Jun 2, 2023

Grammar Check: A Comprehensive Tool for Enhancing Writing Skills

Improving one’s writing skills is a noble and useful endeavor as writing skills help a person in many parts of their life. Many jobs nowadays require good writing skills and being better at writing can give a person an edge.

However, for a person with a full-time job, there is not enough time in the day to dedicate to learning and improving writing skills. However, such people can utilize various tools to improve their write-ups and passively improve their skills. One such tool is Grammar Check. We will check out what this tool is capable of and how it can improve your writing skills.

Grammarcheck.ai Review

In this detailed review of Grammar Check (a.k.a. online grammar checker), we will check its features and how those features help a writer improve their writing skills.

Features of Grammar Check

As it is a dedicated grammar-checking tool, most of its features are related to that function. There is not much detail to be discussed as all of these features are quite straightforward and mostly self-explanatory.

Let’s discuss them.

· Highlighting errors. When a passage is inputted into the tool, it highlights different grammar errors in it.

· Providing corrections. Clicking on the highlighted mistakes opens a small box that provides a suggested correction.

· Providing explanation. The color of the highlight and the supporting text in the correction box give more information about the kind of error that was detected.

· Correct/Ignore one. Users have the option to correct or ignore the selected error. They can do this by clicking the single tick, or the single cross icons in the top right of the tool.

· Correct all/Ignore all. This is an option that is accessed by clicking the triple ticks or the triple cross on the top right of the tool. It applies all corrections or ignores them all.

· Undo. Users can undo their last correction or ignore the mistake by clicking the Undo button. This option is also present in the top right corner of the tool.

· Upload file. This feature lets writers upload work directly from the local storage of their devices.

· Download file. The corrected output can be downloaded directly as a file in Word format.

· Five languages supported. Grammar Check can detect errors in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch.

How Does This Online Grammar Checker Enhance Writing Skills?

So, how does Grammar Check improve the writing skills of a person? Well, its various features are quite useful in doing so, as you might have guessed yourself. Let’s take a deeper look at how they improve writing skills.

Gives Suggestions for Correcting Mistakes

The very first thing that a grammar checker should do is to be able to offer suggestions for correcting grammar mistakes. Thankfully Grammar Check can do that easily. It provides either a single suggestion or multiple suggestions depending on the error. For example in the given image, the incorrectly spelled version of “essential” has three suggestions.

The top suggestion is usually the correct suggestion, but it is good that this tool has the flexibility to look at things from multiple perspectives. This teaches the writer to have an open mind as well as teaching them about their error. And that is how it improves the writing skills of its users.

Teaches Correct Spelling

One of the most obvious outcomes of using this grammar checker is that the writer learns how to spell words correctly. You can see this in the following image.

2_Grammar Check

In the given sample text (generated by the tool), spelling errors are plentiful. The tool is able to underline all of them and show multiple suggestions depending on the context.

English has a lot of complex words that have confusing spellings. Some examples are as follows:

· Pneumonia

· Conscientious

· Onomatopoeia

Writers can have trouble spelling such words and commonly do misspell them. With Grammar Check, a writer can learn the correct spellings just by checking the results.

Teaches Correct Punctuation

Punctuation is one of the most important aspects of grammar. The rules of punctuation are diverse and sometimes quite confusing. Taking the time to sit down and learn them exclusively is not possible for many writers.

With Grammar Check though, they can write as usual and check their content for errors later. Any punctuation mistakes will be identified by the tool and the writer will learn through experience about their punctuation error.

3_Grammar Check

After checking the correction, writers will also learn how to use punctuation correctly. One of the most common mistakes writers make is in the usage of semi-colon and colon. Learning about such mistakes can improve a writer’s skills.

Teaches Correct Word Form

One of the most common grammar mistakes made by people is incorrect word form usage. English has many similar-sounding words that are spelled differently. Some common examples are:

· Their/There/They’re

· Your/You’re

· Here/Hair/Hare

You get the idea. Grammar Check can detect such errors and correct them. Here is an image showing this in action.

4_Grammar Check

Grammar Check can detect and correct such errors without an issue. Writers can see this and learn from their mistakes. In this way, Grammar Check can help improve the writing skills of a person.

Pricing and Accessibility

Grammar Check is a completely free tool as such it does not have any pricing plans. As far as accessibility goes, it has no requirements for registration. So, any writer can start using it without any preamble.

Its simple UI also helps in making it quite easy to use, and the other features it has that we discussed earlier further enhance its accessibility. Particularly, the five-language support means that writers who speak those five languages can use it easily.


And that’s why Grammar Check can be considered a comprehensive tool for improving writing skills. This tool can identify common mistakes that are confusing and overlooked by average writers. It also provides sufficiently detailed information about the mistake which helps writers avoid it in the future.

In addition, Grammar Check has a great UI that aids writers in using it effectively. The requirements about not needing an account and being free only make this tool better. So, all in all, it is a great tool that is accurate enough to help most writers. As such we rate an 8/10. 

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