Aug 23, 2021

Essay: UNHCR Member Countries Should take Afghan Individuals like Canada- Canada Afghanistan international gc com

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The Humanitarian Response to the Refugee Crisis

Heartiest salute to Canada and its President:

Canada has announced the resettlement of up to 20,000 vulnerable Afghan nationals to Canada. This will be done through a special immigration program for Afghan nationals. UNHCR Member Countries Should take Afghan Individuals like Canada.

Canada has announced the resettlement of up to 20,000 vulnerable Afghan nationals to Canada

Canada will receive these individuals through the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), which takes in individuals who are in danger of death due to persecution, war, famine or natural disasters. The Canadian government will pay for the cost of the flights and hotel accommodation for the claimants. This program will apply to all claimants, including women and children.

Who applied more for resettlement in Canada:

Most of the individuals who apply for resettlement in Canada are women and children. The UNHCR has a difficult enough time caring for the elderly and sick in particular. Children's lives are not yet fully formed, which means that they need special protection.

RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police):

UNHCR Member Countries Should take Afghan Individuals like Canada- Canada Afghanistan international gc com

It is possible that there are some individuals who could be classed as security threats, although in my professional opinion this is very unlikely. The RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) have a comprehensive screening system in place already.

I believe it will be very difficult for the RCMP to find a legitimate claim to bring these individuals into Canada.

If I am wrong, the RCMP will have to compensate the claimants for the hotel accommodation and flights. This amounts to millions of dollars.

Till August 23 2021 Other Countries except Canada are silent:

It is a shame that Canada will be the only country in the world to take in this dangerous category of asylum seekers. The UNHCR has put enormous pressure on other countries to agree to take their claims, and the UNHCR is the only body in the world authorized to approve asylum claims from individuals in danger.

In the end, it is the Canadian taxpayer who pays for this decision. And they should be outraged that they are being asked to fork out millions to support this.

But they should also remember that the UNHCR is the only body authorized to approve asylum claims from individuals in danger. It is the body that approves claims from individuals in danger, and it is the body that has approved claims from individuals in danger throughout the world for decades.

The standard for Asylum Approval:

The UNHCR provides a standard for asylum approval in several different categories. It establishes those criteria that can be used to categorize an asylum claim as legitimate, as being credible, and as being supported.

The UNHCR Standard is very clear on this. And the UNHCR is also very clear that this is a matter for individual countries to decide on. It is not the role of the UNHCR to police national laws, only to help countries to decide if their decisions are acceptable.

UNHCR a Transparent Organisation:

UNHCR Head office Geneva switzerland

The UNHCR has reviewed the various decisions that have been made in the context of these claims, and it is of the view that to date none of the countries involved has made the decision-making process fair, efficient and transparent.

Countries Response to needs of refugee:

The UNHCR will continue to monitor the situation, to monitor the progress of countries, and it has told the countries that it is waiting to see if they are going to provide an effective response to the needs of these refugees.

A proportionate step is the need of the hour:

As this is not happening, the UNHCR is recommending that UNHCR members take a proportionate step. Any member country that fails to take this step will be barred from using the UNHCR name and logo for their own asylum procedures.

Such a ban would cost the member country millions of dollars and would not be restored until the refugee protection situation improves, and this is in the best interest of the refugees.

The UNHCR has also advised that member countries should be prepared to act in this way.

Lack of appreciation:

The UNHCR has warned member countries in many of the cases of countries, for the past 20 years or so, that there is a lack of appreciation, empathy, and interest in how these situations can be resolved. If that is not changed and action is not taken, the UNHCR will recommend member countries suspend the use of its logo. The UNHCR and the member countries will then need to take steps that are proportionate and that can be monitored. This will be done and put in place between 2012 and 2017.

There is no alternative for member countries:

The UNHCR is prepared to act in that period, but it is in the member countries' hands to make a decision that is in the best interest of the refugees. There is no alternative other than to do nothing and continue to allow the situation to deteriorate. After the five-year period is over, member countries will be given a time frame to introduce measures that are in the best interest of the refugees. This may involve a gradual change to third world conditions but the change should be a positive one and help to increase the capacity of member countries to provide an adequate level of protection.

Reason to refrain from taking any action:

The UNHCR has also proposed that if the member countries have a good reason to refrain from taking any action and want to continue using the logo and logo they should make it known and make it clear to the world so that other member countries have time to take action.

The UNHCR has also provided a detailed breakdown of the costs that member countries would incur for the different measures they may need to implement. This will help other member countries to make an informed choice. If the member countries fail to take any steps that are proportionate and that will contribute to reducing the refugee crisis, they will face a financial penalty for their failure, between $500 million and $1 billion per year. This will be applied as a charge on their income.

The UNHCR is prepared to act:

The UNHCR is prepared to act and is prepared to provide assistance to member countries but the member countries must be given a clear choice of action and a fair opportunity to exercise their choice. This should be before the logo is put on the water. It is also necessary that the UNHCR may be involved in this process.

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