Oct 17, 2014

Helping Handicapped Essay For Class or Grade 5

(345 Words): A person who is in a condition that restricts him for doing normal physical, mental and social activities is called handicapped (disabled) person. These categories of people need extra moral, physical and economical help and support so that they could catch up the track of passing life with fewer difficulties. The impairment is misfortune to them so we fortunate one having God gifted perfection must deal humbly, carefully and softly with them. This is our social responsibility.

Most important help they need is that we must not let them feel that they are different from us. We should interact positively with them to make them mentally strong. In such an environment they will be able to lead their life with fun and happiness.  Disability is of various Types. Physical impairment is sometime by birth and some time it happens by accident. These people need our physical support. It does not mean that we have to pay a special duty for this. What we need is the change of mindset. Whenever we remain in course of our daily routine job, we have to be conscious about our surrounding for any help to handicapped person. It needs only attention, sympathy and willingness of live and let live. There are few blind waiting to cross the road. We have to notice a lame asking a little support. There may be a deaf want to hear to understand some official matter; we need to explain them by hand writing the concerned matter. These help don't waste our time but just twist the way of our living. At the end of the day, at least we can feel that today we lived for other for a moment. And the help was very special as the needy were disabled one. Many of us only live for themselves. The number of people; whose life is meant for other, is very few. Scientific way of living have made us machine. Our feelings are not flying for humanity. But the time demands change in mindset, otherwise whole humanity will suffer. 
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Oct 10, 2014

My Pet Risked its Life to Save me from Disaster Essay | How your Favourite Pet Risked its own Life.. | For Class 8

Question in details: Write a composition or Essay of about 350-400 words on how your favourite pet risked its own life to save you from a disaster.

(461 Words): We feel very happy when someone does something for us. But if someone Saves our life by putting his life at risk, then it becomes blessing to us. It is incredible  . It can't be explained in words. Once in my life I had been caught into an incident that was a disaster for me. But by God's grace my life was saved by my pet animal (Tom).

The incident took place before two months since my birthday. On that day Tom was behaving very badly with me. It seemed that he was feeling uncomfortable. I think he has got the indication of the event in advance. I couldn't understand what he wanted to express.  So I left him alone for sometime. I was also feeling bad for his unease. I sat to do my homework. My Mom  was talking with my father on some important matter. She went out to give him a shopping bag. She forgot that she put potato for boiling on gas oven. She got busy in doing another work. Potato boiling incident escaped from her mind. I watched my dog again but he was sitting quietly in one corner of the house. After five minutes suddenly fire broke out in our Kitchen. At that time I came out from my study room and saw the fire in the kitchen. I started shouting in fear for help. But there was no one to help us. My pet knew that I was still in my study room. He rushed towards the entrance of the house and started to look for me. The fire was catching my house rapidly. My pet took our water pipe in his mouth. I got the indication of my pet. I immediately joined the pipe with my waterline. What I saw was surprising. When I opened the tap,  my dog jumped into the kitchen with the pipe in his mouth and started to spray water. He did very bold work to extinguish the fire by taking the risk of burning. We human beings generally never jump in flame of fire, but he did at the cost of his life. The other important thing is that my pet is a trained dog that played a great role on that day. He got burn spot on his body. I took him immediately to Veterinary Doctor by leaving everything scattered here and there in my house. Because the life of my pet was more important to me. We got the proper medicine and doctor advice to recover my pet as soon as possible. I was very happy that my dog got well soon and our life again become happy. From that day I use to put more care to listen the expression of my pet dot.
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Oct 3, 2014

459 Words Essay on Patriotism For Class 10

(459 Words): Patriotism is a sense of inner feelings towards goodness of homeland. It reflects degree of commitment of an individual to protect his society and motherland. It is that virtue which provides strength to safeguard our children, family, society and nation. In more realistic sense patriotism are the essence of nationalism, love towards motherland, Blind conviction of "my country is always right" and sacrifice for motherland. It is a wholehearted commitment to protect one's country at hardship. Patriots are the assurance of our safety and security. Therefore we can say that they are our most valuable possession.

