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Aug 26, 2016

Essay on My Aim in Life to Become a Pilot

This essay on aim of becoming a pilot will reflect the born feeling in the mind of a child when he starts visualising own future. Dreaming and pursuing aim of life is a big subject for a student. Therefore this essay is an addition to many essay available on this site for aim of life. Give your comments below.

Wright brothers invented the Aeroplane and since then everyone has dreamed of flying. To fly high like the bird and reach the horizon. I first saw an Aeroplane flying when I was a young lad and then immediately I asked my mother everything about it.

My mother showed me the book of aviation history and I grew fascinated with it. Stories about Amelia Earhart inspired me and then I took the biggest decision of my life i.e. to become a pilot. I would speak to myself about how amazing it would be to fly that iron bird in the sky, to fly and reach the sky and to travel the world.


I wanted to become a pilot because it made me feel adventurous. Spending all my childhood listening to all the fascinating and fiction stories about owning a plane and traveling around the world, meeting new people, seeing different traditions and culture etc.

As I grew older, this aim also grew with me, it made me feel responsible and more determined towards my dream. I started reading more and more about the aviation history and how famous people made it big and became the most successful pilots. A new spark grew in me and among the various types of flight career, I wanted to become an Airshow stunt pilot because it was challenging. Making a show out of aerial acrobatics was something out of an ordinary thing.

But I was always skeptic about my dreams, I felt that this dream was larger than my life and my capability to do it was not enough but my ultimate inspiration was that bird who would fly above my head every day, mocking me to compete with him and so I did. My parents were my precious treasure of motivation because they made my feel that each and everyone has the capability to do anything and this particular optimistic perspective made me believe in myself and my dreams. If I have the capability to dream it, then definitely I will have the courage to pursue it.

So here I am, after 30 years. I can feel my dream (Of becoming a pilot) fresh even now because I am living my dream, it was not easy to pursue it, but somehow I made my aim my life and my ultimate goal. Believe in yourself, no matter what.

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Aug 19, 2016

Essay on Autobiography of a Bird For Grade 5

Delicately coming out of my egg shell, I came into this world. My parents were my biggest strength because they taught me everything well and how. Crawling out slowly, I saw sun rays bright and shining with the dancing trees . My parents told me that this is the world and to it, I belong.

They fed me daily and made me comfortable in the prettiest of the nests and when night wore its darkest coat, they warmed me with their softest feathers. They taught me daily of the world's affairs and how life and world sustained in a large vessel. The most exciting day of my life was when I learned how to fly because every bird's strength is having a perfect flight.

I couldn't fly perfectly but through daily practice, I perfected my flight. Daily I learned about myself and also the world around me. The saddest day of my life was when I had to leave home, in order to find myself. I left home and flew to the world which beheld abundancy.

It was a bright new day when I was alone, in search of food and comfort. I had to face many difficulties in order to stay safe and sound. Every day I left from home with an empty stomach but I came back at night with a stomach full of satisfaction. Every day I roamed around the world and met new birds and made new friends.

My best mate was a woodpecker unlike me who was a lyrebird. We both traveled the whole world and migrated every season to our respective places. It was really beautiful to see greenery and colors because this is what for me, life was all about i.e. to witness each and every beautiful place. It was time for me to attract female birds in order to find a companion and I did. She was the prettiest lyrebird I had ever seen. We both rested under a beautiful nest and made our life even wonderful with little hatchlings. They completed out life and we made a beautiful family. This is the life which I dreamed of and which, each and everybody else should dream of.

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Aug 12, 2016

Primary Concerns Before Vacation for Student Essay

Primary Concerns Before Vacation for Students. After months of studying and gazing at the Blackboard, the only time each and every student dreams of is, vacation time. This is the only time when there are no lengthy assignments or tough examinations. Living a life on holiday is what this little time of vacation is all about. But, there are some primary concerns for them before this happy time.

1) Holiday assignments
A little glitch to enjoying a vacation is to complete those lethargic assignments because everyone hates doing a school/college work on a sunny vacation. But when you complete it, your vacation will be a piece of cake.

2) Planning a vacation
Every student in his life wants to plan a vacation with his friends. You might have wanted to surf on the beaches of Goa or splurge money on the mall roads in Delhi. But the actual task comes in planning it all i.e from booking hotel rooms to planning the entire vacation, everything seems easy until you start doing it. But when you plan it all out with friends, everything seems fun and fine.

3) Learning from vacation
Student life snaps out in a matter of time because time waits for none. These are the moments when a young person can shape himself into the person he wants to be in the future. Vacation time will make you know more about the world and you will have a fresh mind and can make possibilities knock on your door of life.

4) Overcoming Weakness
Life may knock us down but it depends on us if we want to pull up or stay down. Through vacation, you will know that what life is actually about and that the rat race is not worth the wait. The breeze of vacation will smear your worries away.

5) Making your life a memorable one
Memories are what you'll live by for the rest of your life. These happy moments with your dearest of friends will make a memory worth remembering each and every time. The task over here is, how will you make it memorable? Vacation is planned but memories are made in the most natural way. Thus I would conclude by saying that, these concerns will bring out the best in students and it will help them live a life full of memories, friends and a life of humbleness. So, make this journey a lasting one.

