Nov 21, 2014

Globalization and its Effect Essay | Globalisation For Class 12

(676 Words): Globalization word has been used in various senses by the people. However it may be defined as worldwide integration of ideas, development, purpose, economy, market, policy etc. The transformation of regional and confined process or phenomena at global platform is also a part of globalisation. It may also be sensed as unification of men material and method in one chain to localise the global society and Industry.  
Globaliztion and its effect essay

Globalisation started to spread its wing due to complexity of cross-border trade and due to demand of standardising system of differences of the countries. But globalisation has established a lot of positive and negative effects and it is the matter of concern of this essay.  

This word became much popular in connection to GATT agreement (General Agreement on Tarrif and Trade). Whenever the history of globalisation will be written, then GATT the giant leap will sure achieve the golden status in structuring national economy into global economy. It is because this was a great effort to break the trade boundaries. Subsequently in 1994 it gave the path of WTO creation.  Due to this international business became more transparent and easy. But the developed economy grew more rapidly and suppressed the business of developing and poor nation. As a result the big fishes galloped the small fishes. Let me make this clear. In India there were many national and rural industries of electronic products and spares. Also there were electronics technician who were getting employment by repairing electronic goods.  All these medium based technologies, products, industries and technician wiped out after WTO agreement and due to later effect of globalisation. Maximum numbers of technician could not change their profession and suffered unemployment problem. It could be beneficial to us if we could also developed our business model at the same level of product & businesses, but I think we failed because still we could not make a global presence in hardware business. Many countries became the market of giant companies like Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Seagate Sony LG etc. It is because user taste of competitive products and services dominated the global platform.

It does not mean that we didn't gain. Our software industries have achieved high success globally. Tech sector provided a lot of national gains and played an important role in reducing employment problem. All these became possible due to globalisation. A large number of Indian software professionals are working for offshore companies. Computerisation has brought greater positive change globally. Internet has solved many plproblems. In a fraction of second we can compare products and services internationally. Therefore the customer has become the king. We can take review about anything at global level. Doctors can chat for any critical issue of a patient. Banking system made financial transaction very easy. International barrier has been softened. Whole society can now think about the future of our earth. Learning process has become global instead of local. English language is now at its peak success and has played big role for globalising people's thought.  

Environmental issues are still unsolved because cleverness overruling the commitment. Global meeting and gathering are showing very little outcome to save our planet; which future is at threat. 

I think globalisation scientifically got success but socially failed to fulfil its end objective. The entire global plans were counted on numerical senses despite watching the globalisation through the window of social engineering. Still discontentment, disparity, human killings are prevailing everywhere. Rich countries are only working for their interest. The gap between rich and poor is widening more and more. It is very dangerous globally. Globalisation failed to fill this gap. Poor and helpless are not digesting the materialistic luxuriousness. This is creating more problems. Fear of losing materialist luxuriousness forcing society to create more sophisticate fighter equipments. Motivation for sacrifice, live & let live and nonviolence are vanishing. 

Still we are trying to solve global problems by gun and bombs. Fight generates another fight and it is endless. Friendship, commitment, sacrifice are needed to be globalized in real sense. Otherwise its effect is going to be very dangerous in future.
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Nov 14, 2014

Customs and Traditions of India are Rapidly Getting Lost Essay | For Class 12

(637 Words): Custom and tradition is a unique identity of a group, society, country etc that makes it different from other. It makes it original. It may be argued that custom and tradition is the foundation of a society in course of its social, political and economical development process.

Earlier people in society used to live within their customs and traditions. They respected their culture and obeyed it very strictly. Their lifestyle was very much different from today's lifestyle of the people. During old days people were remain stick to their customs and traditions and for this they have very high respect in the society. But today's lifestyle has lost its ground. We can say that it is decreasing very rapidly. People do not respect each other without any intention of return. We can see that people are adopting nuclear family concept because they think that joint family creates a lot of problems. But earlier people loved to live in joint family.

 We have also got shifted from our traditional food habits. It has also been changed. We love to eat western food more that Indian food like pizza, burger, hot drink, soft drink, ice cream etc. Now a day these foods are liked by more people. Our traditional foods like Dal bhatti Churma , Poori, Litti, Khichri, Dahibara, Gulgula, bharta, Raayta, Dahi-chura, Dal meka Dulha (Dubhaki), Aujhi etc. are made only on few occasions. Few of these foods are not cooked at all. This is much unexpected. Our fitness is not up to the average level. Our born babies are abnormal with borne diseases. Theses may be because of our prolonged bad lifestyle of food. 