God already inserted this virtue in us. But everybody has no such power to bring out it from inner side to discharge this virtue to the exterior world except few. It is mental condition that comes up for self defence at the time of need and threat. We saw a lion in its group rushes to attack its enemy whereas others remain far behind as they have no such level of patriotic feeling and strength. Exactly few of us remains more advance than other to secure our society, whereas many of us remain fearful for not making their family vehicle driverless and alone. If a society or country lacks of patriot and remain silent to the exterior enemy then one by one all suffer.

Negative effect of patriotism: 
Patriots sometime harm weak nations in the name of patriotism. It has been noticed that patriotism is helping to create disparity. Disparity is prevailing at international level. The world has got divided into developed countries, developing countries and poor countries. Greed of hoarding, acquiring, exploiting etc has given birth of dominating patriotism. It is very dangerous as it sucks resources of weak nations indirectly. We say it global business strategy. To safeguard disparity many human killing guns, planes, bombs etc have been developed by many countries. Contest is prevailing at international level to develop these human killing instruments. A lot of measures and conference has been taken by international community, World Bank and UN to eradicate absolute poverty by 2030. But it is clear that still patriotism is more important than this subject. 

We can conclude that patriotism is a relative and it is to be applied carefully. Each individual, society and country has different issue and problem that has to be understood by studying respective input references. It is not being looked from opposite side. This small mistake is creating a lot of problem in today's time. Human values are getting vanished with sectarian fight in the name of patriotism. We must learn to live with unity without talking our diversity and by throwing away our hatred. Humanity must be counted above bad patriotism. Patriotism must be equipped with 'live and let live theory".
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Sep 26, 2014

Child Labour Essay For Class or std 7

(622 Words): Child labour is a compulsion of an under age child to do any physical work that deprive them from their childhood and which is mentally and physically dangerous and also which is morally, socially and ethically unacceptable. Prime reason of child labour is pauperism. Their distress and daily need force them for engaging into easily available low cost physical work to water their fire of hunger. Pauperism is used by our society as an opportunity to exploit pauper children for business gain. In the financial tool of cost reduction of private companies child labourers are fully exploited indirectly. Households' jobs are the heaven of child labour in India and in many south east nations. Due to cutthroat competition of survival, children are more vulnerable for low cost labour. Rural people are much affected section of acute poverty. That is why rural children are forced to go to urban area in search of job.

International Labour Organisation has set laws of child labour specifically, under section C 138 of 1973; which defines that any work performed by children underage of 12, or non-light work underage between 12 to 14 or hazardous work done by 15 to 17 years aged children are defined as child labour. This Convention was adopted by  UNO in 1990 and subsequently ratified by 193 countries.  UNO initiated International Program on Elimination of child labour ( IPEC) in 1992.

There are many rules and laws but child labour is mainly caused by poverty and poverty is a complex issue which we are still struggling for wiping it out from our society. It is very surprising that child labour is a basic tool of poor people to fight against unemployment problem. There is logic to train children in mother technical trade of mechanical and electrical engineering. According to these people this is shortest route to get a job or becoming self reliant. It will guarantee but school or academic education cannot guarantee employment. However there is a chance of accident as children don't have maturity. This thought is being used in many countries by poor to fight against poverty. Taking this into consideration many countries have allowed certain safe technical training of children in which elders are attached with these children. 

Many scholars recommend to formulate laws and rules but survival theory never follows any rule. It is because of this reason nothing works fully. Stringent laws may be beneficial on certain level, but it cannot solve the problem. In competition of survival everybody is trying to strengthen his position socially and economically. A high class professional want to at least retain his position or to uphold himself from present level, thereby ignoring all ethics. He never minds to save his money by expending less for his house job, because small-small saving will be a supplement for his rising education cost. Poor guardians are thinking that achieving such a level of education is out of their reach, therefore it is better to train their children from early time in different way of survival. Government usually fails to regulate rising education cost and cannot guarantee job security for poor. We have become highly scientific and least ethical and also we are moulding our children in same fashion. Due to this approach situation are becoming worse. 

