Aug 29, 2014

Effects of Social Networking Sites on Teenagers Essay | For class 10

(609 Words): Human beings are basically social in way of living, behaving and interacting among themselves and towards other living and non-living creatures of the globe. Socialising process through networking sites is creating virtual falsehood platform in this online age. Trust and reality of human persona are losing ground. Everyone of digital world remains in doubt of his reality. Teenagers have become addicted of social media because of convenience of sharing own feelings with other. As they hesitate to share those feelings; when they meet physically. The highest drawbacks of social networking are that everyone has to digest unwanted shared photo or contents that are not needed at the time it should to be.

The teenagers waste their valuable time whereas other school or college tasks remain more important to them. Social networking sites are creating misleading virtual relationship and friendship among teenagers. It doesn't mean that social sites are bad but it is we; who are getting damaged by way of interacting with social media in an uncontrolled fashion. Just like overdose is injurious to our body, in same way overusing social media is dangerous to us. It has been noticed that teenagers are using, chatting and posting photographs and contents on regular basis. They are also showcasing themselves as more technical among their friends and family; which has no value for them. Hackers are   impersonating teenagers for trapping their personal information and misusing their personal data. As involvements with internet social media have got increased therefore teenagers are becoming weak physically. Cyber bullying is creating mental threat in teenagers by few bad element of school or college. As teenagers attend social site daily, they have to take unnecessary hatred words, tension and cyber threat. In totality simplicity of teenagers life is disappeared and they are in complex lifestyle situation. Sometimes they create online friendship but on dating their persona don't match then they get disturbed mentally. It has also been observed that photo of few girls have become viral from social sites and it has been edited to make it naked for taking revenge. And the girl remains unaware of this. His personal life may get damaged.   In past time there are many examples of love story started on Orkut and have resulted to suicide. After these types of accident parents remains surprised about the event that stopped their lives. It is one of the most important tasks of today's time to remain acquainted of their son or daughter's social activity on the networking sites. It is better to restrict them from social sites up to the age of maturity.

How to check social networking sites activity of teenagers: 
It is very simple. Always use branded version of Operating System like Window 7 etc and activate Family Safety on the window. For actuating family safety, one has to create an email account on Hotmail. Thus he gets benefits of Window Live Essential. There are many tools to make social sites unavailable for teenagers. There is weekly reporting for getting on Hotmail and thus one can get weekly or monthly report on his smart phone email box. There are many parameters and data of the websites that usually had been seen by user; who is under family safety.

It doesn't mean that the teenagers are to be distracted from Internet, because today is the age of smart learning. If anyone does so then his children may remain in last queue of success. One cannot ignore electronic media in this century. It just needs monitoring of electronic media to keep what is going on. 
One needs to look after his wards just it is being done in real life.
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Aug 22, 2014

478 Words Essay on Good Manners For Class 4

Children go to school to learn how to read and write and they go to Church, Masjid, Temples, Buddha Vihar, Gurudwara to learn about religion. Good manners should be taught at the home, and it is one of the easiest stuff to teach, even at a very early stage of life, but it is not always done.

Good manners means correct behaviour by which we make our place in the heart of everyone and feeling pride to our parents, teachers and society. Directly and indirectly it resulted into good child, student and citizen and helpful in building our nation in a right path.
Bad manners means wrong behaviour; which always hurt and no one will accept and welcome those who behaved wrongly and directly , Indirectly it resulted into crime and threat to society.

In short good manners play very important role in our daily life. Your parents and family as well as teachers will be happy if they see you behaved in a good manner everywhere.

Few good manners which I would like to share with  all of you, which will help everyone to become good child, a good student and good citizen. 

Be kind, polite, respectful and helpful especially with adults. 
Be punctual IN SCHOOL. Obey the school's rules. Pay attention to the teachers. Be respectful to the teachers and staff. Do immediately what you are directed to do. Do not answer back.
 Tell the truth - always. It takes courage to tell the truth. Cowards tell lies out of fear. Respect everyone’s rights. No pushing, fighting. No foul language; no swearing Avoid signaling,sending signs when class time is up. Contribute to the class discussion when appropriate. Don't mess house,school . If you do, clean it up immediately. Don’t bully. Prevent bullying. Report bullying. Don't litter the class room, school grounds or anywhere. Report acts of damage being committed. Be respectful of public and private property. Don’t steal from anyone. When we talk we should always be polite and it is not proper to point or to stare at others who might be of a different religion or color. Do not interrupt when our parents are talking each other. Open the door and invite the guests in, smile and be welcoming. Don't go visiting unless you are invited or you have phoned to see if it is convenient.
Make up your bed, tidy the room, keep your kinship out of the way and it goes without saying, always leave the bathroom stainless!
Be sure to say, "Thank you" when you leave. Recompense by inviting your friend to your house sometime in the future. 
Do your best and Never get into a fight. 
Apologise unhesitatingly and instantly if you make a mistake.
Accept an apology with goodwill Walk tall and wear decent attire and uniform with pride. 
We must always be home before dark and never hurt anyone by your any indecent act and misbehavior.


