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Mar 24, 2017

167 Words Short Essay on My Fvourite Food Kabab for class 6

"My favourite food is Kebab. I think the word ""Kebab"" is of Arabic origin. It is one of the grilled dishes filled with nutritional and beneficial value to human body. I like to eat Kebab because I have been having it since I was little and I am fond of eating grilled food. I have been to many neighbored countries and I have tried many dishes, but still I consider Kebab to be my great and favourite food. In fact,the famous kebab dishes in each country differs in its continent from one country to another, but there are the famous kebabs in Aleppo an Erbil.


When I go on holiday to my favourite place like Hyderabad, I prefer to eat Kebab. I feel very good after eating this kind of food. It is very tasty and also healthy that sometimes I eat it in high quantity. Hyderabad is considered No.1 city in preparing this type of plates and most people in my friend circle love it so much. "

167 Words Sort Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas
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Essay on Digital India For Class 8 to 10

India was known as the Golden Bird. The country has come a long way, starting from its independence struggle to its new and ample way of making India a digitized one. With the advent of industrialization and Globalization, the country has made tremendous efforts in making India shoulder to shoulder with the highly developed countries. Metro rails have been constructed through which reaching destinations has become easier.

The urban areas are working their way in leading a digital life through a network of connectedness of wireless network. Almost each and every house hold has the availability of a Wi-Fi network. Through the digitization process, Set-top box was also introduced for television,which provides HD quality visuals for the common public. The audience can choose the number of channels they want to watch which gives the advantage of not paying for channels they don't watch. Digital classrooms was also introduced by which students can learn better through the smart visual media class. India has increased in digitization so much that shopping can be easily done online through a number of websites like Amazon, Myntra, Snapdeal, Voonik, Ebay etc. Anything can be bought or sold online. Matrimonial sites are also introduced through which each and everyone can find a suitable bride or groom for themselves.

Essay on Digital India For Class 8 to 10

Work from home job opportunities are also increased through which anyone can earn money online from home. The standard of living has increased and each and every pupil is able to buy a smart phone through the means of paying in installments. India is the largest user of all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and snap chat which gives us a sense of virtual connectedness towards each other.

On November 10,2016, the prime minister of India announced that 500 and 1000 rupee notes will not be valid from here after and new 2000 and 500 rupee notes will be issued in some days. This was done to fight back corruption. During this process of demonetization, new apps were introduced like Paytm etc which can pay money online through mobile. Paytm has the feature of scanning a QR code through which payment can be done to a taxi or in shops. Public started liking this way of payment because it was far more better than standing in long queues of Atm in order to get the new 500 and 2000 rupee notes. It was thought processing that through digitization, corruption can be depleted. Owning of payment apps like Paytm by each and every person will

not allow them to own illegal or black money. This form of demonetization will not only fight corruption but also will increase digitization in India. Thus, this mode of development is very useful and advantageous for a developing country and it will help the country in making its mark in the world. It will also provide better opportunities for people and can increase the countries overall growth. It is to be hoped that digital India will be a prosperous one.

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Mar 17, 2017

Essay on 'An Hour At ATM Line' | My experience after standing in an ATM line for hours

Nobody likes waiting. Nowadays it is our choice not to wait for something for an extensive time. Standing in line for a long period is also monotonous because we all have busy schedules. But Government's unexpected determination changes our mind forcefully.

No one likes long lines. But anyone wanting to exchange the banned notes or withdraw money has faced a lengthy wait after demonetization. But all that waiting has produced humorous and heartwarming moments. Frustration mounts as ATMs run dry within hours of opening. Even on a Sunday, lines outside ATMs stay Serpentine. Long queues were seen in front of ATMs as thousands of anxious people waited to take out cash. People showed kindness somewhere, but difficult situations also faced. Their point of view is that if it is helpful for the countrymen, then they are willing to forget about this inappropriate situations. Though the step is acceptable the way of implementation is imperfect.

 Essay on An Hour At ATM Line | My experience after standing in an ATM line for hours

Indian Prime Minister's demonetization move has set off headlines across the world, though it was not in that way he necessarily hoped. It was initially pegged as an important step in the fight against fake notes. The primary target is to destroy black money from the country. India's middle-class, lower-middle- class and lower-income households have spent the huddled in serpentine queues trying to get small amounts of cash.

Such a day, I joined one of the lines of ATM at 5:10 p.m.(local time). There were roughly 40 people in front of me. The people waiting in line were primarily from middle-class, lower- middle-class and lower-income households: executives from private sector companies, handymen, pensioners, students, and homemakers. I met another person, who also lined up for half an hour to withdraw money, shared his bitter experience of the previous day. Though the situation was complicated; people cooperated with the government for their betterment. However, we know we can handle tough situations with patience, but we express our annoyance very shortly.

