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Oct 21, 2016

Essay on How to deal with Boredom

It was said that "Time is like a sword. If you did not cut it, it will cut you." This saying was kept all by heart and told in most of our meetings and our events, but we often forget when we feel bored. Many of us miss the practical meaning of this parable and we get ourselves into a whole lot of trouble, boredom, frustration and discontent.

We feel that there is no meaning to the life and adopt some wrong behaviors. That's because we do not know what to do and how to get out of the cycle of boredom. All religions have urged the need to exploit the time and spend what is useful. So Eliminating feeling bored task due. It is not a difficult or impossible, but easy to implement if anyone decides to fight the boredom, Here I sum up the most important steps to get rid of the boredom that have proved successful:

Essay on How to deal with boredom

1. You must ask yourself why do I feel bored? If the cause is a routine you have to break it either by adding some new things or to do your work differently, for example, if the house arrangement disturbs the housewife and make her feel bored, you need to change the order of the house mechanism and distribute the rooms where to read or paint or see television.

2. Getting away from the social life is a reason of being bored, so you have to merge with the others and go to meet your friends or visiting relatives.

3.Playing sports even for a few minutes a day will stimulate the secretion of hormones of your happiness and give more energy and vitality to reduce fatigue and depression.

4.You have to learn something new and reveal the lid on a lot of things that are not known to follow-up the development of software and hardware, or read a book or learning a new language.

5.You have to reward yourself from time to time so as not to feel bored, for example, if you don't have a desire to work, you should be thinking about giving the same bonus or award if your work leads to the fullest like watching a movie or visiting your friends or other things you love . This self-reward will intensify your efforts to eliminate the scourge the scourge of boredom.

369 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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Oct 14, 2016

Essay on Fashion Design

Fashion design is the art of the application designs and aesthetics, which are designed on the different tools and components such as clothing and accessories. It is influenced by different cultures that vary according to time and place.

 Stylists are keen at the designs that take into account what the signs that point to these designs are. Fashion design is a craft,  an art, and  a skill; these elements must come together with each other to be an attractive design. It is taught in some specialized institutes  for these purposes and there are some centres held various courses for the beginners and advanced under the supervision of designers. They are currently held concerts under the supervision of a commercial reputation of international companies to provide fashion at parties In the presence of media in order to promote the work of these designs. There are many fashion designers who are working as part of a team to get out the best designs, the team contributes to the inspiration process, correct the errors that may result without any attention, while others prefer to work alone, and then they sell their designs to fashion shops and garment manufacturers.

Essay on Fashion Design

The first appearance of fashion design was in the nineteenth century, and that was made by Charles Frederick, who was the first designer in this world, when he made stitching marks on the clothes that he created. He displayed his clothes in a fashion house in Paris, and the method used in the that time was anonymous, but it was derived designs, forms of dress for the kings, and it was worth this title. He was able to bring many customers who praised so much on these products at the time. And then many fashion houses began to spread and employ a number of artists to draw and designs of garments.

306 Words Essay by : Kareem Ghawi Abbas

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Oct 7, 2016

Essay on 'You had a Wonderful Dream That Came True After Six Months'

Dreams we say are the infinite foam of imagination, it is that wonderful place where each and everything can happen, it is that place where we want to escape in, it is a story which is unsaid to anyone but ourselves. It is said that dreams come true when it is dreamt at dawn but is it true? only time will tell us.

At first, I always dreamt in an unclear manner but as I dreamt on and on, I started getting engulfed in it. In my dreams, I always found myself atop of everything, be it a tree where I would climb on the top branch, be it a building where I would find myself on the top floor or be it a ferric wheel where the wheel would always stop on the top where I could gaze at the clouds. It felt very strange at first and I couldn't decipher the code behind it but when the dream kept presenting itself with various scenarios but with the same motive, I had to understand what was going on, it made me curious, it made me irresistible and I was famished for the very knowledge which was kept in the deep and dark subconscious parts of my mind. I kept dreaming on and on, sometimes I was at the top, just floating in the sky, but at the very top. What could it mean? I had no idea.