We need to work for self help for poor. Any government cannot formulate one to one rule for understanding the prevalent poverty among the various type of people biased with different costume, religion and rituals. Therefore our duty is to know closely our people to understand their children's involvement in child labour activities and to support them with available government's facility   so that the children, who are precious gift of God, could be aligned to right path. 
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Sep 19, 2014

Bullet Train in India | A Dream or Nightmare Essay | for class 10

(709 words) : Bullet train remind us the proverb "Speed thrills but kills." It is such a dream; which may be a nightmare for us. I think our purchasing power, per capita income, poverty Index, low population of very high income group and national priorities are posing barriers to take a move for massive investment into bullet train project. We also know that about 32.7% percent of Indians are extremely poor as per 2002 economic survey. India's per capita income (nominal) was $ 1570 in 2013, ranked at 120th out of 164 countries by the World Bank.

Bullet train may obviously  be a nightmare for country like us where people have not fully conceptualized "work is worship". Maximum of us try to look this attribute into others by idling ourselves with luxuriousness. High speed train requires intensive and dedicated service and maintenance ;which we still lag. Gorakhdham Train accident in 2014 is a big example of our poor service, maintenance and care for high speed.  I am labelling it as nightmare because I will give supporting facts and figures. Our national priority should be eradicating power shortage, second innovative green resolution, poverty alleviation, employment generation. bringing rural participation in national economy etc. High cost transport like airlines  services are already have no bright and viable income  in India . I saw practically Double Decker AC train running vacant from Durgapur to Howra . The reason is clear that the train fare of Rs. 338.00 for 158 km is dearer than RS. 70. 00 Bus fare from home to Kolkata city. Another example, High cost Project  luxurious shopping mall (like Suhatto and Junction Mall etc. except metro cities) in many places are struggling for its survival. I have noticed personally that almost most of the people enjoy new things once or two after that they think about cost effectiveness and start to compare market prices. It doesn't mean that we can not pay these qualities services. But I will say that till now our time has not got such a value like rich foreigners that we need to travel by bullet train. 

Bullet train is a passenger train that travels at very high speed generally above 200 km/hr. Let us compare our competitiveness regarding technology.

Our countries have not developed such level of sophisticated quality spares of bullet trains or for other equipment that will boost our economy. Clearly Japan will get a big market for its companies. We are still at buyer level and our technology has not got global presence like other countries. Economically it is not a viable project. It will only be a show game to get respect among the developed nations. Mind it, India still lives in village. We have not reached at Shanghai's power. Our strength is still agriculture sector, therefore rural infrastructure has to be paid attention. We need massive investment in water management to produce win-win situation for equal distribution of water and to curb flood. We are still fighting for inflation. It reflects our weakness of dependency on natural rain and conditions. One drought trembles our economy.

Bullet train was dream before 19th century. But many countries like Germany, France , Japan Belgium, Britain, China,  Italy,  Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey and the United States  had proved their capability in this direction to turn their dream into reality. Japan started operation of high speed train in 1964 and the name bullet train came from this project. Shanghai Maglev is the fastest trains in the world with maximum speed of 480km/hr. Maximum of these countries have very low poverty level and they have global presence in case of technology and quality international product business.

Bullet Train in India had caught big debate in August 2014; when Indian PM went on a Japan Trip. Betterment has always been dominated human society in all times. So enhancing the facilities in Indian Railway is not bad . But viability of any project needs more in depth analysis. We need to compare our strength and weakness with the nation that implemented bullet train. But it doesn't mean to demoralise for any respectable project. What I want to give message that we must proceed with high care and observation. Emotional thinking must not rule intelligent thinking.