Another waited fretfully only to find out when he reached the ATM that his card had been locked. Despite the affliction, the overall mood was still reasonably calm. There were no tussles, and most of the criticism of the policy was measured, aimed at the enactment rather than the intention of the move itself. The small sample size was not confronting; people still seemed to be at the back of the prime minister. A consumer at the ATM said it is a good move initiated by the Government to constraint black money.

As for me, I managed to take some money out at 6.15 p.m.(local time) finally just over an hour after I first stood in line, compared to the experiences of many people, an actual success. Even as the Opposition parties continue to question government clampdown on black money, citizens of the country have accepted the move. My overall experience was not so bad because I came to know about various types of situations faced by different people.

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Mar 10, 2017

Essay"Large amount of money is invested in Space Programme . It can be used in helping the poor countries." Write your view in for or against the statement

We mostly belong to a capitalist country where a large amount of stash is involved in or invested in scientific or astronomical programmes which always, undeniably, costs a tonne.

It is estimated that Apollo 11 consumed a whopping $355 million. The fathomable question which can be raised is that, what is termed to be important? Is it the fact that the similar amount of cash could have saved millions of lives? or the possibility of reaching to a point which cannot be termed to be surely successful?

essay on investment in space programme

Based on subjective perspective, the lives of known people are far more worth than finding new species or it can also be said that leaving the known and searching for the unknown is truly being in a state of fool's paradise. It is very important to develop or find new meaning which is closer to hearth than having a submissive approach towards an unfathomable goal. Developing what is closer to you is far more worth than developing something which might lead you into a loophole.

The moment we wake up, we read daunting realities of hundreds and hundreds of people living the life of despair. It is unnerving to see that the 'dollar-eyed' turn 'blind eye' because they know the reality but still act in an ignorant way. It can be strongly said that it is indeed possible to use all the 'green paper' in developing the lives of poor people because saving the underprivileged is far more worth than conducting indefinite programmes which can also be the real reason of loss of lives of those who are involved in conducting the programme.

We can only truly develop when we have made our brotherhood a developed and thriving race and it is only then we will be truly able to take a leap forward and developing the future which may result in better opportunities. It is cringing to notice that these so-called 'space programmes' sometimes turn out to be futile and results in wastage of money and lives, it would have been more productive in utilising the money, first handed, on the race which is striving hard to make the ends meet. It is no doubt true that these space programmes have inscribed a symbol of excellence in the face of the ignorant but the cost of reaching those 'infinite heights' is very shallow when compared to the despaired eyed.

Thus the conclusion could be easily assumed that it is the time to change the minds of the 'dollar-eyed' into 'awoken eye' which will result in far better results in terms of development. A race can truly develop when each and everyone is developed and it is only then we will be able to make truly and just full development in the eyes of each and every person.

Real happiness and achievement are not in the progress of few people but in the progress of entire brotherhood.

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Mar 3, 2017

Essay on 'First Day of my Job'

Anxiety rushed through my nerve as soon as I opened my eyes, the calendar beside the corner of my table read "Jan 9th" which was circled with a red mark. It was that moment of my life where I had to enter the geeky, serious world of young adults where work rides your mind non-stop but the antidote to it is the monthly paycheck, which makes you buy all the chewy materials.

Trying to press a crisp shirt was not a big task but to wear that gaudy shirt with a weary smile made me feel like I was really not 'ready' but the God-Speed time made me rush to my destination, which was two blocks ahead from where I lived. "Just be relaxed", I said to myself.

essay on firs day of my job

As I entered the ground floor of the building which read "Utopian Magazine", it made me smile because this was the real reason why I had changed my work genre from corporate to photography. Every soul who is an apprentice to me said that it is too late to follow something unusual or crazy but I had stuck to the phrase "It is never too late for anything". As I entered, all the young adults looked at me as though they had been caught up for doing something wrong. I imagined that people were smirking and taunting behind my back which made me want to faint but I still had that corporate stiffness in me.

"Rajesh Kanth," said a loud voice and as I turned the young adult's call, he started calling out more names who were in the photography genre. We all went into the auditorium to have a talk with the head of photography. Everyone started introducing themselves and when the introduction part came to me, my heart was beating like a horse racing a full perimeter. I introduced myself quite firmly and made everyone amused with my reason as to why I had taken this step at this age. I never expected to have a friendly atmosphere with my colleagues but they really had appreciated my guts to live life to the fullest.

