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Jun 24, 2016

Essay on Co-education For Class 10

This essay on co-education can also made simple for lower classes

In today’s competitive and fast paced world, there is a growing need for us to build interactions and strengthen connections. These interactions and connections will boost our professional careers to unimaginable heights, but the most important aspect of these is that these connections are not gender biased.

Co-education is the education of both the sexes together. An educational institution which offers such co-education prepares the students both mentally and physically for real world scenarios, equipping them to handle all sorts of cases irrespective of gender.

Multiple studies have established the fact that men tend to think logically and women tend to think emotionally. Studies have also discovered that men often talk solutions amongst themselves, while women just want to vent out to a lending ear, often knowing the solutions within themselves. The crucial knowledge that the two sexes are so radically different, and yet fit seamlessly together in the world, is acquired and understood only through a system that is in itself without any gender-bias whatsoever. Coeducation presents the students with these possibilities, making them appreciate and understand the differences in behaviour, or alternatively the similarities in behaviour with the opposite sex. Confidence levels are highly increased in these students and comfort levels are drastically different from those of their counterparts from single sex educational institutions.

On the other hand, a single sex educational institution deprives the student of opportunities to interact with the opposite sex in a normal manner - it creates a subconscious divide in the minds of students. Such students then tend to make a big fuss out of even the smallest of interactions with the opposite sex. The relationships formed by them are not very healthy and often exaggerated because they simply have not learned how to behave with/around the opposite sex! A student who has studied in a same sex school right from nursery up until graduation, when faced with the opportunity to talk in front of a mixed audience, might be rendered speechless, because of an unnecessary fear of the unknown. Many critics argue that a single sex education instills ‘values’ and captivates the ‘innocence of students and hence it is better than co-education. In reality though, these‘values’ are not valuable when a student cannot even carry out a healthy conversation with the opposite sex. These critics also argue that the ‘morality’ of students is at stake when the genders are mixed. The truth herein lies in the fact that morality cannot and should not be determined by the amount and/or nature of interactions with those of the other gender. Such critics should see the statistics that glaringly point out the fact that ultimately, with co-education, every possible psychological parameter is improved. The individual gets a holistic education which focuses not just on academics, but also on social ad interpersonal growth. Co-Education is therefore unmistakably better than single sex education and it should be implemented in all schools as soon as possible.

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Jun 17, 2016

Essay on Summer Camp For Class 9

This Summer camp essay can also be used for class 7, 8 and 10 also.

Summer season is something which has always made us happy. It is the fresh, new beginning of a time which makes our world brand new again.

The cherry on it is that we get to go to summer camp. When we are children, we always tend to learn something new and that something stays with us all the time; since children have a greater perspective to everything they learn, it stays with them all the time.

Summer camp can be a place where there is a chance to have miracles loaded into you like a shooting star. It is young time and learning spirit is higher than anything else. This young time is something which is very important in an individual’s life. For example, “The Bird Man of India” made his life an astounding one because of the incidents in his childhood which paved way for him to become a successful one.

Since summer camp is a place where you do nothing but learn, there are higher chances for you to find that quality in yourself which makes you an astounding human being.

‘A lovely place with a lovely quality,
For me to find in this natural serenity,
I’ll gain friendship and love a ton full,
Elephants jumping in my stomach in excitement,
I can’t wait what I’ll find in this pretty enlightenment,
Future standing far away from me but close to my heart,
I’ll find what I want no matter what,
Come with me to the summer camp, oh! Friend,
I’ll be with you till the end,
And together we will make a journey that will never end.’

The beauty of summer camp is that there no hard work in it. You get to learn everything which the camp provides. Apart from singing, dancing and playing; we also get to learn how to socialize and how to manage leadership skill. You will know what you are good at and what you are not because everybody is not born a painter or a singer. Everybody is not everybody else. You will also learn slowly, how to be independent and how to carry yourself. These great moments are what life is all about, it makes you a new person every second of everyday. You also get to grab memories which become precious as you grow old.

If you ask older people about their summer camp memories, they will tell you about finding something which was beyond reality i.e., friendship and love. When you learn something together, it always stays with you no matter what. The most important point is that you will learn new activities like swimming or learning a new sport like football, baseball or something entirely different like learning to do magic tricks.

On the inner way, you will become a changed person. A person with full of integrity, enthusiasm, charisma and a positive attitude which will stay with you prolonged. The conclusion over here is that, no matter where you go, the memories of summer camp will be always with you.

