Jul 11, 2022

How to Create Leaders in your Family

Why do we need to create a leader in our family:

We need to create leaders in our family. So that any activity can be performed on behalf of the family leader. 

We need to create full documentation of the leader’s work for the family.

How to Create Leaders in your Family

 Any member of the family can fully become aware by reading these records. If it is maintained accurately then any family member can understand all the activities of the family head.

For example:

If the leader of the family is a serviceman. Then he has to prepare documents of all activities and records that he maintains.

Service records:

Provident Fund record,

Gratuity record,

Nomination records

Date of Joining records,

Colleagues' records with contact numbers

Financial Records:

Bank accounts,

Insurance records,

Mutual Fund accounts,

PPF accounts,

Mediclaim records,

Share accounts,

Land Records,

Residential records.

ID records:

voter ID card,

Aadhar Card,

PAN card

Driving license


Certificate Records:




Master degree,

Professional Degree

Home utility records:

Gas cylinder records

Telephone records

 SIM Records

Service Numbers of Individual product

Schools Records

Vehicle Records:

General Insurance,

Road Tax record,

Pollution certificate

Servicing Records

This system is just like the Industrial Management system (IMS). This works for big industries. Therefore it is guaranteed that it will work for the family system also. 

Businessmen have to create business records in a similar way.  Business record depends on the type of business. It is important that records must be in a simple and detailed way so that anyone can understand every aspect of the records. 

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