sizes to assist you with the topic in your exam.

You can pick any Indian Festivals essays based on your need in your institution's essay creating competition, argument or speech giving.

After checking out the essays you will obtain a close idea of the festivals of India and also their significance for individuals of India.


Indians offer special significance to their festivals. Special setups are made for the party of different festivals every year. Be it the towns or the huge cities there is joy throughout. All the locations are decked up during the festival period. A few of the main Indian festivals consist of Diwali, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Chaturthi, Durga Puja, Dussehra, Pongal, and Bhai Duj.

People of India also hold excellent regard for the National festivals of the country. Gandhi Jayanti, Independence Day as well as Republic Day are the three national festivals of our country. These festivals are a sign of unity and progression. They advise us of our patriotic leaders who offered the country selflessly. National festivals are celebrated with equivalent passion. The entire environment is loaded with the sensation of patriotism during these festivals.

People in our country love commemorating the festivals with their near and dear ones. Each Indian festival has its own unique way of celebration and people follow the custom while commemorating the exact same. Nonetheless, some things continue to be typical as an example people embellish their houses with blossoms and also lights throughout the festivals and use brand-new garments. They go to each other and exchange presents. Many types of Special sweets are cooked, prepared at home to treat the guests.

In conclusion, Indians celebrate both spiritual and also National festivals with wonderful interest. Kids, along with senior citizens, look forward to the joyful parties.




Indian festivals are a reflection of the various culture of the country. The parties hung on the festivals familiarize the pupils with the culture as well as tradition of our country. Each festival has a spiritual undertone and a practice attached to it. Festival time is a great possibility to make the students understand the cultural roots of our country and also help them connect with it. These parties are normally done a day before the festival as it is a holiday on the day of the festival.

Indian festivals are thus much more important for the students in more than one way. These are a wonderful method to bond with the close to and dear ones as well as additionally to find out about the country's rich cultural past.

Understanding the Cultural Roots.

Festivals in India are not only celebrated at home with family members yet are likewise celebrated in institutions and colleges. The educational institutes are decked up with flowers, lights, attractive posters and colorful drapes throughout festivals. Students are asked to find in ethnic wear to include in the colour of the festivals.

Events in Schools/Colleges.

In India, festival time is waited for all the time, especially by the pupils. They anticipate the festivals owing to numerous reasons. One of the main factors for this is that the institutions as well as colleges are closed throughout the festivals and also this provides a respite from the mundane routine and also strict research routine. Students also enjoy festivals as it is time to meet their relatives and also cousins who present them with presents. Besides, they get to consume a great deal of scrumptious desserts as well as use new outfits.


The typical class sessions are replaced by fun tasks on nowadays. Cultural programs and also various other intriguing tasks create a part of the festive celebrations in colleges and also schools. Pupils, in addition to instructors, participate in these tasks totally and also the whole ambience is filled with delight and laughter.



Indians give unique relevance to their festivals. Be it nationwide festivals or local festivals-- all the festivals in our country are celebrated with love as well as joy. There is a holiday in colleges, colleges, as well as offices on a lot of these festivals.

Spiritual Connotation Renders Importance to Festivals.

Because the Indian festivals have certain religious connotations attached to them, Indians celebrate these with all their hearts to please their deities and generate positivity and also joy in their life. For example, Diwali is celebrated to celebrate Lord Rama's return to his home community, Ayodhya. Janamashtmi commemorates the birth of Lord Krishna, Durga Puja is celebrated to supply prayers to Goddess Durga and also her different characters as well as Ganesh Chaturthi are celebrated to supply petitions to Lord Ganesha.

Our nationwide festivals especially Independence Day reminds us of the battle and sacrifice that our people underwent to gain independence. All three nationwide festivals of India are offered special value. The entire country gets immersed in patriotism during this time. These festivals are celebrated industrious throughout the country. These are a way to pay regard to our brave patriotic leaders.

Festival Time is Considered Auspicious.

