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Dec 9, 2016

Essay on 'Significance of independence in my life'

Independence is something which everyone wants, which everyone needs and which everyone will fight for. Independence in my life is of utmost importance because without independence we are just surviving and not living life to our fullest.

The greatest example is of Independence which India fought for its country because as a whole a country cannot survive without being independent, then how can we? India has fought for its country through blood and sweat, through traumatic experiences and also, the memories are still remnant in the hearts of every individual who has seen independence. But we greatly celebrate the Independence day because we are happy that we are no longer crumbled and exploited in the hands of the colonisers. So I take inspiration from the past events .

Significance of independence in my life

Life is lived only once and the important part of life is having independence, i.e. living on your own terms and having a free spirited life. It is the most prized possession in any person's life because having a prison-like life will make a person lost.

A person will grow and find his true qualities only when he/she is given a chance to be independent and is also given his/her own space. There are many people in this world who are not given the chance to be independent, it is either because they are socially deprived or because of their inner mental inability.

Significance in my life of independence is like a bird in a cage, which is supposed to be free. The cage might be the outward forces or the inner one but realising your own values is important.

The importance of independence is not only in my life but also in the lives of others. Many sociological aspects can be said about this because there are many people in this world who are deprived of their freedom. The children are exploited through child labour and child marriage because they don't know the importance of freedom in their life, they don't know that having freedom in their life is their birthright.

Many women are also not given freedom to live on their own terms, they should know that life itself is freedom. Having freedom will make you alive, it will not let you be monotonous or unhappy. It should be us, who should free ourselves from the mental cage, from the imaginary prison and once we remove that, we will be in utmost serenity and glory.

The conclusion over here could be said that it has been said in many poems and prose, it has been indirectly hinted to us that fighting for our freedom is not rebellion but it is a right, it is a normal aspect which each and everyone should be made aware of and when we'll know the importance of it, we will develop from within, we will know what is right or wrong, we will strive, we will achieve and like the Independence day, we will also celebrate our own freedom.

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Dec 2, 2016

Essay on Demonitization ( नोट बंदी) in India

This is a complete personal view. It is not in support to anybody or any organisation etc. It is an article completely in the interest of the nation. You can give your views in the comment box.

Demonitisation is a very good tool to arrest black money. It was implemented with a very good intention to make India free of parallel black economy and black money. But the actual problem was in implementation. A lot of homework was needed for taking into account few critical issues of common people like critical illness, small business, old age people's concern , farmer's issues, inefficiency of rural banks etc. It is because demonitasation brought a phobia of non-eligibility of old currencies in hospital and other vital shops even after permission of the government for critical issues of common people. It is because government cannot manage each and every person. It has been noticed that many institutions and medical shops have denied to accept old currency. It is also because these person or institution might had black money and were unable to accept more old currencies. These are the hidden issues that must be thought before theoretical homework. A macro and micro assessment were needed for ground level problems.

As far as I know, the decision may brighten the future of nation, but it`s social benefit and loss cannot be calculated right now. And it is too early to produce data of benefit or loss. After 31st December the picture will be somewhat clear. A big support will be needed to correct the problems of small businessmen facing the monitory transaction.

Demonitisation ( नोट बंदी ) in more details:
Essay on Demonitization in India

Undeclared income is usually obtained through illegal means or is the direct result of corruption. A swift crackdown on this can lead to a weeding out of corruption on a nationwide scale, The government also mentioned this was a move to promote digital transactions and e-wallets so as to improve surveillance using economic transactions. A credit or debit card or ewallet transactions can be monitored via the banking computers and this can give the government precise data on what a person doing at different times of the day helping them identify potential criminals before they commit a crime. Separating anti-government and anti-national voices would be a key part of this surveillance. Any activity that tries to impact nationalistic sentiments should not be allowed but dissent is as much a part of democracy as elections and discouraging constructive criticism is not an acceptable practice in any democratic setup.

On November 8th 2016 the prime minister of India, announced on television that ₹1000 and ₹500 notes will no longer be legal tender from midnight that day. The timing of the announcement was impeccable, it was announced at night 8 o'clock on prime time television just as the news of Donald Trump’s election victory in the United States of America was filtering through. As soon as the announcement was made, questions were raised about the legality of the issue. The paper currency of a country is given its value by the gold reserves maintained by the Reserve Bank of the country. This reserve gives the reserve bank governor the power to distribute legal documents to the citizens that we refer to as currency notes. It is ultimately the decision of the reserve bank governor if a currency can be legal tender or not and the Prime Minister’s popularity made him the perfect person to announce this move to the country. In his announcement the prime minister said this is a move to combat undeclared income and counterfeit currency.