 You had a Wonderful Dream That Came True After Six Months

Days passed by, days turned into months and now I would dream that same dream seldom. In the last same dream, I heard a whisper whispering in my ear and saying "It's time" It struck me and it struck me hard, I had the tendency to neglect everything and I always felt that something was amiss, I always felt incomplete and always thought that I wasn't on the top. I was just looking and never saw things with a new vision and hope.

My life, in a narrow or a broader manner, has always been on the top. I started listing down even the smallest thing at which I was on top i.e, better than my own self but not others. As I started listing, it made me realise that the dream of mine which I had dreamt since first grade i.e, to the best version of myself had already come true but it took me six months to realise and to fetch the reality.

Sometimes in life, we try to look at too many things, we try to take our unrealized triumphs for granted. So as the late Robin Williams said, "Seize the day my friend". There is a lot in this world which has been unsaid, unseen and also, unrealized.

Dreams come true, it might have already come true, but do you have the power to realise it? Time will only tell as at day we tend to be aware of the actual fact of our true self.

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Sep 30, 2016

Essay on Recycle Reduce, and Reuse For Class 9

Nature and environment are there for human's existence. All the elements of nature along with the environment's essence, support human life and surround it with joy and happiness. However, with growing needs and demands of Homo sapiens, our environment is now at threat. Clearing forests for land; cutting down trees, rise in pollutants, increasing use of non-biodegradable substances and productive lands turning into barren zones; all result in environmental degradation. To address such concerns and save the environment from further dilapidation it's time to incorporate environment-friendly practices, namely the 3R's: Recycle, Renew, and Reuse.

Essay on Recycle Reduce, and Reuse

Recycling is the eco-friendly process of turning waste materials and garbage into reusable substances. It is a preventive measure for saving potentially useful materials from wastage. It also helps in reducing the consumption of new raw materials, energy, and resources from the environment. Composting or reusing bio-degradable waste like food particles, kitchen waste, and garden waste is also known as recycling. By doing so, the amount of waste generation drops down, vital resources of the environment are conserved, environmental pollution decreases and finally greenhouse gas emissions reduces. As a result, our environment is well maintained and preserved, even with an increase in demands.

There are various recyclable materials used in daily lifestyles, such as plastic, paper, glass, metal, tires, electronics and textiles. These materials are first collected and brought to the recycling units. In the recycling centres, all substances are first segregated according to their nature and state (solid or liquid) and then reprocessed into fresh and new materials, meant for manufacturing.

Environment can be best sustained for the future, by reducing the amount of waste production. Whether at home, while shopping or at work, daily practices helps in reducing excess waste and prevents pollution. Purchasing or gifting products with simple or minimal packaging, using more re-usable materials and avoiding thin plastic bags saves energy and lowers environmental pressure. Reducing is basically lowering down usage, from petrol and diesel to regular commodities.

Reusing is another eco-efficient way of saving resources and energy and creatively re-using items in future. It also reduces pressure on industrial production, which means lower industrial pollution. The disposal costs and needs become lesser, at the same time. Apart from environmental benefits, re-using is a cost-effective measure for businesses and consumers since it's more reasonable, compared to new produce. The most common reusable items include carrier bags, plastic bottles, envelopes, jars, pots, newspapers, bubble wraps, cardboard, tyre, scrap papers and used wood. Besides these, old electronic equipment and rechargeable batteries can also be re-used again and again. There are certain waste materials which are used in manufacturing process of other products. Reusing is an ideal way to save energy and lower production costs of all goods and materials.

To sum up, the 3R's ( Recycle Reduce, and Reuse) of environment is the best way of preserving natural resources, making proportional use of energy and resources at present and protecting the environment for a long-run. By practising the three ethics, both life and nature can get along simultaneously, without any risk.