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Aug 5, 2016

Team Work Wins the Game Essay

'Teamwork.. An eight letter word which can change a whole situation, good or bad.. Once there was a group of kids who was going to play a cricket match. Everyone had to bring the things used in a professional match and everyone did the same.

Now when everyone got something or the other, it created a dilemma about the team member's selection and they started discussing the same and soon that discussion turned into an argument as one or the other wanted to be a captain and select their team members... They fought and fought but couldn't get any positive results and they decided to play the game anyways they wanted, which was a mess of course! That was a negative way of handling a team which that being a team was not one.

Meanwhile they were playing their 'so called game' they heard a woman giving her child their example as a bad team which didn't even know how to behave as a team.

Now when they heard that , they realized their mistake and one of the team players gave an idea to sort the issue and everyone decided to have a calm discussion or a chit round which would decide the captain and they soon got their captains.. It turned to be a great match without any judgements as they were only having fun and learning.

Through this story we conclude that teamworks are different, its upto you how you deal with it and stay on the this title 'TEAM.'

The very first thing in a team is, there is no 'I' in teamwork. It is true that 'united we stand, divided we fall'. So a successful team is only formed when one keeps all differences aside and plays as one.

So, individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean...!
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Jul 29, 2016

Essay on Journey to Shimla For Class 5

"Shimla is a gift packed in snow and beauty" Himachal Pradesh has a green allure hidden in its bosom and I think that each and every individual should absorb this place with wholeheartedness. If you have visited Shimla, you probably might still remember it's magical environment and dimly weather.

But if you have not yet visited this majestic place, let me tell you, it is worth the trip! As you go high up, on the mountains, you can see why this beauty lies on the top, apart from everything else, but still, and magnificent in its place. As you go by the roads, it is noticed that each and every house has it's own little garden of beauty. The beautiful cottages and old houses will make you want to live in it for the rest of your life.

"Swirly roads will make your eyes roll, but don't forget to enjoy the steamy momos, Pretty is your face and so is the nature's gate, so make the most of the snowy place, Sun is all cozy in the wintery blanket, don't forget to wear your wooly jacket, In Rohtang pass you will have a snowy fight and pictures to take in the kashmiri costume design, Early morning will be a lovely scenario and shopping in the mall road will be every girls dream fascio."

Kufri is another place in shimla where you can have a lovely time by making snowman's with your family and riding on the yaks to go to the higher tops. The taste of lip smacking maggie and Aloo ka Paratha is something which you will remember forever. You gotta visit the mini switzerland of shimla which contains a vast garden of sanctuary and greenery. You can probably enjoy quality time with your family, enjoy horse riding, hire a photographer to take some amazing photographs and munch on the little snacks. There are many temples, hiking points, zoos and parks which will make you totally drenched in the green environment. Every monday will seem like a sunday and you will never forget the hotel ambience.

Every family takes a vacation because they are drenched in the mundane and monotonous schedule of their lives, but when you visit this benevolent place, you will be enchanted by its serenity and you will be in serendipity.

Next time when any of your friends or family plan to take a vacation, do tell them about this place and they will be totally awed by just listening to it.

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Jul 22, 2016

'The Importance of Science' Essay For Class 10

643 Words Essay by : K. STOVALL

As man descended from the trees and began the journey into the future science was born from the first step upon the ground. The daughter of necessity, science was the truth by which we fed. No only did our inept knowledge of science sustain our bodies helping our physicals selves survive and evolve but it nurtured our minds leading us down the path towards humanity. Early man with their herbs, mushrooms and one can imagine some humorous trial and error lead future generations of man into what would become the basis by which every moment of our existence has been built on to this day.


Throughout the ages science, although not always named so, was foundation by which human life survived. Unfortunately,science became superstition and the less evolved leaf on the tree of humanity saw its' mystery as magic and began to persecute early practitioners of what would become know as the dark arts. The brightest minds of the time risked death to advance their knowledge of the laws of physics, the heavens and medicine.In the 1600's Galileo Galilei was actually convicted of heresy for proclaiming that the Earth was not the center of the Universe. Our next moment of idiocy would come when primitive medicinal practices were declared to be witchcraft and therefore unholy which led to an untold number of murders. The only culture that not only survived these brief moments of extreme philosophical or scientific bias was China who flourished while continually advanced their understanding of science. The understanding and advancement of science in China actually dates back two thousand years and some ancient practices such as acupuncture are still preformed today all over the world.