Demonetization was a major move in keeping with the Government’s promise to tax all undeclared assets in the nation. Over the course of the years the government had asked citizens to declare their undeclared assets with increasing fines the later they declared it. The fines levied increased rapidly during the course of the last two years with 10% tax being levied at the start of the tenure now increasing to 45% tax for those who declare undeclared assets by September 2017. The prime minister in his speech announcing demonetization said that 1.25 lakh crore rupees of black money had been already retrieved. A retrospective look on whether demonetisation was necessary is an exercise of futility. What is more significant is understanding the impact it will have on the economic, social and political situation in the country. ₹1000 and ₹500 notes made up roughly 85% of the circulating cash in the country. An overnight announcement giving no time for preparation left a large percentage of the country cashless. This threw the banks into crisis control mode with long lines being the norm in every branch. There were numerous instances of crowds becoming uncontrollable and causing damage to bank property. The biggest impact was the non-functioning of ATMs as they were not recalibrated for the new notes. The Reserve Bank had instructed the banks to stock ATMs with 100 rupee notes. Prime Minister gave strong decision to not to levy toll tax to keep the economy on right track. In real sense it helped a lot to the road transport. The old currencies validation at Indian Railway was also a big support to the railway transport. These decisions were very much effective to save the foundation of our economy. These decisions are praiseworthy.

The immediate after effect of demonetization was a cash crunch like never before. The lines at banks meant that essential human resource was wasted standing in queues and this meant the economy was almost at a standstill. Most of the transactions that would have happened on a daily basis ceased almost completely. In rural regions essential services including health care was delayed and the agriculture sector employees were affected heavily. The biggest benefactors were digital wallets and the netbanking sector, Paytm-a digital wallet application reported a 300% increase in downloads. It is assumed that undeclared income of rupees four lakh crores from various sources all over the country will be recovered or become redundant. Economists predict that over the long term, demonetization will lead to reduced interest rates and also cause an increase in investment in the real estate sector. The smallest action is better than the greatest intention-even though demonetization was announced with good intentions-it affected the lower and middle class heavily as compared to the affluent class.

There is no doubt that e-transaction will strengthen the people of India. It will brings the transparency in the economy. We can sure hope a good future with this decision. The black money must be arrested at any cost. We should learn quickly the e-transaction process to make paperless economy.

The facts and figures are completely a personal assessment and tried best to present in correct form, however you need to match the data from other resources also.

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Nov 25, 2016

Essay on 'My View About the Internet'

The difference in views does not mean imposing our opinions on others. However, there must be a proof in order to convince the others and it would be a good idea to hear the opinions of those who are around us and  to do the things that  are going on properly . We often hear this question, what is your opinion on the Internet? What are the internet pros and cons of online (benefits and detriments)?Theses questions are often said and have been  answered that the Internet is a fun and nuisances. For me, it's  a cultural, scientific and  social media.

Essay on My view about the Internet

The guidance here plays an important role to get  real benefits of this technical development . But the internet  has its pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, like any accomplishment of the achievements of the industrial age. As much as the internet promises us of the hopes and opportunities , it is risky. Today the Internet invades the community and it will be dangerous if we  do not use this medium positively.

The damage and the benefit of the Internet depend on the users who use it . Everyone likes to read and develop his talent and education . As for what happens from those who are mean-spirited  like some insects that do not like to live if they leave dirty places. This is my comment on them and they deserve this designation. The Internet  is considered as a sea of Science and different cultures .It is also considered as a great university. Can we take advantage of this university  for the best use?

272 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas
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Nov 18, 2016

Essay on Game I like the Most Cricket

The game which I like the most is cricket because cricket is not only a game for me, it is more than that. I really love batting because my father and I would spend time talking about cricket and he would also teach me how to bat.

I remember when I got a cricket bat for my birthday, I was really happy and excited to play with it. I gathered all my friends and started playing cricket. It started as a simple game but now it has become a passion for me. It has not only made me physically fit but also mentally, whenever I would feel sad, I would play cricket which would relieve me from my stress. I started playing cricket frequently and became good at it, I started playing matches and also reached the state finals. It was a really great experience for me because many of my qualities were revealed like leadership skills, decision-making skills etc.

Essay on Game I like the Most Cricket

In the country which I live, cricket is not just a game, it plays a very important part in each and everyone's life. It has become a symbol of togetherness and it has changed many person's lives.

The very great personalities in the cricket genre are Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Imran Khan, Kapil Dev and the list goes on and on because when people play cricket they always try to be perfect in it and excel in it, this is the very power of cricket, to make people inspire and make their passion of cricket fulfilled. Apart from all the games, cricket has remained in my heart forever. Today, in the present, looking back at those days, it gives me happiness, it makes me thankful for cricket has been introduced to me.

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Nov 11, 2016

Essay on Trouble is the most Common Denominator of Life

" Trouble is everywhere but the solution is how you look towards it" We always tend to think that trouble is that huge wall which is unbreakable and which is an obstacle to our achievement. The notion or statement "Trouble is the most common denominator of life" could only be understood by a person who has actually faced troubles and problems in his/her life or else this notion will not be accepted by him/her.