St.Joseph High School
Class –IV “A”-India
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Aug 15, 2014

Essay on My Mother in English and Urdu | Essay on Meri Maa in Urdu ( میری ما پر مضمون )

By Nazish Kamran:

یہ کہ کر فرشتوں سے جنّت مے چلا جاؤنگا
  ک اپنے  ما  کے کدمو کے نشان ڈھونڈھ رہا ہوں
اصل میں ما نام ہے اسارو قربانی کا, الفتو قربت کا, تحفظ کا, احساس کا, اور پر سکون سائبان کا.
ما کے لئے کچھ کہنے لکھنے کے لئے لفظ ہی بشوٹ کم ہیں. اگر صوبہ سے شام بھی کر دو تو بھی اسکا کھولوس اور موحبّت بیان نہ کر سکو.
میں کہنا چاہوں گی :
پھولو میں جس طرح خوشبو اچچھی لگتی ہے,
مجھے اس طرح میری ما اچچھی لگتی ہے.
خدا سلامت اور خوش رکھے سب کی ما کو,
ساری دعاؤں مے یہ دوا اچچھی لگتی ہے.
خدا سب کی ما کو سلامت رکھے.
آمین  !!!!!

Reproduced same in English language

,Yeh kah kar farishton se jannat main chala jaaunga
 Ki Apni maa ke qadmo ke nishan dhoondh raha hoon  

,Dear Friends
Asal main maa naam hai essaaro qurbani ka, ulfato qurbat ka, tahafuz ka, ehsaas ka, aur pur sakoon saibaan ka.
Maa ke liye kuchchh kahne, likhne ke liye lafz hi bahot kam hain . Agar subah se shaam bhi kar do to bhi uska kholoos aur mohabbat bayan na kar sako.

Main kehna chahungi,

phooloo main jis tara khushboo achchhi lagti hai,
Mujhe us tarah meri maa achchhi lagti hai.

khuda salamat or khush rakhe sab ki maa ko,
saari duaon main yeh dua achchhi lagti hai.

Khuda Sab ki Maa ko salamat rakhay.

English Translation:
I will go to paradise by telling this to Angel that I am searching the foot-sign of my mother.
Dear Friend, 
Actually the name mother is  of sacrifice, love and affection, feelings and peace.There are no words to explain the goodness of mother. If you start writing from morning to evening , even then it is hard to tell the depth and width of the mother's love and  affection.

I again want to say that. I cherish my mother as essence of fragrant flower. Almighty Allah Tala keep safe to all mothers. I prey to Almighty for this. 
May Allah fulfill our wish.

I am very weak in Urdu.
I request all visitors who know Urdu to improve this essay by commenting or by submitting few points about mother.
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Aug 8, 2014

A Memorable evening Essay | For Grade 8

(363 Words): We try to make our evening time as good as we can in every possible way. Usually we used to have a cup of tea or coffee with some snacks in evening. All members of the family sit together and enjoy watching TV or talk with each other. In evening, children play in their garden.

In our past time an evening may lay a footprints on our mind's sphere of spectacular enjoyment. It may be that it will not appear in our future and the past exciting and memorable moments twinkle in imagination. I am blessed with such an amazing experience in my life. Certainly I can say that it was my best evening that I enjoyed.

It was the month of July when Monsoon was at its peak on Sunday. It was raining heavily. I opened the front door of my drawing Room to see the falling drops. What a surprise it was. It seemed that I was at dreamland of nature. The green coloured atmosphere was getting mixed with cloudy light. Little showers of rain were blowing on me thereby making me touched with RIM- JHIM sound of falling drops. At that time I was about fourteen years old. We all family members sat at the front of the door with cups of coffee and pakoda (An Indian special dish). The cool and pleasant glimpse mesmerised us. We all fell in austere natural beauty. That day's gossiping is still in my memory. Everybody explained their special and unforgettable rainy moments. The explanation and advice of that day enriched our general idea of safety during rainy.