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Sep 23, 2016

Essay on Life is like a storm

Life as we know it is not a bed of roses, there are many hardships faced. The extremist says that we are thrown into this life, without being given the option to choose. Life in one word can be vaguely described as a storm, a storm where surviving skills are imbibed by experience. In the greater horizon, we can see that at times of hardship we often tend to describe life which we are enduring as a storm.

Many great men have achieved their greatness only when they have experienced the storm because without having experienced the storm they couldn't have been elevated or achieve whatever they wanted to achieve.

Essay on Life is like a storm

Life is like a storm because if it would have been a bed of roses, life wouldn't have been worth the ride.

Speaking ahead, we can see that life is full of surprises, happiness, joy, fun, precious moments and what not but when sadness, wrath, hatred, greed are experienced we tend to blame on our life and on our faith. The difference between the triumphant and the opposite is that the triumphant's tend to turn hardship into something which is beneficial for them but the opposite just make a cry for it and tend to blame on others than blaming it on themselves.

It is said that for every problem there is a solution and also, without solutions problems are never given, so our main agenda is to find a balance or a way out of the storm. A storm never stays for a longer time, it does bring chaos and clutter but when it leaves it brings a form of serenity and calmness, the real thought or question over here is that, are we the same after the storm or has that storm brought a change in us? This can only be answered when we have the actual courage to face the storm.

Another interpretation of "Life is like a storm" is that within each and every one of us there is a storm which is locked up or suppressed in the deep dungeons of our own self. It depends on us if we want to let loose of that storm because we are much aware of the fact that the storm within us might cause immense chaos or immense folly which will make our life a hurricane. We, in fact, might call all this a storm within a storm. But the hidden positivity lies over here is that a storm within us can defeat a storm. This time, there is no need to suppress that storm because with that storm we can build a life of happiness.

Thus the conclusion over here could be said that life is lived only once, there is no turning back, whatever should be done, it needs to be done now. No matter how drenched your life is, you need to make the changes right now, you need to get out of that storm right now.

"When life is a bliss everything is merry for us
but when a storm is ahead we curse the Great
little we know about the merit of storms
because after every storm, a colourful rainbow and a pleasant calm so take that storm as a gift because only hidden things are worth finding for."

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Sep 16, 2016

Essay on 'The Freedom Fighter who Inspired Me the Most'

It is always said and remembered by us that it is because of our freedom fighters that we have gained independence and freedom from the British rule. The one man who is called "The father of our nation" and the one who has inspired me with his doings and bravery is none other than Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Whenever I think of him I can picture an old man wearing a dhoti and a shawl, round glasses and a stick who has the picture of India as a nation with utmost abundance in his eyes.

There were many other freedom fighters who has taken part in the independence movement but Mahatma Gandhi made the golden bird free through his non-violence movement and this movement was seen and adopted all over the nation and many other countries knew the importance of non-violence and how Mahatma Gandhi fought for his country like no one else did. He has quoted the line "Be the change you wish to see in the world". He has not only quoted but proved it by making India a free spirit. Gandhi never wanted a bloodshedding war which would take lives of millions of people, he wanted to wage a war by making peace his sword. He has also famously quoted the line "A weak can never forgive because forgiveness is the attribute of the strong". Deep down in his heart he has forgiven his opponents for whatever they have done.

Essay on

Mahatma Gandhi became so famous with its freedom fight and struggle that now, at present each and every person knows about him all over the world and the world knows him not because he is famous but because how he fought for his country in a unique and clever way.

Thus it could be concluded by saying that there is no other freedom fighter like him and nobody has been like him but he will be remembered for a lifetime. He has made us inspired to do something which is beyond the expectations by us and others. Love and respect for him will always be abundant.

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Sep 9, 2016

Essay on A Railway Station For Class 9

When we first hear the word railway station, all we think of is "memories" which delight us because all we remember is that day when we boarded the train for the very first time. It is amazing to see that how railways were first used for transportation of goods but now it is a means of transport for us as well, what we didn't notice is that we were creating memories when we travelled through the train. Before Airways were invented, Railways were of most importance for transportation of goods and people. Trains are even important now for transportation of goods because of the reason that airways cannot carry the heavy load.