Trouble can be seen in two ways, either you see it as something which is going to stop you or something which is going to help you move forward towards your goals. When you see trouble as the most annoying thing in the world, you will make things more complicated but when you see trouble as an opportunity, you will never be afraid of it. Trouble can also be tricky in some ways, it can come in disguise, so we need to look forward and solve it.

Essay on  Trouble is the most Common Denominator of Life

We usually tend to fear trouble as it has the aspect to slow us down but we should always try to see it from a brighter and positive perspective.

Trouble should be taken as a common denominator, it should be solved bravely and fearlessly but not cowardly. It is by facing trouble that we become a wiser and better person. Achieving success without pain and clutter will not make you truly successful because it is only through suffering that we actually understand and gain value and importance and in turn become a person who has achieved success inwardly and outwardly.

Life as we know it has mixtures of black and white, positivity and negativity and to say it more precisely, it is yin yang. Peace cannot exist without trouble, it is very important to face trouble in order to attain peace. Life is a very big bundle of everything and trouble is just a small little portion which has come in your life to teach you, to guide you, to show you a path which exists on a greater height. People shouldn't take a problem to be a very serious matter, until and unless it is actually is, they should not make the problem revolve around their life, instead, they should just make the problem a common conduct.

Our problems usually revolve around materialistic pursuits or something which is highly unimportant and also the problems which we create by our own selves, it should be taken into account that these problems are highly redundant and they should be eliminated rather than solved.

Thus the conclusion over here is that "Opportunities, chances come in varied forms, it depends on us that how we choose to identify it, a chance which will change your life might come in the disguise of a problem or a trouble. If we choose to solve it, it might be the best thing that ever happened to us. So what's the wait? Take that trouble and make it into an opportunity.

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Nov 4, 2016

Essay on 'Democracy has lost its Spirit and Culture in our Country.

Independent India's first General Elections of 1952 were termed and described by foreign commentators as the great gamble in the history of the world.They argued that a communally divided,poor,emaciated and diverse country like India, will never be able to sustain the practice of free and fair election.Obituaries were being written for Indian democracy.Widespread apprehensions existed that India would ever be able to survive as a Nation.

Ever since Independence, the world has witnessed the disintegration of the powerful USSR, the flip-flop of theocratic countries from military coup to democracy and vice –versa , religious clashes between the two factions of same religion in the Middle East, the rise of the American-styled democracy and the increasing clout of an anti-democratic China on the World order. However, being the most diverse region in the entire world,India never showed any large or powerful signs of disintegration. Free from the clutches of the colonial chains of political,social and economic slavery of the British, today we are into the 70th year of India's independence.


Even though today's independent India has continued to thrive and progress as a democratic, cultural and economic giant,there still exists many loopholes that threaten it's democratic set-up and continue to exhort critics to criticize and question it's imagination of an ideal democracy.

There are 3 major factors which contributed to India's growing democracy and provided the glue to let the people of the land stick together in difficult circumstances.

First is the robust Constitution of India:-
Indian constitution takes care of each section of the people irrespective of their caste, religion or minority. It has been time and again proved to be flexible that it can be changed according to the needs of time and society.Even the adversaries of India agree that the Constitution played the largest role in the success of India as a democratic nation.It has been highlighted as the key which is interlocking a diverse nation known as India.

Second is the successful integration of all the Princely states:-
Integration of 546 princely states was not a mean task. However,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel along with Foreign secretary VK Menon played an instrumental role in shaping the geography of the modern India by annexing all the princely states into the Union of India. Though an immensely difficult task, both of them persuaded boastful and egotistic kings of small provinces to merge with India. Most of them wished to remain independent, however, Sardar Patel rightly asserted that it was higjly unlikely that they will be able to survive independently.

Thus, India remained to be a Union of states unlike an agreement of states in the USA.

The third factor was Mr.Nehru's able leadership:-

Indian nation after Independence was like a child. Without the Congress, the future looked bleak and dark.Survival of the Congress was dependent on Nehru. Nehru kept the government and people together. Whether winning the elections continuously for three times or re-structuring of states upon linguistic lines, from Non-Alignment movement to adopting socialist economic policies, he was able to steer India out of every chaos.Exceptions exist but they can be argued and contested as one cannot ponder upon yesterday’s decision without taking into account the scenarios which lead to the decision. The inaugural 15 years after Independence were very crucial for democratic India and Nehru was at command.Even his adversaries and critics agree that he did his job perfectly well that’s why India still remains to be a democratic nation.

However, no political system is utopian.All the political systems have to work in the environment conditioned by social and economic factors of that society. Indian democracy is no exception to this universal law.

