Jul 26, 2014

Student's Life is the Best life Essay | Part of The Life | For Class 8

Life is a journey from birth to death.  Life is inter weaved with happiness, sorrow, charms, freewill, inquisitiveness, social ties, relationship etc. These values fluctuate in the course of lifetime. Degree of variation of these parameters eventually decides the containment of various kinds of human life. We may categorise various kind of life as doctor's life, engineer's life, student's life etc.

When we grown up , we first carryout our life under chieftain of our family. We remain fully dependent upon him. We all family members have great respect towards all decision of our chieftain. Because we know that he has to do everything. It can be perceived that leader of the family has to shoulder all the burden of the family. I have noticed myself that my family chieftain compromised every time. I felt very sad for that. So it is obvious that parents life is really tough. They always remains strained and involved in caring, moulding , teaching and preparing their wards carrier. 

Once I was going to school in the morning. One uncle told me enjoy your life. Because student life is the best life and you will not get repeated any moment again. So enjoy yourself at fullest. I had never thought of this. But when l recalled the uncle's words, then I perceived that my life is really happier than anyone else life. There are no sorrow, depression and frustration in a student life. In student life it seems that sky of success is unlimited. We usually fall in ecstasy during gossiping with friends. We also have a lot of mental strength and courage for overcoming any critical situation. Good students enjoy much in learning and exploring their favourite subjects. Their intellectual excellence  in school and at home are their pride of happiness. Every student feels their level of potential to prove them. All these are the highest source of good feel. 
student's life remains full with enthusiasm because there are lot of entertainment's means. At evening we play football with our friends. In winter are remain busy for cricket tournament . Meeting with friends and their family members is much entertaining. Our demands are rated high among the family members and it is mostly fulfilled by our parents. Whenever we feel boring, then we used to watch our favourite show on television. There is no tension of managing our needs of life. Therefore we may be satisfied with open sky life of students and conclude that student's life is the best life.
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Jul 19, 2014

Curiosity is the Mother of Inventions Essay

curiosity is the mother of invention
  (496 words): Curiosity is a strong desire to know something. As depth and width of curiosity spreads its wings, then a new machine or method born as invention. Therefore we can say that the title of this essay has got its justification. Scientific temperament and inquisitiveness assist curiosity to generate invention. Therefore in scientific socialism we can say that curiosity is the mother of invention. 
Curiosity is what my four years old son asks me many questions continuously while passing by market side. Another practical way of explaining curiosity is watching a polar Bear on Discovery channel, inspecting a remote camera with his legs. If anyone has seen this scene then he can perceive the exact meaning of curiosity.

After buying an assembled computer's packets, we remain very much curious to open every layer of the pack to know the originality of the product, or to see the look of the product etc. We have also noticed that our kids are even more curious to open any packets and we scold them to not be in hurry. So curiosity of the kids becomes so strong that we have to catch their hand to stop them. These are all examples of natural curiosities.

Human beings and few other animals are designed by God such that they want to unlock every unknown and hidden secrets or things in this world. This is the prime drive for any invention. This drives also comes from necessity and from need of overcoming  barrier of human life.

Invention is that new purposeful machine, method, process etc that need strong desire and determination. If anything new happen on this globe we can say this invention. Sometime invention happens because of necessity. At this situation structured curiosity comes in between necessity and invention. Most of the fighter equipment's inventions are the outcome of this type of curiosity. Necessity for controlling the world demanded forced inventions of war equipment and machines. And we may agree that these inventions are proved to be dangerous for human beings because mass human killings were assisted by this type of equipment. So we can conclude that curiosity is bringing us towards devastation.  
When curiosity is pursued for a good objective then healer invention comes into existence. We can illustrate the curiosity of Charles Babbage; whose theory gave us one of the most usable machines as computer. He was very curious student. Mathematics and science were his favourite subjects. He was very much curious about creating a machine; which might not make mistake. As he was very much tired of human errors. His idea was not to create computer but his main idea was to get rid of human math computing errors. Whatever may be the case but his curiosity eventually did the highest wonder in the world. And we got the fastest machine as computer. His curiosity gave birth to a more powerful machine instead of a Math error handler. The curiosity of Charles Babbage found a mountain while pursuing a hill.
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Jul 12, 2014