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Jun 10, 2016

A very Interesting Animation Story for Class 10

This Animation story is about very popular character Doraemon of the Japanese Animation series. The children love this character. I therefore decided to write a beautiful animation story as per my imagination.

A sudden knock on the door woke up Doraemon from his deep sleep. He checked the time to discover that it was still midnight, while the knocking started again. He opened the door only to see a black hooded figure daunting Nobita as he timidly knocked on the door.

On seeing Doraemon this mysterious hood figure disappeared into the darkness. Nobita looked at Doraemon pretty much the same way as an anxious patient looks at the doctor and asked “what was this black thing? What does it want from me?” His emotions got the better of him when he saw that even Doraemon had no reply. Doraemon ordered Nobita to get back to sleep as he promised to watch over Nobita. Now he thought about Nobita’s questions deeply. He now began to talk to himself “Could this have been another one of Jian and Sunio’s pranks?-no they couldn’t have possibly pulled out something this elaborate. Suddenly it clicked to him that Moremon, Doraemon’s brother from the future could have been behind this.Afterall Moremon was designed to be notorious. But before accusing anyone of a crime, it’s better to be sure.”

Having thought that Doraemon pulled out his time machine and set the timer to back to the time when Nobita went to sleep. But as he was being teleported, an error occurred and he arrived in a different and more chaotic dimension. He could see a world run by insanity and he knew Moremon was at the heart of this. As he roamed around he saw a huge palace with Moremon’s statue on it . This had to be his palace. Doraemon decided to confront him but then hesitated as he didn’t know what all could be in there. So he took out his anywhere door and mustered enough courage to gain entry to the top most room of the palace. No sooner had he popped out than he wore his invisibility cloak .he could hear Moremon taking about himself and about Doraemon.Moremon was planning to enter the 21st century to ruin his goody brother’s perfect existence by troubling his friends. Moremon had planned to visit Nobita at Night. Doraemon hurriedly got back to his time machine and arrived just in time. He could see Nobita sleeping soundly .He knew that Moremon’s invasion was imminent .What could he do? He was looking was gadgets to fight Moremon but he stumbled across a really old never used gadget. There were neither weapons nor anything useful in his pouch. This old gadget was all. He hit a random button on it and he could feel himself turn into something he wasn’t quite sure of. With a huge bang Moremon entered the room and saw a black hooded figure hovering over Nobita. Moremon took to his toes and never looked back. However the huge bang with which Moremon had entered woke Nobita from his sleep. On seeing the black figure, Nobita Knocked on Doraemon’s door. The black figure disappeared and the time travelling Doraemon regained his original from. He then hurried to his time machine to get back to the present world to tell Nobita about his little adventure.

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Jun 3, 2016

Essay on' Earth of My Dream' For Class 10

496 Words

Earth as we know it, made its journey like no one else could. It has sustained us for billion years and is bearing us still. It has unconditionally given us its resources; without a cost.

We have made earth the way we wanted it to be but we never kept it the way it was given to us. Are we happy in the earth we live? What if you were given a chance to alter earth? How would you want it to be? If I were given a chance to dream earth, I would never have changed it. Roads would never be built up; greenery would flourish everywhere. I would acquaint animals and enjoy their company. The word pollution would never exist in the dictionary of earth. I would not mind living in a nomadic way. Only fire would be enough for me to aid my daily needs. Trees would be held in a majestic way. I would never cut them down. Why would I cut down the providers of oxygen? I am not a fool to reduce the providers of my sustenance. I would live in a house made of fallen trees.

When earth is providing me air to breath, water to drink, fruits to eat and trees for shade, I would not greed for more. Greed and wrath never bought good to anyone, it only bought useless yearn which held no value.

Think of earth in that way; there would be peace all around. No brothers would fight for money, there would not be a rage for acquisition. The meaning of life would be simple; to enjoy life by consuming what earth provide and not by making earth a grieving globe.

I am not mocking the advancements people has made, but are those so and so developments worth it? Is destroying earth day by day the solution to all our problems? I think not. It is making us more medieval. We have lost our way in the midst of getting better. In a latter perspective, if I wanted development; I would develop it in a moderate way. Only necessary things needed would be developed, keeping in mind of earth’s health. I would not make earth sick because of my selfish needs, because we don’t know that we are a small part of something great, something which is beyond our imagination.