Some prominent aspects which affect Indian democracy and challenge it's legitimacy and spirit are

Social inequalities caused due to caste system and economic imbalances:-
Casteism is the major contributor to social inequality in India. As they say, in India, people do not cast their vote in the election but they vote their caste. This practice undermines the democratic spirit of political system and threatens the shared vision of the national leaders and freedom fighters. Economic disparity is huge. Poor people do not think of elections as their political right because they are worried about their present and future. As the rich and elite class unleashes the gifts to the poor during elections the poor tend to forget the true purpose of elections in a democracy and instead vote inefficient candidates.

Violence has been rooted in the political system of Indian democracy.Inter-communal violence,election violence,political violence,and all other forms of violence has been engulfing the political sphere.

Freedom of speech, association, and press:-
There have been many instances where the constitutional rights of Indian citizens were compromised in the past and the practice still continue till date rather in other subtle manners.

Freedom to speak one's mind is the panacea for an independent nation.Without this, the nation is reduced to a showpiece of democracy with no real democratic spirit. Therefore, Indian democracy has been strengthened by common welfare,rule of law,stable government, the spirit of patriotism,etc. On the other hand, it definitely consists of weaknesses and challenges which seem formidable such as inefficient political leaders,lack of political literacy among the general populace,rigid social system,etc.

While concluding, it is imperative to the note that the future of Indian democracy hangs in the balance.It stands on the cross roads, leading to people's democracy. The fact cannot be denied that the political democracy as it has been in the existence in most of the capitalistic states of the world today, suffers from various shortcomings.However, it can be perfectly argued that democracy itself is not at fault. The defect has to be laid on the socio-economic system in which it has been made to fit. It will take a long time to completely abolish and vitiate all the challenges in the Indian democracy. The new generation, now, shoulders the responsibility laid upon them by the makers of the constitution to make this experiment a huge success. The world is keenly observing India's experiment with democracy.

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Oct 28, 2016

Essay on 'A visit to a Theater ' For Class 5

Theatre is a place not only for watching movies but also to spend time with your loved ones because in this technological world we find no time to spend with our families. The theatre is a dark room indeed but it fills our mind with a brightness which is filled with joy.

The characters in the movie make us laugh till our stomach hurt, we don't realise that in that moment we are not only living in the present but we are making memories which will intensify us into a human who has lived his life to the fullest. The most important thing other than the movie in the theatre which everyone loves is delicious, lip smacking popcorn.

Essay on A visit to a Theater

I visited the theatre for the first time when I was in my 5th grade, I was really excited to see the dark big room which had the biggest screen ever. The movie which I watched was "The Lion King" which was a Hollywood animated movie. I really had fun watching that movie and it was the best time of my childhood. During my teenage, I visited the theatre with my friends. I had a really jovial time because it was a comedy movie and it was something which we cherish even now after 5 years. This is the art and beauty of theatre, it not only entertains you but also much later on, fills your life with sweet memories.

Even now, after many years, for me, the theatre is a place not only for enjoyment but a place of togetherness. I think that everybody should visit the theatre often and enjoy their life to the fullest because life is lived only once and it is worth living for. Movies not only entertain us but also educate us.

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Oct 21, 2016

Essay on How to deal with Boredom

It was said that "Time is like a sword. If you did not cut it, it will cut you." This saying was kept all by heart and told in most of our meetings and our events, but we often forget when we feel bored. Many of us miss the practical meaning of this parable and we get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble, boredom, frustration and discontent.

We feel that there is no meaning to the life and adopt some wrong behaviors. That's because we do not know what to do and how to get out of the cycle of boredom. All religions have urged the need to exploit the time and spend what is useful. So Eliminating feeling bored task due. It is not a difficult or impossible, but easy to implement if anyone decides to fight the boredom, Here I sum up the most important steps to get rid of the boredom that have proved successful:

Essay on How to deal with boredom

1. You must ask yourself why do I feel bored? If the cause is a routine you have to break it either by adding some new things or to do your work differently, for example, if the house arrangement disturbs the housewife and make her feel bored, you need to change the order of the house mechanism and distribute the rooms where to read or paint or see television.

2. Getting away from the social life is a reason of being bored, so you have to merge with the others and go to meet your friends or visiting relatives.

3.Playing sports even for a few minutes a day will stimulate the secretion of hormones of your happiness and give more energy and vitality to reduce fatigue and depression.

4.You have to learn something new and reveal the lid on a lot of things that are not known to follow-up the development of software and hardware, or read a book or learning a new language.

5.You have to reward yourself from time to time so as not to feel bored, for example, if you don't have a desire to work, you should be thinking about giving the same bonus or award if your work leads to the fullest like watching a movie or visiting your friends or other things you love . This self-reward will intensify your efforts to eliminate the scourge the scourge of boredom.

369 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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