Life Without Parents Essay for Class 10

life without parents

(704 Words ): Life without parents is extremely painful and bruised for children and directionless for a matured boys or girls. Pain of parentless life is beyond imagination. Love and affection are ambrosia for us. Only parent after God can provide this magical containment to us. Parentless life has wet eyes that bleeds tears and forget dryness of happy life. The memory of losing parents is too much painful. Hug of parents is like happiness of heaven. Pat of parent is like a medal. Family life with parents teaches us the competence of closeness. One finger hold of parents takes children at the peak of success. We all become socked and full of grief after listening any news of parent loss. We also well acquainted that this loss cannot be made up. Unfortunately if any of us become trapped in this teary pit. then we should try to tear out all grief of heart. we need to feel about those many unfortunates; who already have lost their parents and leading life under next born leader of their family. Time heals everything. We need to rely on this saying with a promise to execute the parents' objective dreamed for us. In this way we can change our tears into happiness of ambition.  Death is certain for everyone. Unfortunately someone has to taste it earlier than expected. So it becomes the most prior duty of every parent to remain up to date for inheritance of their financial and physical asset to their loved one. So that the unroofed children have not to run here and there with tears and heavy heart. At least they could catch their future rope as soon as possible to make them (parents) happy in heaven. the unfortunate children need to take the challenge to find their life instead of crawling with tears and grief. I know it is very tough, still we must believe in the life process, because there are many unfortunate of these kinds; who have set landmark examples of winning the game of life. We need to gear up in tough time with this optimism. We should not stop for what we don't have in our life, but we should proceed further to achieve what is possible and believable. We should come to the similar type of children in our society who are leading their life with conviction to achieve a destination in future. There are many organisation and NGOs which are conducting programs for such children. Nobody can stop the system of God; who provide grains to all the birds of the universe daily. These birds have no any plan, and strategy like human beings. So if they can live then why not human beings. I know it is tough. But once we overcome the critical time in our life I can guarantee that the future path automatically becomes visible in the form of side job and earnings. The main question is of bread of the next eating schedule. If somehow it get solved for one week then there comes a time in hand which can be utilised to manage for next week and similarly for next month. 

Our Duty: It is a big tough time for anybody and can happen to anyone of us. Therefore it is our duty to put hand on the head of these unfortunate one so that they could stand up in their life.This is one of the highest prayers to God mentioned in The Quran and in other religious books. You will get surprised what I am going to say here. That Prophet Mohammad S.A.W lost his parents at very early time. There is a proof, how he influenced everybody in his general business and life in Makka before becoming prophet. He ruled the world with his vacant hand. And finally God (Allah Tala) selected him to send God's message to the world. 

I cited this example because these children are very close to God, he will certainly help them to stand up in life. May God give extraordinary strength to these children to stay live in this world and I also wish that May God give rich people a heart of caring these unfortunate children. Aameen!!!
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Jul 5, 2014

384 Words Essay On Water for class or Grade 3

(384 Words):Water is one of the most precious resources; which is God gifted to us. We see water falling as rain, flowing in the river, staying in the lake, coming from tap. 3 by 4 part of earth is covered with water. It is very cheap natural resources; which is going to cost more than gold. Is it a joke? Not at all, it is the future forecast. APJ Abul Kalam showed a presentation of human future in which he has shown a child of 8 years is looking as of 60 years old because of water shortage and high temperature. He also pointed that many gun men protecting and guarding water from general people. This prediction has been derived from water history and its present trends. So it is right time to be careful about water future to secure future of the globe.

If history of civilisation is studied then it can be concluded that the entire civilisation from ancient time till date developed near water source. Examples of this civil section are Mesopotamia, Egyptian, Sindhu etc. The success of big cities like New York, London, Rotterdam, Shanghai Paris, Honk Kong, New Delhi etc. is because of easy availability of water from the river; near which these cities are situated. Also all the big cities of India are situated at the bank of river.

 Water fraction in our body is about 60% by weight. Therefore to keep us live water has 60% role. The biggest role of water is in the water-cycle; which causes rain on the Earth. This rain water is the essence of life of all living things. 

Little water is a crisis; huge water is cause of death sufficient water is life. Therefore water needs very important care and efficient water management policy. There must be high effort towards installing waste water recycling Plant. Government must bring a policy and law to economise the waste water recycling Plant to establish the technology in advance. So that there would not be to dig well at the time of need. 