The very reason we were made existent in this earth is to understand one another and experience love. But now we are more worried about unwanted things. Let us get awake consciously. Let us dream earth the way we wanted it to be in the first place. Let us not dwell upon the mistakes done by others and neglect the important things. Let us dream because it is never too late for anything. We can make earth healthier again, happier again, resourceful again and better again. Earth of my dream would be a happier place. A place where love would be abundant and free.

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May 27, 2016

Essay on Optimist and Pessimist

It is a general notion that an optimist will see a glass of water half full but a pessimist will see it half empty. Pessimist is a person with stitched lips but an optimist having the will power to break free from it. The ways we look at things are the key holes for a better future.

I believe that we are run by our positive and negative thoughts and they are the deciders of our future. If we dwell on positivity then positive outcomes are assured but when negativity lures our mind, we are locked up behind our own made up bars.

But sometimes the thoughts which arise in our minds are the results of past memories. If we had a good past with a good start then we will always be filled up with positive vibes but when something bad or distorted happens to us, it makes our lives vulnerable because we dwell on it.

Markus and James were best of friends, like two peas in a pod but with a difference in attitude.

Markus was always a free willed person, and never relied on the door that knocked discouragement. He made the world seem fine when darkness lured his hearth. James was a total opposite, like a parallel line facing another. He could not be pointed out as a negative guy, but a person of assertiveness and false perceptions. As said before, everybody has the past where they can choose to get absorbed in it or to get out of it. James was one of them. He never made an attempt to get out of darkness. He always chose what he never meant to be. One day, Markus and James saw a man cleaning the garbage chute. “If I don’t get a job sooner, I will end up like him,” James said. To that, Markus replied “I think you should get a job so that those people shouldn’t suffer. Make your world better so that they can become better.” That was the power of optimism which left James speechless.

An innovative thought which made James go awe because he never thought it that way. James always saw things with new perceptions that always had a positive outcome even in harsh times. Markus held James’s hand with determination because he wanted to make light visible in his eyes by tearing apart the darkness within him. Darkness over here refers to the inability to reach the ladder of success because one is afraid of heights. Now for example, think of two worlds where one world is ruled by optimism and another one by pessimism.

How would it be?

The optimist would have everything in right manner because their positivity would make it so, but pessimist would remain stagnant, repulsive and opposite minded and it would lead them to an unhealthy environment and to an aimless path.

The success of every individual is possible because of his hopeful, positive and rose-coloured attitude. Many successful people could reach success because their thoughts were progressive, even when their failures were stagnant. The knowledge about optimism will make a person have a different view towards life but when he is ignorant about this quality called optimism, he will miss being real in life, because being scared or imagining defeat never bought good to anyone. It is the very reason why numerous people could achieve what they wanted in their life and that lead to inventions, discoveries and innovation

Thus, the conclusion over here is that an optimist will always remain ahead for success but a pessimist will remain where he is.

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May 20, 2016

20 lines 'My Home' Essay for Class 1 , 2| Pointwise

  • My home is the most important place in my life.
  • I feel fully safe and secure in my home.
  • My home is very beatiful.

  • When I return from school I feel great comfort at my home.
  • Its front look is my most familiar sight in my eye.
  • There are four rooms, one kitchen, two bathrooms and one drawing room in my home.
  • For me happiness starts from my home and ends at my home.
  • My home is situated in Durgapur.
  • It is great city for living.
  • Natural beauty of Durgapur is very unique.
  • If anyone wants to see how the earth should be cared, then he must see Durgapur city and its greenery.
  • Its beauty adds big attribute to my home.
  • My relatives comes at my home and admire it and the beauty of our city.
  • It is surrounded by green trees, shrubs etc.
  • This is the most valued place for me.
  • I take a tour every year and stays in many hotels and other's houses, but my home gives me ultimate satisfaction.
  • My lawn is big and there are many kinds of flower and palm trees. I like palm trees very much.
  • This is the place where I get full care.
  • Sitting in our lawn with a cup of tea at evening gives us ultimate pleasure.
  • My home's location is very important because all types of shops and market are available nearby.
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May 13, 2016

My Duties As a Citizen of India Essay

522 words,
My Duties As a Citizen of India.:

Article 51 A, Part IV A of the522 Words:Indian Constitution specifies the list of fundamental duties of the citizen of India. It states that it shall be the duty of every citizen of India to abide by the constitution and respect its ideals and institutions. There are ten concrete points to the fundamental duties of an Indian Citizen. In the 86th Amendment in the year 2002 one more duty was added to the list. So, in totality there are 11 fundamental duties of an Indian citizen. I do not intend to teach law here, so let me in short and very easy terms about our duty as a citizen of India.

