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Jul 11, 2020

Essay : Who would you call an educated person?...One with degree only or with Some other qualities?

What are your aims when you are striving for a degree? 

A degree is a certificate of proof for a person who achieved the equivalent quality. This equivalent quality of this degree is acceptable in a country or in some cases it is also acceptable internationally.

Therefore as part of a structured system of education, I will try my best to achieve a degree and everyone should also do it. But Degree is only providing eligibility whereas it must be also an entry point to any job as per rank of marks obtained. But today's system is not believing these degrees therefore many industries are conducting the competitive examination. It proves that degree is not believed by other institutions except the source institution which is delivering this degree.

Some quality of professionalism must be developed related to the degree that will be acceptable by all. Therefore quality is the ultimate achievement which can make me stand up at any situation even without a degree. But degree alone cannot make me 100% secure and stable in getting a job or achieving something in our life.


According to me, I think a person with qualities is an educated one. It is because skill and knowledge are the things that rule the world. A person becomes unique when he or she possesses qualities along with virtue and a sound mind to judge things according to its value. These qualities are the elements that catch the attention of everyone. Quality brings positive change and value in our society. The welfare of human beings and our society is the effort with some professional quality in any field of science and technology even when there was no institution of delivering a degree. The degree is a measurement of the quality that was adopted to enhance these qualities in the comings time.

For some exceptional people, their qualities exceed their qualifications. But on the other hand, degree should be given some importance too because they act as the eligibility criteria in the sector of competition. Degree without qualities are worthless. Altogether, it can be stated that to achieve something exceptional in your life you have to be extraordinary.......

We all know William Shakespeare rules the world of English Literature. In fact he possessed not a single degree in his life. The irony is that we are reading his works in our graduation to obtain the degree.

Degree can be  purchased or sold through corrupted means  but qualities can never be bought in lives. Quality takes time to develop and enhance in a person. It requires a lot of energy, dedication and intellect. And this quality of the man speaks louder than  degree when checked and tested on any platform. Then the man becomes exceptional in the eyesight of people.

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