In simple way we can say that we have to save water, we have to harvest water and we have to think while using water to safeguard our future. The time has come for engineers to take the responsibility for ensuring water future. 
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Jun 28, 2014

Books are the Best Friends Essay for Class 4

books photo image picture
(451Words):Cicero told that "A room without books is like a body without a soul."
Relationship and friendship may get detached but book has great bonding without any fear of detachment. Loyalty of books than anyone else has attracted human beings to remain attached with books from ancient time. The books are interwoven with our lives in such a way that we seldom forget to carry a book while travelling or while leaving our homes.
Books had played the highest role in the learning process of human species. Still it is continuing its presence and importance in our society. Today's destiny of human beings is because of the inventions, discoveries, innovations, ideas etc. recorded in the books. We are living God's way because of the preserved messages of almighty in the religious books; that came with the messengers of the God. Books give us information and knowledge. It also entertains us anytime, anywhere. We can get rid of lonelinees with the help of a book. We may not agree with the view of an author of a book, even then we get many ideas for producing new critical ideas with their views in the books. The books never break its friendship like human beings until we quit it. It never takes return of any good doings on us. The books benefit us with each glimpse. Therefore I perceived in my life that the books are my best friend.
We wander here and there for private tutors, but seldom concentrate on books . I believe that books are the best teacher in the world. We just need to use books cleverly. It needs only concentration line by line to understand the subject and not merely reading text. Be connected with this loyal friend because it will water your life with immense intelligence and will boost your learning in all dimensions.
As books are my best friend I keep them near my reach in my study room. I never arrange books daily in Almirah to avoid time wastage. I have used a wooden cot and made subject-wise crust to get books quickly at the time of need. I never sold my books because I love them. I handle my books carefully to keep them fit and in good condition. This is compulsory to strengthen attention and feeling towards book reading. Books are one of the best resources to shape and guide our life in right direction.

Book is something which has been shown great path to human kind by preserving message of God in The Ingeel, The Bible, The Taurat, The Quran, The Bhagwat Geeta, The Ramayana etc. These books have largest impact on the life of human beings from ancient time till date.
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Jun 21, 2014

Respect Toward Grandparents and Elders Essay | For Class 8

(415 words ): Respect towards grandparent and elders have been a judgemental subject from ancient time. Someone says respect should be earned. Someone believes that respect cannot be given freely. Contradictions among the people born from individual's nature and behaviour. In this essay I will state very simple logic to clarify the misconceptions and I will put a better solution to avoid argument of contradictory thoughts regarding the subject. 

Respect means well-behaving with other with good gesture, moral, gratitude and feel good sense. Respect is counted upon honesty, truthfulness, goodness, magnanimity, behaviour, moral, character, integrity etc of a human being. If someone exhibits these values fully or partly then he is a respectable person. We expect these values in public to respect someone. But when we take the example of our parents and grandparents then we generally don't apply these conditions. We blindly respect them as they brought us in existence and because they are our elders in family tree. If a person other than our family is asked to examine our family members in public sense then he might find out some or many inhuman values. 

Therefore it is clear that there is a role of selfishness. An Ideal human beings is that person; who comes above these judgmental thought and showcase his goodness in public to prove his values and culture at best. Therefore every elders and grandparents should be respected because they are seniors in our society. But it does not mean that you respect an elder who is out of human sense. Never respect wine drinker, addict, thief and bad elements of the society even if they are your family seniors. Because they reduces the values, cultures and integrity of our society. I think you all understand what I mean here. If anybody want a certification for this logic then the law of creator is to be followed, and these laws are available in religious books. 

One thing can be stated that respecting others breeds values for those who respect others. Thus he creates his own brand as gentleman in the society. These types of people have higher success rate in our society as they only have friends. They used to say that 'everybody is my friend, some are good friends and some are very good friends'. They don't believe in creating enemy. 

Therefore it can be concluded that respecting grandparents , elders and even younger is very useful and fruitful as it prows that thought born in me is highly ethical, polite and humanly. 
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Jun 14, 2014

My Favourite Cartoon 'Tom and Jerry' Essay For Class 3

( 404 Words): We all are familiar with a very famous and popular cartoon show of a grey coloured, short haired cat Tom and a small brown coloured mouse Jerry. I always see different cartoon shows on T.V. but the show which always amuses me is Tom and Jerry. No matter if it is a repeated episode, it always entertains me. This show comes on the channel Cartoon Network in India. 

