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Feb 5, 2016

Essay on 'My Birthday Bash' For Class 10

Birthday is a very special day in everyone’s life but very few folks are fortunate enough to receive lots of warm wishes and love from the near and dear ones.

Your birthday is the day for which you wait whole year long and plan several things to make the day amazing. I celebrated my birthday last month and I am still unable to come out of the flashbacks of my happy birthday party. That feeling is completely inexpressible when your cell phone starts ringing crazily every now and then since the clock’s hand touches 12 and people want to surprise you on your special day. I was so gratified and overwhelmed when I received tons of messages and calls. I was so happy to know that people care about my existence and they want to share my happiness. Last month was my 25th birthday and I wanted to make it special enough. I decided to hire a party planner. You cannot arrange everything by yourself, especially when you are a bachelor and live alone due to professional reasons. A party planner can eliminate all of your worries and save you from the mess.

Special décor & arrangement: I was lucky enough to get an understanding and experienced party planner in my vicinity. I wanted to make my birthday bash crazy and memorable enough. I had invited lots of my buddies as well as few cousins. The primary thing to care about was the space which I badly needed to fit my invitees. My party planner saved my day and helped me arranging the household stuff in an organized manner so that the eye-catching décor could be introduced. All I needed to do was paying bucks according to the decided budget. I was just at my home, cleaning the rooms, windows, and furniture and the planner was arranging everything which was on the list. When the planner was done with his purchasing, I was gobsmacked to see the fast and creative services.

The décor and arrangement included:
• A creatively designed chocolate flavored happy birthday cake
• Balloons, candles, snow-spray and party caps
• Standard soft drinks and hard drinks
• Superior quality snacks and beverages
• Scrumptious non-veg buffet
• DJ lights
• Latest music CDs

Unforgettable moments: My birthday arrangement estimate was pretty bearable and I was kind of happy with that. My best pals, cousins, and few colleagues started moving into my apartment with crazy yells. I was emotional when all of them started hugging and kissing me. It will be wrong to say that everything went in a gentlemen way. The next moment, after the kissing, hugging, and wishing was Mission Embarrassment! I was covered with cake and snow and trust me; it was the exact amount of love I was expecting the previous night of my birthday. On public demand, I successfully cut my cake and shared it among the invitees. Then the loud music made the ambience totally insane. Folks were dancing, singing, jumping, rolling over the floor and doing all the possible crazy stuff. I also joined the crazy army and enjoyed the night at its edge. The worst thing about such parties is that when it comes to the end, you worry about the next day or better to say the same boring and irritating day. We wrapped up the party on a happy note. Those moments still moisturize my eyes along with bringing a smile on my face.

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Essay on 'The Culture of Apology' For Grade 6

237 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

The word " Sorry" is of a great respect which addresses the human soul and heals the wounds. I think you agree with me when I say that the strong people can apologize while the poor ones cannot apologize. We believe that the rejection of the apology makes the others pain and it may worsen the relationships in all societies. The apology is considered as a substitute for grudges, hatred and division. This era calls us to work together in order to enhance the principles of the culture of admission to heal the psychological wounds with the phrase ""Never mind"". We need to stand together against all criminals, murderers and renegades. We need to stand against the acts of revenge and fragmentation in order to build successive generations enjoying the civilized world.

In fact, there are those who accept this ""culture"" and those who do not accept it. There are those who seek to be revived for some considerations and values that our societies have known since the ancient times. It is wrong to think that the culture of apology may make some weak and submissive to others.

To conclude, the culture of apology that emanates from the tendency of tolerance cannot be removed by any group in this existence. Otherwise, any behaviour or education which is free from the culture of apology among people can be applied in savage societies of "The strong eat the weak".

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Jan 29, 2016

'if I Were a Cloud' Essay for Class 5

249 Words Essay

I had a dream last night that I was a cloud. I was made from vapours and had water in me. I was full of water waiting to gush out. I could become into any shape I want. I became a dog with a bone in its mouth and the children would point out at me saying that a cloud looks like a dog.

Next day I made myself useful. I went to a place where drought was killing people for hunger. I could see wrath and sorrow in that place. People waited for me in anticipation, they prayed for my coming and then here I was. I opened myself and rained all over.

