Feb 27, 2022

Essay : An Experience showed me that My Teachers Were Right

 Sometimes we feel that our teachers are partially treating us, but my experience taught me that my teachers were right. Now in this essay, I am sharing my experience so that students may not be misguided by their own biased perceptions. 

Introduction: What I Learned from My Teacher

I had a math teacher who was the most strict person I have ever met. He always followed the curriculum to a T and would never let us go off-topic. He would always make sure that we were doing our work and not goofing around.

Experience That Taught me that My Teachers Were Right

One day, he told us that we had to do some math problems in pairs. I was paired with my friend and we were working on it when he came back over to check on us. We both looked up at him, but he just stared at me for a long time before saying anything. "You know what? You're right," he said, his voice low, "I'm not following the curriculum."

He then went on to tell me about how I was doing something wrong and that it's important to follow all of the instructions.

What I Learned from My Teacher

“It is not the language that is important, but the meaning.”

This quote has been a great lesson for me to learn. It teaches me that it is not about the way you say things, but what you want to say. It also means that it doesn't matter how eloquent your words are, as long as they are conveying your message, which I think is a really valuable lesson.

We should be focused on the experience design everywhere

I was one of the best students in my class. I had always been a good student, but I never felt like I was learning anything. One day, I went to visit my grandparents and they showed me how to cook. When I returned to school, I realized that the design of my classroom had not changed in years. The experience of cooking with my grandparents made me realize that there are different ways of teaching and learning.

Conclusion: The Experience showed me that My Teacher Was Right

Teachers always look at our overall way of study and our hidden potential. Therefore we should be very careful listeners to what our teachers say about ourselves. Don’t care the way he is delivering instruction, but care what is he saying. This can clean our negativity from our life.

The conclusion for this section is that we should always be open to new experiences as they can teach us something new about life.

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