Nov 28, 2020

Covid-19 Pandemic Turned Institution into Virtual World Essay

This essay is written in the manner of Charles Lamb, an English author and essayist.

Worldwide covid-19 pandemic seized the wheel of world and imposition of Lockdown compelled people to enter a new arena called the virtual world. Urgent implementation of lockdown strategies to take the edge off the blow out hereupon resulted in an unexpected transition from classroom teaching to online education. Discerning the cruciality of education as it cannot be abruptly ceased, UNESCO recommended the use of distance learning programs and applications.

One day while attending the lecture of Neel C_e maam's class made me ruminate over my school and college days memories. I was listening to the lecture but at the same time methought that I was in the estate of thinking about the college days and the things which I was missing the most was the board not a black one but green in colour. It is broken at the right top corner but still it is ours students of English department thinking about the room number 412.

The daily meeting with blackboard and it staring me and the students. It is who takes pain for us because of the points inscribed on it and getting dirty with chalk dust and cleaned every day.

Distance Learning

We the students asunder now due to pandemic have to vacant the table, benches, chalk, duster , walls of room number 412 and off course the board. Coronavirus monster made me realise others importance in life. What I am doing now is attending the classes in Google meet by clicking a link instead of reaching the college campus physically boarding the bus in the public Rush. Now sitting at home in the wintry season I'm listening to the lectures sometimes (or I could say seldom) make me feel otiose. The appetite for online classes decreased in comparison to earlier. My present estate made me think of the bygone days in the presence of batch 2019-2020 which cherished the room of E. department and scribbled on the body of board.

Condition of the world became like this, "Once ‘free’ in the streets, what then? Fear and panic could destroy the city as much as plague itself. Many of the doctors fled, along with the rich and powerful; quacks preyed on the poor with their neverfail miracle drugs. Churches and conventicles and synagogues were empty. Neighbours informed against each other. People lied to each other – and to themselves. (It’s just a headache. Just a little bruise. I’ll feel better if I go for a walk.) Worse – there were stories of infected people deliberately concealing their telltale ‘tokens’ and going out into the streets trying to infect others." The most important thing everyone noticed that society failed to manage panic and fear of corona disease. Society and officials have taken it into account much beyond the limit of an abnormal situations. In this kind of situation, media must be controlled to not to increase fear among the society for a gain of TRP.

Earlier when the lockdown was imposed I enjoyed relaxation and comfort of home and it's coziness. I also attended seminars on woolf's Mrs dalloway and Pinaki de's special session on graphic novels. I learnt about technique of writing which is stream of consciousness as it is said that she was one of the most distinctive writers of the English Literature using the technique masterfully and also learning about the graphic novel and how to interpret it. I had read some of the comics but was ignorant of the fact that comics are part of graphic novels.And offcourse, the exceptional lecture on postcolonialism by "Bills Ascroft".

Online classes first seemed to me interesting because it was a novel thing . Everyone along with me was curious about the classes. It commenced with the zoom app then proceeded towards the conference call and at last Google meet.

Study materials which we used to see on the blackboard and received as xerox came in PDF format. I felt privileged that every one of us recieved the materials but at the same time I dearly missed the teacher's handwritten expressions on the blackboard with love and kindness when each day a new topic was taught. Professor M.'s lovely expressions when she used to forget and we reminded her of the points. When she used to ask" what I was saying???" and Professor R.'s sir lectures and the hurriedness to pen down every points. D. ma'am giving simplified notes to make us clear the concepts. A. ma'am's energy in her teaching and last but not the least Neel C_e ma'am taking us to another realm of the world. The ways she used to enhance our imaginations , group activities, recitation competition, and of course the heart rendering song"My Heart Will Go On"

Restrospecting The memories, the campus, cottage-styled garden of E. Department and roaming in the building corridor made me miss those auspicious days. Green lush covering the garden. The flowers -chrysanthemum, petunia, and China rose enticing me while I behold them. The backside of the college building covered with gentry strands of sakhua trees and the greenish yellow glebe ( playground) makes me feel the exoticism of nature. My Gentry pals who are engaged in their gossips and having their savoury spicy panipuris.

I cannot say that the lock down period was boring , but it was devastating. I think after the season of fall, and In these wintry days this lockdown due to coronavirus monster is choking me or I can say it is choking us all, the humanity.

The classroom board came before me and it seemed the scribblings on the board is calling back the kids.

I felt the approach to studies changed, became strategic and flexible. But all these things are less in comparison to the traditional but cozy method of receiving education. The days which could be attended supposedly in room no.412 will never come. The blackboard started to fade away, going avaunt saying " you are not pen ing down matters inscribed on me, there is nothing written; less than a nothing .I am only what might have been in your life." My reflex worked suddenly and I looked at my side but there was none but me sitting in my living room with my phone in my left hand and pen in my right, earplugs in my ears and notebook on my lap.


  1. thank you for such a wonderful essay. It helped me alot.

  2. great job but some of your quotes aren't cited so be careful


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