People were so happy; they praised the lord and danced in joy. Next day I was in a place where water was everywhere. I could see people drowning. I thought perhaps my parents had done it because they were angry as to what people had done to the nature. I just saw them silently, drowning and paying for their sins. I saw how humans were different. They had happiness and sadness in them all over. But all I cared for is their happiness. I made a rainbow after rain. I snowed in required places. Children were happy to see the snow flakes.

I was happy to be a cloud. It made me happy seeing others happy. Suddenly I woke up on mom’s voice and it was the best dream that I had ever seen.

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Essay on The Culture of Tolerence

247 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

" In our daily life, we often come across negative attitudes and we try to find out a way to overcome them. Actually tolerance helps us suppress unwanted memories. It is very common to hear that there is a misconduct in a conversation between one person and another. In this regard, we see how great those who have a forgiving soul and forget the mistakes of others. This can reduce many of the problems that occur among colleagues or friends or relatives.

Of course, tolerance is the output of moral qualities such as patience, love, self-control, and courage. However, the quality of your life depends on the quality of your relationships. With the improvement of your relationships, all aspects of your life will be improved as well. Furthermore, every aspect of your life will be changed for better whether in your family, your business or your social life. Our mental disturbances get erased; which fills extra energy to focus on our objective of our day to day life. Tolerance is one of the best way to remain guided and straight on our activities. Hence it minimises the distraction of our mind from constructive thought and ideas.

To conclude, it is nicer to deal with your issues in constructive ways. Your tolerance is your noble way to delete the negative files of others. When you are tolerant, you will be more open to success in any ways that interest you. Then you will see everything can be achieved easily.

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Jan 24, 2016

Essay on 'The Phenomenon of Writing on the Walls '

174 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

There is no doubt that writing on the wall is uncivilized phenomenon. It has spread in the popular neighborhoods, main streets, schools and buildings. This bad behavior can distort a lot of walls and public facilities.

Unfortunately, the phenomenon of writing has caught on the walls dramatically. For example, some young people who write, have some expressions of encouragement, others support team sports or political orientation or feelings towards others. These expressions are dominated by typing the name, nickname, title, drawing hurting heart and other words and phrases of love. Through some other words on the walls, we find that those who have their aggressive desires and seek revenge on others in this sick way.

Although there are many phrases and beautiful poetic verses, but this phenomenon is still negative.

We must impose strict laws to reduce them in order to preserve public utilities and public taste. This problem can be handled through open summer centers for young people to educate them about the seriousness of this behavior.

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Jan 22, 2016

"Importance of Computer in our Life " Essay for Grade 10

Computer Knowledge- A wise way to lead the life

Gone are those dark days when people used to own thick registers to write out everyday business or professional details, invoice, customer list, credit amount and several other kinds of stuff to save the data.

The procedure was pretty drawn-out. The technology was not at all dispersed efficiently throughout the world by that time frame. Business organizations and government sectors used declare a special post just to calculate the daily cash-flow. With time, the development in technology came forward in an impressive manner and smart big electronic boxes, called computers, replaced the thick registers and everyday data penning. Time is as important as money and everyone need to value it. Why remain stuck with boring and time-consuming archaic procedures when we are living in the era where technology is at its apex? Today, computer education has been made compulsory in the educational institutions by the government to introduce modernity, smartness and superiority in the students so that they can explore a bright and better future with no dearth of opportunities. The importance of computer education can be experienced in the best way possible in today’s environs. Say it the entertainment or creating giant architectural designs; everything is shifted to computer. There is a completely exclusive world existing inside a computer. Computers have made our lives faster, better and more efficient.

Prominent Advantages
We can never mention that we have experienced enough advantages through computer utilization as it is not possible. There are umpteen benefits of using computers including explored ones and masked ones. What we have explored till today, is a small fraction of the possible benefits from computers. Every moment, a new possibility through computer pops out and we wonder every time that how much is left unseen. It is because of the development in the computer sector, we are witnessing thousands of digital media-based jobs. Today, India is one of the most leading IT sector globally due to the introduction of new possibilities and courses through computers. The vital role of computer in business and industry can’t be ignored as well. Due to the easy access to computers, business empires are growing every day and millions of unemployed youths are getting a source to make a living.