My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. It is an American animated series created in 1940 by William Hannah and Joseph Barbera. Tom and Jerry is a comedy show. It is the genre of slapstick comedy. It was first released on 10 February,1940 and it lasted till September 27,2005. The main distributors of the show was Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and currently it has been distributing by Warner Bros./Turner Entertainment. The total episodes released were 162 from 1940-2005.The first released episode  was  "Puss Gets The Boots" in the year 1940. It was the first cartoon to get nominated for Academy Award for Short Cartoons. 

First Episode:
In this episode Tom always grabs Jerry with his tail where Jerry always tries to run away from Tom. The Tom chases the mouse into the flower stand where it cracks. The flowers and its pot get destroyed. Mammy Two Shoes is Tom's mistress, she enters the room and scolds Tom for its behaviour. She told if he again  breaks anything then he will be out of the house. The Jerry mouse came to know about the weakness of the cat Tom. So Jerry always threatens him by throwing the glass from the top of the shelf whenever Tom tries to grab him. Ultimately Jerry makes it hard for Tom by throwing the glasses one by one on the floor. Tom tries to catch glasses with its plate from floor. After doing so much practice of catching glasses, an idea finally came to his mind and he keeps cushions on the floor. Tom again comes to Jerry mouse ; where Jerry again tries to threaten him but this time he becomes unsuccessful. He sees that Tom has find solution to his problem. Tom makes a terrified face to Jerry where Jerry gave a scary laugh to Tom and tries to run away from him.    This is one of my favourite episode of Tom and Jerry series. 

Speechless action of Tom and Jerry with small fun activities connects children's emotion with their childish imagination.
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Jun 6, 2014

Essay on Examination For Class or Grade 5

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(454 Words ): Examination is that which filters out the quality from the mass. It is the checkpoint for inserting right bricks in the construction of a strong building. It is the most important part of all facet of life process. the quality of result or outcome depends on the level of the examination.

So reason cited above are the core reason of examination. But examination is always fearful and stressful. Students don't know the question paper. Out of many questions which questions can be expected; is one of the big reason of panic. These curiosity put the students at stressed level before the examination. After examination their mind carry the faults and errors they created in the examination. Every students have the exam panic but the degree of fear and stress is different among them.

 The students having good study and reading habit have less fear with confidence and show off more fear in public. These students are very clever. These type of students are very much strategic in study and have very good time management from very beginning of the session. They listen class speech attentively. They have very good reading habit and they put hard labour and know their responsibility. A little anxiety is very good for these type of students because it boosts performance of these good students. 

 Distracted students are of indiscipline nature. Exam anxiety counts more on them. They have less preparation and their preparation is of shortcut type. This is the main reason why they are very much stressed about expected questions. The fear of failure or poor performance is the vital reason. As parents expects maximum from them that is why they used to assure their parent superficially and falsely.
This again adds up to their panic. Some students fails to come out of exam anxiety and seize up. Due to this they forget their prepared part of the subject. In this way the panic gets multiplied for them. This is very dangerous.

How to get rid from Exam anxiety: It is a proverb that "There is no substitute of hard work." Time management and good reading habits are the key to open the lock of examination success. Now I will define these three parameters. It has been noticed that week students remains relaxed at about half the year and adopt last minute cramming. This shows that they have no potential to do hard work. They like drifting and listen scolding from their parent. They remain unaware of their coarse material and have no plan when to do and what to do in right time. This shows that they don't know time management. Good reading habits mean just read your text books regularly. It create great understanding of the subject and improve language quality. Someone has said that "Books are the great teacher." 

Essay on Examination For Class or Grade 2
*Examination is a part of life.
*There are many types of examisatioi viz oral examination , written examination , service recruitment examination etc.
* Examination brings fear and panic. 
*It puts us in pressure for study.
* sometime we dream about examination .
*Examination's dreams are very terrific and dangerous .
* It brings feeling of competition.
* we feel great happiness after examination.
* Fear of failure seize up poor students.
*High scoring in anexamination raises confidence of good students .
*Good study is never disappointed by the examination.
*Regular study from the beginning is the key for Success.
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