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Sep 12, 2014

Reduce Reuse and Recycle Essay for class 8

(533 Words): Reduce; reuse and recycle are the three formulas of keeping our environment clean and healthy. If these tools are used positively  by everyone, soon we can change our world to a better place for surviving in more pleasing way.
Reduce Reuse and Recycle

Pollution is making our environment not only dirty but also becoming harmful for the people. The effect is posing threat on our survival. We can notice spread litters here and there on the roads, parks and several other public places. These wastes are because of our unintelligent, careless and thoughtless use of food products and other usable things. This makes the public places dirty as well as bad looking for the visitors. Recent survey shows that use of packets food, water bottles have increased at an alarming rate in many countries including India.

The word waste means to use or expend carelessly. There are predominantly two types of wastes- Biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable wastes can easily mix with soil whereas non-biodegradable wastes do not mix with soil. Plastic is the best example of non-biodegradable waste. The plastic and its related products do not mix with soil. So we need to convert it again in a reusable form to safeguard soil and animal which eat it because of its hunger. It will better if we reduce the use of plastic products. Recent human lifestyle practice shows that for certain food products its use is still unavoidable e.g. sweets, curd, junk food etc. In many countries including India use of thin plastic bags are banned. But it is not completely discarded by our society. We have to work out more in this direction to check land pollution. We have to reduce the use of pollutants of our daily use.

There are other options of using cloth, newspaper and jute bags to replace plastic bags. But care should be taken to recycle newspaper otherwise it will badly impact trees. Recycle (or Recycling) is only possible with the study of waste management.  I think waste management is the today's utmost demand that will save the Earth and generate employment.  It is not simple and easy to make win-win situation for waste management and employment generation. But we all need to do much research in this direction. There must be new course in higher level in Engineering and management to boost this as a trade. Social engineering is to be counted upon at highest level in professional course. Government has to invest higher percentage of the yearly budget to generate employment in this field and thus to make this branch of study lucrative. Then propensity towards waste management will automatically catch the height.

Common list of material that can be recycled are plastic bags, newspaper, books, paper cartoon, furniture, magazine, Lead acid batteries, florescent light bulbs, lamps, plastic bottles, pen refill, keyboard, Printer Inkjet Cartridges etc. Besides these there are many industrial products that can be recycled also.  The list is big. 

Only important thing is that we need to change our mindset for the wellbeing of our society. Our (including school students) duty is also to aware people about recycle, reuse and reduce the material, method and process of keeping our environment clean and healthy.
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Sep 5, 2014

When I would be Sixty (60 ) Essay

(710 words): Turning sixty (60) is already a highest gift to everyone who carves his life plan much before and at early time in his life.  As it guarantees the 60 years life span with great return for enjoying the rest life without tension of huge responsibilities towards aligning family's success vehicle. In real sense everybody has future dream of long life span. Therefore much effort are applied to design the imaginary map of peace and happiness of the time after sixty i.e. Retirement life. Therefore roadmaps of destiny are drawn much before to meet these roads on the end goal of life.
The time after sixty is not only full rest period but need certain care and management of health, fitness and finance. People particularly grope for managing financial part thereby uncaring health and fitness. And this leads to failed planning of the retired time.  We usually make us blind in running behind earning avenues. We always must be careful about our lifestyle for our lines after sixty. 

Now I am giving here few tips that are more general for everyone; who dream his life after sixty.
Things to do before turning sixty (60):