It was not until fairly recently that mankind truly was free to delve into all aspects of known sciences. Science was no longer the daughter of necessity. Brilliant minds such as Jules Verne, James Fenimore Cooper, Alexandre Dumas as well as a few slightly disturbed ones began to dream of what could be. Far off worlds filled with fantastic imaginings. They dreamed of leaving earth just as the first humans left the trees. Traveling through wormholes and the possibility of alien intelligence adrift on earth like planets even other dimensions. These dreams commonly called science-fiction novels soon replaced necessity. Children that read these imaginings turned into adults who endeavored to turn science-fiction into science fact. We as a species reached the pinnacle of our existence. Scientific achievements came as fast as the speed of light. Of course their were more failures than successes thank goodness that passion fueled their drive to try and try and then try again. One hundred and twenty-five years ago the radio was only a dream today we have landed a satellite on a comet, there are plans to colonize Mars and cars that drive themselves. One can't speak of such success with mentioning the tragic successes that usually were born of war such as the atomic bomb which ushered in its' own era of death and destruction or the improvements in weaponry all of which remind us we are not as advance or intelligent as we could be. We can only hope future scientists realize that a scientific achievement can also occur within the mind not just the world.

I look at all the techno-junkies glued to their smart phones watching videos of cats and singing two year olds and I can't help but think about the 1969. The world glued to televisions, that generations the cutting edge technology, watching a rocket take off, fly for three days, finally coming to rest the one celestial body that every man woman and child that ever live gazed upon with wonder and awe and we did it with less than eight percent% of the computing power that we hold in our hands and watch you-tube videos.

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Essay on Journey to Goa For Class 4

This essay on journey to Goa can also be used for lower classes by taking easy sentences from this essay.

My recent summer vacations were spent at Goa. My parents accompanied me to Goa and we took a bus ride to be there. Though the bus ride was very gloomy and hot, we somehow managed to arrive at our destination. The entrance to the city of Goa was highly welcoming and I could glance around at a number of fishermen in the sea on their boats. Some of the boats contained stocks of fish which were being supplied to the local fish shops.


We headed far up into the main city where I got to see a lot of tourists who had come from various countries. The city was bustled up with greenery all around. I also noticed a large number of coconut and palm trees alongside. If only our city had so many trees too, wouldn’t it be a nicer place? Though it was midday, the air was fresh and soothing. We had a delicious meal at the local restaurant and then we headed up to our guesthouse which provided us with a beautiful cottage overlooking the sea. It was very amazing to look at.

After getting freshened up, we headed towards the beach. The sand was so very soft and I noticed some good seashells lying nearby. I collected some seashells to show to my friends at school. I also made small sand castles on the beach while my parents relaxed for a while. There were also a lot of boating inns available. My parents took me to the boating inns and we rented out a boat. We took a ride for a while and then we returned to take rest on the beach. I also had a tasty milkshake while on the beach. There was cool wind blowing and the waves were crashing up and down all the while. I and my father played in the waves for quite some time. On the beach, I also saw some huge crabs and fish being sold by the vendors.

At sunset, the people lit bonfires and we too joined them. They gave us flower garlands to wear. I wore one on my head too. We danced to the music being played and also ate some delicious seafood. It was an amazing time to be at. Next day, we visited the nearby churches and some famous places there. We then took a bus ride home. I was very tired and so I fell asleep during the way back. I shall always cherish the sweet memories of being in Goa.

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Jul 15, 2016

Essay on 'Aim to Become an Artist'

"The mind of artists are always on fleek". An artist is a person whose mind is like a sea with lots of dreams, colours, inventions and imaginations. If you have ever talked to an artist, you will know in which world they live in. They may be an introvert but the mindset which they have is of a dreamer, who dreams of flying as high as possible.

When they hold a paint brush, they are no more a person who only paints, but they are the one's who paint a masterpiece. Most of the famous artists never wanted to paint only for money, they wanted to showcase their talent because they wanted to inspire others. So when you aim to become an artist, never do it just because you want to earn, but do it because you want to make people awestruck.

There is something different about these artists which we can never understand. They are the beholders of colours in their minds. Nobody can paint a masterpiece, but the one who does it are the ones with a difference in attitude and mind, nothing is attached to them more than a colour pallet. They are drenched in the joy of painting and stroking.

If you have aimed to become an artist then never ever look back on becoming something else. It is easy in this "sheep" driven world to be out of track i.e. to follow something which others are also following. I say that be rebellious in your dreams, be that person who has a shine of hope in his eyes and trust in his heart. It may not be an easy path, if you don't take it just because you are scared, then who will?. Take that jump of trust in yourself and arrive at the horizon of success. Aim is not like a hurdle where you can jump easily, it is a mountain where you have to climb barefoot and enjoy the view of victory.

It is always hard to follow something different but when you do it with integrity and passion, you can follow your aim easily. For example, Joanna always wanted to become an artist but she was scared to become on because of lack of trust and motivation. One day a man knocked her door and asked for a glass of water. Joanna gave him.
"If it weren't for ripples in this water, it would never have been different", said the man.
"Who are you?", Joanna asked in astonishment.
"I am difference who knocks on everyone's door and befriends them, will you befriend me?"
"I always aimed for difference but lacked motivation"
"Well then! Here is your glass of motivation"
and after that incident, Joanna painted like never before. She painted on fleek, with perfection, with determination, with imagination and most importantly, with fearlessness.

So, through this example, I want to inspire people, to follow their dreams, no matter what and even if it is too late.

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