The most noticeable benefits that we have experienced with the evolution of computers include:
  • Development in education and research sectors
  • Enhancement of employment opportunities
  • Save lots of time
  • No need to carry heavy books, data records, slips or other kinds of stuff together ever time – just save the data to the system and access anytime you need that
  • Multiple time modification and cancellation of projects are possible without any hassle
  • Unlimited access and possibilities
  • Real-time multiple sharing of files

The Present Scenario:
It will be an understatement if we say that the computers have saved our time, effort and money only. With the evolution of computers, we have laptops, tablets, smartphones and low space consuming personal systems. We can access to unlimited features related to computer at present. Using the internet, we can not only communicate and share different e-files nationally but also the international territories. Today, a soldier can see and communicate with his family through video calls before going for a war, a student can pursue international master degree through e-courses sitting at his/her home only and music, movies, games and much more entertainment solutions can be enjoyed using a computer. Introduction of computers in our life has not only made us financially strong but also our intellects have discovered new and elongated boundaries.

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Jan 18, 2016

Essay on 'The Flower ' for Grade 5

261 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

No wonder if we say that flowers have expressive languages in the universe. We are in need to know some of their vocabularies, methods and fancies. However, some people know a lot of the secrets of roses and flowers that fill human life with joy and gladness. Flowers learn us many things and put solutions to our crises and problems, but they are still absent from our mind.

In fact, the flowers reflect the wisdom of God who created the universe in color. God did not create this world in black and white colours, but created it by its natural colours so that we all know that life in its color is nicer and more likely that we live. There are white, red, blue, yellow, orange colours and other colors which are full with many meanings, ideas and creativity, but, we did not find black and gray in the world of colours until they die.

Hence, I think that we have to live this life with its nature and numerous colours. It is natural to find roses reflect the many beautiful meanings in human life, in joy and sorrow, in success and failure, in sickness and health , greeting in the morning or evening, among friends , family and loved ones, and even among the ""enemies"" who are trying to begin a new life with each other's.

To conclude, the flower has the most expensive value , an expression of joy in the most beautiful image and an expression of love, which is the symbol of sense, simplicity and tolerance .

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Jan 15, 2016

Essay on 'Picnic in the Park' For Class 10

“Let’s go somewhere, I’m bored”, Kayla exclaimed. “I think going for a picnic would be a good idea and it would be a refreshing one”, said Sheena. I started contemplating the good old days of going to a picnic in a park.

Those were the good old days when technology didn’t tamper with our lifestyle. Picnics and family gatherings strengthened bonds and increased love for each other. But now a day’s going to picnic is hardly been seen because parents don’t have time for children and children’s are captivated in technology.

Whilst I was thinking of what would be the picnic menu because a good picnic means a good lip smacking food. Food is the cherry on the cake of every picnic.

I being a major foodie decided the menu to be salads, fruit juices, bagel, sandwiches and cakes. After deciding this all, we headed for the preparation. Mom made everything delicious and she brought the good old big picnic basket and she stuffed everything in it.

After everything was prepared we headed to a park. The park had a view of a lake, the breeze was calming our minds and it made an amazing atmosphere. The children in our family started playing and it was ear soothing to hear their joy and laughter.

We started having the delicious food and everyone appreciated how everything was prepared. Uncle Sam smirked and told mom that she should start a picnic catering business. Kayla and Sheena decided to play truth or dare and everyone joined them. So the game starts by spinning the bottle and to whomever the bottle stops at, they should either say a truth or act a dare. Through this game I got to know that mom bunked a class to watch her favorite actor’s movie and Uncle Sam wore a dress for a play. It was really funny to know their secrets. Aunt Lara took a dare of enacting Uncle Sam’s behavior.

The park revealed everything about life. It showed the love in couples, the joy in children and the commitment in old people. It showed us nature; how the birds built their nest with utmost delicacy, how squirrels gathered nuts for winter and how autumn leaves, fell indicating us that time waits for none.

The park also had a boat riding, so Sheena and Kayla opted for boat riding, where the boat took them to a nearby island. After returning, both the girls told us that the island had a bird sanctuary with all the birds from all over the world.

The park also had an extraordinary feature which made it a special one. Across the bushes, on the porch, there was a statue of a woman and beneath it an epitaph which said “For you, because you are more than my own life”.

The owner of the park had made it in remembrance of his wife Rose who died in a plane crash. He made that in order to tell the world that love exists and it does not require mortality for fulfillment. Love remains forever because love is not only of presence but of remembrance.

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