After the introduction session, everyone was assigned projects for the week and we had to work in pairs. I was paired with Atul who was a drop out from college to pursue his passion. We had almost similar stories but with different subtitles. Our topic for the work was "Unusual", we had to click pictures which were unusual yet inspiring and attractive. We tried to find unusualness in almost everything we saw, starting from flora and fauna to antique objects to historical places to regular objects. I must say that I was having the 'late' time of my life. At least I was happy that I had gained happiness in searching unusual things. I realised that photography was not just photography but it was an art which has the power to change the life of people for good measures and means.

Thus, the first day at my office was worth going for.

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Feb 24, 2017

Essay on 'Soil of Bihar' For Class 5

Bihar is one of the most blessed lands in India with the land being fed by the sediments of the great Ganges and the mighty Kosi rivers. Being located in the typical Indian plains the tropical soil dominates the landscape and is rich in water which makes it perfect for wheat, rice, sugarcane, and maize and pulse cultivation.

The soil of Bihar is one of the best in India majorly because of the flat slow plains which make the rivers slow down and results in the settling of the sediment that adds to the fertility of the soil.

 Essay on Soil of Bihar

The Indo Gangetic plain contains thick alluvial soil rich in humus, loam and water. The upper stream area is mix of alluvial and clay from the valleys of Nepal while the lower stream soil is dark but misses phosphorus and nitrogen. However the soil is extremely rich in potash and lime which makes it perfect for cash crops. However wherever the water slows down greatly the soil turns into marshy areas especially in the North West area and is fit for growth of natural indigo. The terai soil which is perfect for rice cultivation is found in the north and also towards the Bengal border. Also the state has a 7.1% forest cover which means that the forest covered dark soil is also predominantly available especially in the Nepal touching areas. The southern portion is however mostly non cultivable land and is dominated by mineral content specially the iron ore which is the part of the Chota Nagpur plateau.

Overall the soil of Bihar is extremely good and form the part of the grain basket of the country. Also the soil is rich in natural sediments making it apt places for organic farming.

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Feb 17, 2017

Essay on 'My City Delhi' for Grade 4

In 1911 when the British transferred the capital of India from then Calcutta to Delhi seldom did they know that what it would become in the coming years? Delhi is one of the largest cities of the country and definitely the hub for all commercial activity in the North and also has the largest airport in the country.

It is called the Dil or heart of the country and its so true. Delhi is the hub for all activity in the country including political commercial, sports art and culture.

Essay on My City Delhi for Grade 4

What makes Delhi so special is the fact that any person belonging to any caste culture, creed or part of the country can find a home here. It is a mix of elite and middle class and also the home to politics. It is connected with all parts of the country and has the busiest railway station with 16 platforms and 5 different active railway stations all of them equally busy. It’s a hustling town which makes the country move ahead. Surrounded by satellite cities, Noida and Gurgaon it has become the IT hub of the north and most companies including Google, Apple, Yahoo and other majors like HCL have their offices or headquarters here in the NCR region.

Delhi is also the fashion city of the country and is responsible for the progress of art and craft. The food of the old city and the trends of the new city are a fusion which is not match able anywhere else in the world. It is incomparable in terms of energy and also unbeatable in terms of pace. Delhi has the largest network of metro transport in the country and the nation’s only airport express train system. It also boasts of the largest CNG run public transport system and being the host of one of the best Common Wealth Games in the history.

Delhi is the pulse of the nation. You can live in Delhi, eat in Delhi, enjoy in Delhi, dream here and to top it all belong to Delhi. This makes Delhi, my city Delhi.

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Feb 10, 2017

Essay on My Favourite Teacher for Class 4

Essay on My Favourite Teacher

My favourite teacher is Mrs Sunitha who is a science teacher. She does not only teach science but also the meaning of life and values. I really enjoy her classes because she is friendly and open to all the students. She also helps the students who are weak in studies and who does not have confidence.

The reason why I like this teacher the most is because she has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. Even though I don't like science a lot, she till encourages me to pursue my career in the field I am most interested. She always tells amazing stories which inspire us. Not only I but all my classmates like her a lot, she is the beloved teacher of all the students and all the teachers get inspired from her. She is always determined and true to her work. She always made boring topics interesting and always cracked jokes in the class. If students scored fewer marks in the test, she encouraged them to do better next time. She was really happy when we gave her a surprise during her birthday by gifting her greeting cards, chocolates and roses. She is the best teacher.

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