Likewise, lots of various other festivals such as Baisakhi, Guru Purnima, Pongal, Maha Shivratri, Rama Navami, Basant Panchami as well as Akshaya Tritiya are thought about highly advantageous and are particularly waited for to begin with something brand-new such as purchasing a new shop, beginning a service, signing a big business bargain, dealing with wedding celebration day, and so on

. National Festivals are Equally Important.

Therefore, festivals hold high relevance for Indians. Whether they stay in India or abroad, Indians offer unique importance to their festivals and celebrate them with happiness and also happiness.


The relevance of festivals in India can extremely well be seen in the way these are celebrated. People do not just celebrate festivals at home but also see their near and also dear ones to celebrate them together. The parties are additionally performed in colleges as well as workplaces. Our society holds high regard for religious techniques. People in India are mainly God-fearing.

Festival time is taken into consideration to be advantageous based on the Hindu faith. This is one more reason that people give so much significance to this moment. They await this time around to begin anything brand-new in life so regarding begin on an excellent note. People believe relocating to a brand-new home throughout Navratras or on the event of Diwali brings in excellent luck, likewise signing up with a brand-new work during the Ganesha festival or on Makar Sankranti can prove to be great for them.


Because of the numerous colourful and joyous festivals celebrated right here, India is typically called the land of festivals. People coming from various castes, cultures, and also customs live in different parts of our country. Each religious beliefs has its set of festivals based on its faiths.

Key Festivals of India.

The major festivals of India are the ones that people coming from all the religions and also areas in our country eagerly anticipate as well as celebrate with wonderful eagerness. Right here are several of these festivals:

Ganesh Chaturthi, Janamashtmi, Navratri, Eid Ul Fitr, Baisakhi, Onam, Pongal, Bihu, Gurupurab, Navratri, Guru Purnima, Ram Navami, Vasant Panchami, Durga Puja, Chhath and Dussehra are amongst some of the other festivals that are celebrated with immense zeal in various parts of India with a few of these specifying to a specific region. No surprise, our country is called a land of festivals.


Holi is the festival of colour. It is among the most fun Indian festivals. It has a religious connotation to it, the entire function of this day is to have enjoyable and allow loose. People apply colour on each other as well as consume sweets. This festival is celebrated collectively in real estate cultures and household colonies.

People gather around to colour each other as well as throw water on each other as a part of Holi event. Loud songs are played at most places as well as people groove to the beats of foot tapping tracks as they appreciate this festival. At some places, people even defeat each other with sticks as well as throw mud on each other as a custom.


Diwali is among the primary festivals of our country. People celebrate it with fantastic pleasure and also enthusiasm. The prep work for its celebration starts virtually a month before the festival. People cleanse their houses as well as purchase attractive things to deck up their location. Your homes are embellished with lights, diyas, and also candles. People make rangolis, praise Goddess Lakshmi and also Lord Ganesha and also burn firecrackers to celebrate this festival. The whole country lights up on now.

Raksha Bandhan.

Raksha Bandhan is yet one more Indian festival that is celebrated all throughout the country. This festival is celebrated to enhance the brother-sister bond. Sis see their siblings on today and connection rakhi on their wrist. The brothers in turn promise to protect their siblings and be there for them in the hr of need. This is followed by the exchange of sweets. The brothers also bring unique gifts for their sis on this particular day. Those who can not visit each other send out rakhi and also gifts via article.

The people belonging to the south have their own festivals; people from the north provide value to some other festivals while those staying in the East celebrate some other festivals. There are particular festivals that are celebrated throughout the country with equivalent enthusiasm. Some such festivals include Diwali, Holi, and Raksha Bandhan.


This is indeed a lovely tradition which is being complied with given that ages. There are numerous mythological tales behind the party of Raksha Bandhan. This is not only a time for the sisters as well as brothers to bond yet is likewise a time to strengthen domestic ties. The event happens early in the early morning as well as it is adhered to by a family members brunch.

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