We were living with our great traditional eco-biological chain with cow, goat, buffalo, bull, ass etc. these animals were delivering us bio-manure, but we are now fully dependent on chemical manure that are making our food poisonous. As a a result we are suffering from critical disease like cancer.

We have changed us to remain alone on social media irrespective of our traditional physical interrelationships. All these have turned us selfish. Today we don't care a dying person on a road accident. Think it seriously because unfortunately this may be our turn on the road in future. Really we are not able to be regarded as human being. Our development has made us animal. I abuse and hate this modern society. Our ancestors never dreamed this culture and tradition. Perhaps they are crying in silence. They never made a foundation of this western house of values.
Modern education system has got drastically changed. Modern education is following western pattern thereby discarding traditional method. The vital matter of concern is that the traditional values of education is depleting day by day. One day we will notice that we are fully copying the western values in our day to day life; which is going to be very dangerous. As because our traditional education system not only imparted the subject knowledge but it also trained the students about importance of moral and human values. In past time student used to touch feet of the teachers and treat him guru with great respect. But today's students smoke in front of their teachers and showcase all types of bad behaviour.

Sanskrit and Hindi subjects are losing ground in the school. Science subject are the most popular subject of modern education. We notice the scientific behavioural reflection in our society. Criminals and Mafia are increasing in numbers. These bad people might be moulded at correct path in their schooling period. 

I think it is our duty to save our culture and tradition from vanishing. We will no more be an original society but will be a copy of few western societies. Therefore we must save our traditional values at most. 
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Nov 7, 2014

Customs and Traditions of India Essay | For Class 8

(357 Words): Custom and Tradition is a vast subject . Its whole idea cannot be understood in short way. However strong effort is put here to  present  the practical scenario of custom and tradition of India. 

  Usual way of  living, thinking, believing, practicing,  acting and behaving in a particular circumstances is called custom . Handing down of these values verbally (mouth to  mouth)  or practically from generation to generation is called tradition.
custom of the people is immensely influenced by their religion and social values of a particular region.   The reason of this effect is the fact of the life that are birth, life and death and these are controlled by Almighty God. Everyone is fearful of losing life; which is the most precious possession of human beings. Finding better way for reaching to God has produced various beliefs. Other parameters that impacted customs of India are Sindhu civilisation, travellers, immigrants, traders, invaders like Mughal  and British. Sufi, Gajal, Qawwali and naat are the traditional music / song bought in the time of Mughal. Rule and adminstration of British have influenced Indian administrative system. 

Hindi and English are spoken by many people of India. Urdu is mainly spoken by Muslim of India but it is very much prevailing language of Bollywood and is heart of Bollywood film songs.  Therefore writing or listening  Bollywood song in Urdu language is a tradition that is acceptable by all Indian in general sense. Bengali Kannad Malyalam Panjabi Marathi Gujrati Bhokpuri etc are statewise language. Bhojpuri is the main verbal language of Bihar and Utter Pradesh.

India is the birthplace of Hinduism, Jainism,  Buddhism,  and Sikhism, collectively called Indian religions. Except these there are people of other religions like Islam, Christianity and other native religion. Indian constitution permits the   freedom of religious customs. Therefore the people are very much friendly despite diversity. Respecting the values of all religion is an example that exist in India. 

We may say Grih Pravesh,  Annaprasan, Godbharai, Mundan, Tilak , Aarti,  Nikaah , Musalmaani , Marni as tradition of India. Grih Prawesh is a traditional custom of inviting relatives friends and neighbour on a party at newly made house. 
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Oct 31, 2014

Prevention is Better than Cure Essay

(586 Words) : Prevention is better than cure is one of the most common and popular proverb.   Prevention means to avoid and cure means to correct anything that is troublesome or detrimental. Many of us are not stick with the power of prevention until trouble knocks. Troubles or problem cannot be corrected by prevention but foolishness rules the intelligence of right thinking and pleases us to adopt false advice.  

Few facts of Prevention and Cure:  Lubricating a ceiling fan is easier and cheaper than rewinding a burnt fan. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is healthier, cheaper and happier than curing any critical illness. Maintaining balance in society is better than spending huge in military and police to check evil activities in the soceity. 

It can be explained in details with examples like education, crime, health etc.