We also planned to have delicious dinner. All of us are fond of Biriyani (a special dish of Mughal now in vogue in many countries with the same name). The rain stopped at 6:00 PM. We came out of the house to enjoy the breeze that was blowing very softly. We sat in our lawn and enjoyed the cool and clear sky. The day gave us the strongest tip that we must not leave small-small beautiful moment of our life by indulging us in busyness of life.

On that day we also had a greet sleep.
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Aug 2, 2014

Autobiography of a Mosquito Net Essay | For Class 8

  (397 woods): I look like fishing net. I have become the most important thing for men at bedtime. Because I provide protection against mosquitoes. Not a single mosquito can cross me. That is why I am the most trustworthy thing at night. I am a sleeping guard for men at night. Can you guess me who am I. I am a mosquito net.

I belonged to a very poor family in "Ara" village. The poor family members couldn't sleep well for a month. They used to guard their lovely daughter against deadly mosquitoes, because these mosquitoes had spread malaria disease in the village. They bought me from the village market. I was excited about my new home. I have got bore with hanging in the market for about a month. The Sun sign had made me weak also. I was waiting for shed and of course a dreamlike home. As I was young, my bright yellow colour was shining and l was looking very attractive. I used to feel superior to anything of the house. The other thing was feeling jealous of me because l have been put more care and treatment by the family members. I was also feeling proud for providing family members great sleep. The little girl was safe from disease. The family members were keeping me in a basket after folding me properly. The basket had less space, but I managed myself everyday because of their love and affection. I was very happy.

Time was elapsing and l was looking older. I was not shining as I used to be at my youth time. I had also got a lot of holes and patches. Therefore chieftain of the family was not happy because my mosquito protecting capacity had decreased. Now they were not treating me well. They were also rubbing me with their leg. I was thrown away in the morning. Family members were abusing me sometime. All these were much painful. Thereafter few months l had not been used. I became a ragged thing for them. They never remembered my past reliable service. They could thank me for my past dedication. But now I am thinking that all their past good treatment was a show-off. If they would be a gentle people then they would exhibit their satisfaction for my long service. My last time was pathetic. I remained at corner of store Room.
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Jul 26, 2014

Student's Life is the Best life Essay | Part of The Life | For Class 8

Life is a journey from birth to death.  Life is inter weaved with happiness, sorrow, charms, freewill, inquisitiveness, social ties, relationship etc. These values fluctuate in the course of lifetime. Degree of variation of these parameters eventually decides the containment of various kinds of human life. We may categorise various kind of life as doctor's life, engineer's life, student's life etc.

When we grown up , we first carryout our life under chieftain of our family. We remain fully dependent upon him. We all family members have great respect towards all decision of our chieftain. Because we know that he has to do everything. It can be perceived that leader of the family has to shoulder all the burden of the family. I have noticed myself that my family chieftain compromised every time. I felt very sad for that. So it is obvious that parents life is really tough. They always remains strained and involved in caring, moulding , teaching and preparing their wards carrier. 

Once I was going to school in the morning. One uncle told me enjoy your life. Because student life is the best life and you will not get repeated any moment again. So enjoy yourself at fullest. I had never thought of this. But when l recalled the uncle's words, then I perceived that my life is really happier than anyone else life. There are no sorrow, depression and frustration in a student life. In student life it seems that sky of success is unlimited. We usually fall in ecstasy during gossiping with friends. We also have a lot of mental strength and courage for overcoming any critical situation. Good students enjoy much in learning and exploring their favourite subjects. Their intellectual excellence  in school and at home are their pride of happiness. Every student feels their level of potential to prove them. All these are the highest source of good feel. 
student's life remains full with enthusiasm because there are lot of entertainment's means. At evening we play football with our friends. In winter are remain busy for cricket tournament . Meeting with friends and their family members is much entertaining. Our demands are rated high among the family members and it is mostly fulfilled by our parents. Whenever we feel boring, then we used to watch our favourite show on television. There is no tension of managing our needs of life. Therefore we may be satisfied with open sky life of students and conclude that student's life is the best life.
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Jul 19, 2014

Curiosity is the Mother of Inventions Essay

  (496 words): Curiosity is a strong desire to know something. As depth and width of curiosity spreads its wings, then a new machine or method born as invention. Therefore we can say that the title of this essay has got its justification. Scientific temperament and inquisitiveness assist curiosity to generate invention. Therefore in scientific socialism we can say that curiosity is the mother of invention. 

Curiosity is what my four years old son asks me many questions continuously while passing by market side. Another practical way of explaining curiosity is watching a polar Bear on Discovery channel, inspecting a remote camera with his legs. If anyone has seen this scene then he can perceive the exact meaning of curiosity.