As a proud citizen of India one must cherish and follow the noble ideals of our great freedom fighters and also uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India. One must defend the country and render national service. One must promote harmony and the spirit of common brotherhood amongst all the people of India surpassing religious, dialectal and regional diversities, to renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women. A good citizen should always value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture and protect as well as progress the natural atmosphere including forests, lakes, rivers, and wild-life and to have compassion for living creatures. A scientific temper should be created amongst the youth and a spirit of humanism, philanthropy should be on the rise. We should all treat each other equal and strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual, so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.

How do we do it? :
Little acts of wisdom can bring a big change. We as a responsible citizen of India can contribute a lot by voting, being educated, being informed, being ecofriendly, paying taxes or joining an NGO and work for a social cause. If you are a housewife or are physically handicapped or an orphan an old aged person - then using improved skills in handicrafts, sewing, cooking can mean a lot to the country. Serving and giving your best in whatever job you are doing and not just complaining. Maintain hygiene and proper sanitation; educate yourself and other on the use of contraception. Do not waste the natural resources as they could get exhausted soon and do not use fuel unnecessarily. Do not bribe and be a part of corruption in anyway. Be proud of your Indian culture and do not try to ape up western culture. Do not form any rigid tradition without knowing the facts. Do not discriminate anyone on the basis of religion, race, caste, sex or domicile. Do not waste your wealth and use it wisely. Try to protect the environment and do not contribute in pollution or global warming. Reserve and protect wildlife and historical monuments. With corruption and intolerance on the rise and the standards of media and politics going to the dogs, it has become utterly important for us to take a step forward and restore peace. Work hard in silence, let success make the noise.

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May 6, 2016

Essay on Positive Thinking Versus Negative Thinking For Class 9

We the human beings make error and mistakes and We usually fall in trouble because of our thinking may be it positive or negative.

It depends on our ability and how we manage the situation and our state of mind. That means whether we are thinking positively or negatively to overcome the barrier, hurdles etc.

Someone behaves in offensive mode and overcome the problems in a very short period of time. Whereas few people remain in negative state and have fear of negative outcome of their effort. The people; who overcome the problems; are very positive or we can say dominating people in that field.

Whereas negative minded people are very shaky and fearful. These are 50-50 way thinker; who have no plan, and execution ability. Also they have less knowledge and technique. They quit the races of life far ahead. They don't have an idea of catching fish in water rather than they used to struggle mentally by sitting on seashore.

Positive approach is something like doing something to achieve at the end and have the patience and focus for finishing the job. In positive approach we remain alert, committed to enhance the execution rate to reach up to the goal as soon as possible. In a sentence we can say in a positive action , something useful certainly can be done at the end. It may not be hundred percent but it will be a respectable achievement with respect to the involved effort.

Whereas in a negative approach, we say oof it is very hard, tough. It is impossible. Or we also divert other people's mind by saying a story of the past's failure. We not only say the story of failure, but also inject fear of accidents, monitory losses etc. Our mind remain stuck with negativity and think that it is not possible for us. We make our approach towards negative way to remain restful.

Let us find out what does negative thinking approach mean in our daily life. In short we can say negative approach has the perception of "not possible" or "cannot be improved" or "cannot be done" etc. It is the most important to know the potential and ability of ourselves. Everytime negative way of working is not bad. Sometime negative option gives the proper direction for achieving the goal in more efficient way.

Our parent teacher and other elders always advise us for thinking positively. But often in our life there are few incidents where we are positive and sometimes we engulfed in our negative thoughts. According to situation we need to take our decision to achieve the target. It is the only most important way of thinking to score in our life.

I would like to describe an incident of my life . Every student remains average in one subject and may be good or better in other subjects. My weak subject was Arthmathic but my father guided me to improve in it by telling me stories of possibilities of improving in that subject . He told me for thinking positively and assured that I can also excel in that subject. I worked hard. In this process my father helped me alot.

I want to give my message that our life faces ups and down , good and bad etc . We need to develop our knowledge and potential to overcome the hard time and learn more at our good time .

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