Prevention and cure of  Health : Critical diseases are not prevented at its dysfunction state and maximum of them are treated at outbreak condition of disease to cure it. Here I would like to explain few preventive steps to be applied in our day to day life to save ourselves from expensive cure method. We should adopt physically exhorting lifestyle to burn extra calorie and to keep our metabolic process in healthy condition. We should never smoke and never drink wine. It is because these push us into devilis land of addiction.  smoking is one reason out of many responsible for heart related disease. Drinkers are more prone to liver failure.  We must get routine checkup of our health yearly. We should clean and floss our teeth before going to bed. If we have idle time then we should  do depth breadthing. After forty we should also aovid fatty, fried food and high protein rich food. These are the basic preventive steps to protect us from critical diseases like heart blockage and kidney problem.   These small preventive steps save us from disaster of critical  illness and financial wastage. 

Education: Building carrier of children is one of the most important duty of all parents. And we know that every student is not good in study.  The weakness of average or poor student can be known in advance and those weaknesses may be minimised well in advance. But it is not cared until the outcome of Examination result. After poor performance in the examination the students have to bear harsh behaviour of their parents. Also all the faults are dumped in lap of the students despite taking responsibility of those mistakes that are ours.  And thereafter curing of  weaknesses are started. But these weaknesses could be prevented by mechanical way of guiding our children. Regular reading of textbooks and writing strengthen boost command on language. We should encourage our son and daughter to solve math sum and to write various mathematical formula on plain paper . 
We also need  to work on our wards for spelling and handwriting atleast twice a week. The three methods (enormous textbook reading , thinking and discussing the completed reading and practicing on paper) are the magical tools that can bring very positive result for any type of student.

Crime: Crime is also a breakdown of small evil behaviour that could be prevented to breed in faulty people of our society. If it could be applied properly than we could not fight with bigger crime and might reduce the huge financial wastage of  security measure. Became one police can not be for a single citizen.
 (To be enhanced more soon. )
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Oct 24, 2014

My Favourite Subject Science Essay | For Class 5

(413 Words): Every student has his like and dislike for a subject. Favourite subject like science has the highest liking vote of the students. It is because of its logical sense. We human being are the best creation of the God. And almighty has made this universe very much scientific. Actually scientific word tag is attached by us, but God has already made the universe religiously logical, usable and beneficial for us. At the same time he also blessed us with a powerful tool like intelligence to extract more from the surroundings for the welfare of humanity. This explanation is nothing but science.  

 In general sense we love to engage ourselves. Friends, school, study and playing are the best opportunities in our early life to enrich our early time interesting and entertaining.  Study takes the major part of our daily life. It can be easily noticed that few students frequently used to read their favourite subjects because they get interest from the subject. I also get much satisfaction in reading science subject. I never miss science class. It is as much entertaining for me that I do not apply more effort for science and I score always highest in this subject. It also reflect that I am very much curious in nature and therefore this subject naturally attract me. I have hate relationship with few other subjects like history, geography etc. I have to read these forcefully  to keep up my percentage marks at best. In lower classes I scored less, but at harder time I came up strongly with science subject ; which rewarded me much to rank in the class. This was very much satisfactory for my parents as they needed me to score high in math and science. Now I do fun with my study as I got my favourite subjects thereby leaving burden of my disliked subjects. It doesn't mean that I was blind towards other subjects but I scored satisfactorily in those and strongly in science subjects to  stand up with full strength in higher classes.

I like to read theories and related proof. I choose to the questions that has sum to get full marks. I find it very easy to solve the sum of science. I think the science is the real solution of human beings. The benefit of science made it very much popular. Now we solve our social problem in scientific way. This approach gave the new branch of studies like social science and social technologies.
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Oct 17, 2014

Helping Handicapped Essay For Class or Grade 5

(345 Words): A person who is in a condition that restricts him for doing normal physical, mental and social activities is called handicapped (disabled) person. These categories of people need extra moral, physical and economical help and support so that they could catch up the track of passing life with fewer difficulties. The impairment is misfortune to them so we fortunate one having God gifted perfection must deal humbly, carefully and softly with them. This is our social responsibility.

Most important help they need is that we must not let them feel that they are different from us. We should interact positively with them to make them mentally strong. In such an environment they will be able to lead their life with fun and happiness.  Disability is of various Types. Physical impairment is sometime by birth and some time it happens by accident. These people need our physical support. It does not mean that we have to pay a special duty for this. What we need is the change of mindset. Whenever we remain in course of our daily routine job, we have to be conscious about our surrounding for any help to handicapped person. It needs only attention, sympathy and willingness of live and let live. There are few blind waiting to cross the road. We have to notice a lame asking a little support. There may be a deaf want to hear to understand some official matter; we need to explain them by hand writing the concerned matter. These help don't waste our time but just twist the way of our living. At the end of the day, at least we can feel that today we lived for other for a moment. And the help was very special as the needy were disabled one. Many of us only live for themselves. The number of people; whose life is meant for other, is very few. Scientific way of living have made us machine. Our feelings are not flying for humanity. But the time demands change in mindset, otherwise whole humanity will suffer. 
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Oct 10, 2014

My Pet Risked its Life to Save me from Disaster Essay | How your Favourite Pet Risked its own Life.. | For Class 8

Question in details: Write a composition or Essay of about 350-400 words on how your favourite pet risked its own life to save you from a disaster.