After buying an assembled computer's packets, we remain very much curious to open every layer of the pack to know the originality of the product, or to see the look of the product etc. We have also noticed that our kids are even more curious to open any packets and we scold them to not be in hurry. So curiosity of the kids becomes so strong that we have to catch their hand to stop them. These are all examples of natural curiosities.

Human beings and few other animals are designed by God such that they want to unlock every unknown and hidden secrets or things in this world. This is the prime drive for any invention. This drives also comes from necessity and from need of overcoming  barrier of human life.

Invention is that new purposeful machine, method, process etc that need strong desire and determination. If anything new happen on this globe we can say this invention. Sometime invention happens because of necessity. At this situation structured curiosity comes in between necessity and invention. Most of the fighter equipment's inventions are the outcome of this type of curiosity. Necessity for controlling the world demanded forced inventions of war equipment and machines. And we may agree that these inventions are proved to be dangerous for human beings because mass human killings were assisted by this type of equipment. So we can conclude that curiosity is bringing us towards devastation.  
When curiosity is pursued for a good objective then healer invention comes into existence. We can illustrate the curiosity of Charles Babbage; whose theory gave us one of the most usable machines as computer. He was very curious student. Mathematics and science were his favourite subjects. He was very much curious about creating a machine; which might not make mistake. As he was very much tired of human errors. His idea was not to create computer but his main idea was to get rid of human math computing errors. Whatever may be the case but his curiosity eventually did the highest wonder in the world. And we got the fastest machine as computer. His curiosity gave birth to a more powerful machine instead of a Math error handler. The curiosity of Charles Babbage found a mountain while pursuing a hill.
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Jul 12, 2014

Life Without Parents Essay for Class 10

(704 Words ): Life without parents is extremely painful and bruised for children and directionless for a matured boys or girls. Pain of parentless life is beyond imagination. Love and affection are ambrosia for us. Only parent after God can provide this magical containment to us. Parentless life has wet eyes that bleeds tears and forget dryness of happy life. The memory of losing parents is too much painful. Hug of parents is like happiness of heaven. Pat of parent is like a medal. Family life with parents teaches us the competence of closeness. One finger hold of parents takes children at the peak of success. We all become socked and full of grief after listening any news of parent loss. We also well acquainted that this loss cannot be made up. 

Unfortunately if any of us become trapped in this teary pit. then we should try to tear out all grief of heart. we need to feel about those many unfortunates; who already have lost their parents and leading life under next born leader of their family. Time heals everything. We need to rely on this saying with a promise to execute the parents' objective dreamed for us. In this way we can change our tears into happiness of ambition.  Death is certain for everyone. Unfortunately someone has to taste it earlier than expected. So it becomes the most prior duty of every parent to remain up to date for inheritance of their financial and physical asset to their loved one. So that the unroofed children have not to run here and there with tears and heavy heart. At least they could catch their future rope as soon as possible to make them (parents) happy in heaven. the unfortunate children need to take the challenge to find their life instead of crawling with tears and grief. I know it is very tough, still we must believe in the life process, because there are many unfortunate of these kinds; who have set landmark examples of winning the game of life. We need to gear up in tough time with this optimism. We should not stop for what we don't have in our life, but we should proceed further to achieve what is possible and believable. We should come to the similar type of children in our society who are leading their life with conviction to achieve a destination in future. There are many organisation and NGOs which are conducting programs for such children. Nobody can stop the system of God; who provide grains to all the birds of the universe daily. These birds have no any plan, and strategy like human beings. So if they can live then why not human beings. I know it is tough. But once we overcome the critical time in our life I can guarantee that the future path automatically becomes visible in the form of side job and earnings. The main question is of bread of the next eating schedule. If somehow it get solved for one week then there comes a time in hand which can be utilised to manage for next week and similarly for next month. 

Our Duty: It is a big tough time for anybody and can happen to anyone of us. Therefore it is our duty to put hand on the head of these unfortunate one so that they could stand up in their life.This is one of the highest prayers to God mentioned in The Quran and in other religious books. You will get surprised what I am going to say here. That Prophet Mohammad S.A.W lost his parents at very early time. There is a proof, how he influenced everybody in his general business and life in Makka before becoming prophet. He ruled the world with his vacant hand. And finally God (Allah Tala) selected him to send God's message to the world. 

I cited this example because these children are very close to God, he will certainly help them to stand up in life. May God give extraordinary strength to these children to stay live in this world and I also wish that May God give rich people a heart of caring these unfortunate children. Aameen!!!
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