* Marry at right age:  Whatever may be the financial condition. This is the God's and nature's rule. Many of you may not agree with this but the end remains successful of these people. Let me explain this. Late time marriage put pressure at the last phase of professional life for setting up carrier of son or daughter. Late time marriage seldom finds bride of matching age. This results in medical disorder in the born child. I personally noticed this in three of my friend's cases. But mind me I am not a doctor. This is my professional experience. A doctor can better explain the case.  Early marriage creates a supporting pillar as son or daughter before sixty. One of my step brothers couldn't succeed in getting a job. Somehow he bought up his family's daily meal. One right decision of marrying at right time taken by him drove his life vehicle successfully as his son stood up and shared his father's burden. His son being young and strong made no late to understand his family economic crisis. He got charged with such a magical energy that he washed away the sorrow of poverty and the family is leading a happy life in all respect.
* Don't be addicted of tobacco, cigarette, wine and gambling. These are life killers.
*Never try to change your surrounds uncontrollable person who is not in your control. Be like water to find your destiny.
* Be digital for managing daily life's activities electronically for saving time.
*Financial planning is one of the very important for peaceful and happy retired life. 40% of total earning must be saved for future. It is better to enhance this %age to 50%. Saving is more important than earning. It is the saving that makes difference in the financial management.
One must think all possible avenues for cost effectiveness. One great tip I am sharing with all that our home is a small industry and each industry needs its regular maintenance. Our house must be equipped with all frequently used maintenance tools. e.g. Pliers , Nose Pliers, Electric tester , test lamp , D-spanner from 8mm to 18mm , Medium pipe wrench, File, Hammer, Screw driver set, Potable electric drill machine etc. These tools save a lot of time and money in our life. Don't hesitate to invest in these tools. Practically these are the need of today's machinery life. Because there are numerous small jobs that cost much more if anybody is dependent on servicemen.
* We must plan for a house. But don't risk your bread and clothes by investing lavishly to your dream home. Many people get mislead after getting a big retirement money and emotionally ruin them.
* Saving must be continued after sixty to encounter inflation. And these are to be reinvested yearly for enhancing monthly income.

* lastly I would suggest that becoming or turning sixty (60) should be treated as an aim of life after starting professional carrier.
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Aug 29, 2014

Effects of Social Networking Sites on Teenagers Essay | For class 10

(609 Words): Human beings are basically social in way of living, behaving and interacting among themselves and towards other living and non-living creatures of the globe. Socialising process through networking sites is creating virtual falsehood platform in this online age. Trust and reality of human persona are losing ground. Everyone of digital world remains in doubt of his reality. Teenagers have become addicted of social media because of convenience of sharing own feelings with other. As they hesitate to share those feelings; when they meet physically. The highest drawbacks of social networking are that everyone has to digest unwanted shared photo or contents that are not needed at the time it should to be.

The teenagers waste their valuable time whereas other school or college tasks remain more important to them. Social networking sites are creating misleading virtual relationship and friendship among teenagers. It doesn't mean that social sites are bad but it is we; who are getting damaged by way of interacting with social media in an uncontrolled fashion. Just like overdose is injurious to our body, in same way overusing social media is dangerous to us. It has been noticed that teenagers are using, chatting and posting photographs and contents on regular basis. They are also showcasing themselves as more technical among their friends and family; which has no value for them. Hackers are   impersonating teenagers for trapping their personal information and misusing their personal data. As involvements with internet social media have got increased therefore teenagers are becoming weak physically. Cyber bullying is creating mental threat in teenagers by few bad element of school or college. As teenagers attend social site daily, they have to take unnecessary hatred words, tension and cyber threat. In totality simplicity of teenagers life is disappeared and they are in complex lifestyle situation. Sometimes they create online friendship but on dating their persona don't match then they get disturbed mentally. It has also been observed that photo of few girls have become viral from social sites and it has been edited to make it naked for taking revenge. And the girl remains unaware of this. His personal life may get damaged.   In past time there are many examples of love story started on Orkut and have resulted to suicide. After these types of accident parents remains surprised about the event that stopped their lives. It is one of the most important tasks of today's time to remain acquainted of their son or daughter's social activity on the networking sites. It is better to restrict them from social sites up to the age of maturity.

How to check social networking sites activity of teenagers: 
It is very simple. Always use branded version of Operating System like Window 7 etc and activate Family Safety on the window. For actuating family safety, one has to create an email account on Hotmail. Thus he gets benefits of Window Live Essential. There are many tools to make social sites unavailable for teenagers. There is weekly reporting for getting on Hotmail and thus one can get weekly or monthly report on his smart phone email box. There are many parameters and data of the websites that usually had been seen by user; who is under family safety.

It doesn't mean that the teenagers are to be distracted from Internet, because today is the age of smart learning. If anyone does so then his children may remain in last queue of success. One cannot ignore electronic media in this century. It just needs monitoring of electronic media to keep what is going on. 
One needs to look after his wards just it is being done in real life.
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