(461 Words): We feel very happy when someone does something for us. But if someone Saves our life by putting his life at risk, then it becomes blessing to us. It is incredible  . It can't be explained in words. Once in my life I had been caught into an incident that was a disaster for me. But by God's grace my life was saved by my pet animal (Tom).

The incident took place before two months since my birthday. On that day Tom was behaving very badly with me. It seemed that he was feeling uncomfortable. I think he has got the indication of the event in advance. I couldn't understand what he wanted to express.  So I left him alone for sometime. I was also feeling bad for his unease. I sat to do my homework. My Mom  was talking with my father on some important matter. She went out to give him a shopping bag. She forgot that she put potato for boiling on gas oven. She got busy in doing another work. Potato boiling incident escaped from her mind. I watched my dog again but he was sitting quietly in one corner of the house. After five minutes suddenly fire broke out in our Kitchen. At that time I came out from my study room and saw the fire in the kitchen. I started shouting in fear for help. But there was no one to help us. My pet knew that I was still in my study room. He rushed towards the entrance of the house and started to look for me. The fire was catching my house rapidly. My pet took our water pipe in his mouth. I got the indication of my pet. I immediately joined the pipe with my waterline. What I saw was surprising. When I opened the tap,  my dog jumped into the kitchen with the pipe in his mouth and started to spray water. He did very bold work to extinguish the fire by taking the risk of burning. We human beings generally never jump in flame of fire, but he did at the cost of his life. The other important thing is that my pet is a trained dog that played a great role on that day. He got burn spot on his body. I took him immediately to Veterinary Doctor by leaving everything scattered here and there in my house. Because the life of my pet was more important to me. We got the proper medicine and doctor advice to recover my pet as soon as possible. I was very happy that my dog got well soon and our life again become happy. From that day I use to put more care to listen the expression of my pet dot.
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Oct 3, 2014

459 Words Essay on Patriotism For Class 10

(459 Words): Patriotism is a sense of inner feelings towards goodness of homeland. It reflects degree of commitment of an individual to protect his society and motherland. It is that virtue which provides strength to safeguard our children, family, society and nation. In more realistic sense patriotism are the essence of nationalism, love towards motherland, Blind conviction of "my country is always right" and sacrifice for motherland. It is a wholehearted commitment to protect one's country at hardship. Patriots are the assurance of our safety and security. Therefore we can say that they are our most valuable possession.

God already inserted this virtue in us. But everybody has no such power to bring out it from inner side to discharge this virtue to the exterior world except few. It is mental condition that comes up for self defence at the time of need and threat. We saw a lion in its group rushes to attack its enemy whereas others remain far behind as they have no such level of patriotic feeling and strength. Exactly few of us remains more advance than other to secure our society, whereas many of us remain fearful for not making their family vehicle driverless and alone. If a society or country lacks of patriot and remain silent to the exterior enemy then one by one all suffer.

Negative effect of patriotism: 
Patriots sometime harm weak nations in the name of patriotism. It has been noticed that patriotism is helping to create disparity. Disparity is prevailing at international level. The world has got divided into developed countries, developing countries and poor countries. Greed of hoarding, acquiring, exploiting etc has given birth of dominating patriotism. It is very dangerous as it sucks resources of weak nations indirectly. We say it global business strategy. To safeguard disparity many human killing guns, planes, bombs etc have been developed by many countries. Contest is prevailing at international level to develop these human killing instruments. A lot of measures and conference has been taken by international community, World Bank and UN to eradicate absolute poverty by 2030. But it is clear that still patriotism is more important than this subject. 

We can conclude that patriotism is a relative and it is to be applied carefully. Each individual, society and country has different issue and problem that has to be understood by studying respective input references. It is not being looked from opposite side. This small mistake is creating a lot of problem in today's time. Human values are getting vanished with sectarian fight in the name of patriotism. We must learn to live with unity without talking our diversity and by throwing away our hatred. Humanity must be counted above bad patriotism. Patriotism must be equipped with 'live and let live theory".
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