Essay on A Railway Station For Class 9

We can clearly remember the passengers who are in a hustle and bustle. People are always in a hurry to find train's platform or coaches, they get tensed whether they can reach on time or not. Through this, people can also learn and maintain the importance of time.The most emotional moment we see is of the people who come to see off their relatives or friends, their tears and long hugs tell a lot of stories and also the problem of distance which sometimes make people apart. We can see Coolies who work hard for money, the hawkers who sell us all the delicious snacks, these are the common and poor people who make their living because of railway stations. The co-passengers are the ones who become our friends for a lifetime.

The problems which we see on railway stations are beggars and on local trains, there is not enough space to accommodate all people, many people sit on the top of the train and travel which is highly dangerous. With the advent of development and modernisation, metro rails are constructed for a faster journey and proper seating arrangements, even though aeroplanes are the fastest way for travelling, travelling through train is considered to be the most wonderful and pleasant experience among families. It has created many employment opportunities for people which have made common people earn his wage in an efficient manner. It is the cheapest mode of transport which creates the journey for travellers or businessman affordable.

The beauty of railway station is not only the train but also the people who have unknown stories written in their fate, the train will be their halt of life, to share a few quotes with an unknown or to laugh about the abruptness of life.

A railway station sang an unknown chorus of talks among people which reflected the train i.e the train went at the same pace as a person's life.

Some of the general things to be known about railway stations are that the first train was built by Richard Trevithick, there are 8000 to 8500 railway stations in India and it is said to be the fourth largest employer in the world which is providing employment opportunities to millions of people. The fastest train in India is the Bhopal Shatabdi Express and the fastest train in the world is the Maglev.

Thus it could be concluded that a railway station doesn't consist of only a machine which takes us from place to place, it includes relations, laughter, moments and bonds which are strengthened over time. It is the greatest invention ever made for us.

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Sep 2, 2016

Essay on My Favourite Subject Philosophy For Class 10

One of the most exciting and extraordinary subject of study which has caught the attention of academicians across the world is Philosophy. It is an investigation of things which can concern humans generally or issues of values, ethics, and reasoning, application of the human mind and the use of verbal language or nonverbal gestures and postures.

Philosophy actually deals with discussing and attempting to calculate what is the meaning of life in context to our existence in human form. It is a type of thinking process which depends upon a person’s past experiences and societal norms. It is also a study of human behavior in front of others and the responses we make based upon their expectations. Philosophy has its history rooted in the ages before Christ during the ages of Socrates in 500 BC. Initially considered to be a subject of human nature it formed a universal domain of knowledge in the late 400 BC and then followed into the middle ages. Initially it was considered a medium to associate all activities beyond human domain with God and nature.


However with the passage of time and changing of ages it is important to understand where and how philosophy has impacted and influenced the human beings. The answer to this question lays in the fact that every domain concerning human beings has Philosophy behind it which actually helps us understand why that thing is important to us. For e.g. if we wish to understand why we are hungry then the philosophical answer to it would be because Nature has made us this way that we derive energy from the food resources which are available here on Earth. For the time being it would not look deep into vegetarian and non-vegetarian food but to explain that there is another philosophy. This is the reason which makes philosophy my favorite subject. Philosophy lets me understand things in the larger perspective and also helps me see things from different angles. It gives me an opportunity to look outside the normal way and find for myself a personal reason to understand something with which I can connect.

Philosophy gives me a more sentimental take on things which is a mix of emotion and practicality. I leant how to approach things practically and then find out reasons behind them and then connect it with my daily life. This allowed me to experiment with anything I want and helped me learn faster and in an easier way. The subject is really different from science and maths because here I can apply my own logics and understandings and still they would be correct. Philosophy does not consider any particular thing as the real answer and thus everyone gets a chance to feel important.

Philosophy makes us see things with an open mind and asks us to consider all possibilities in mind. It does not work on one set parameter thus it can be used to make our lives better. It will allow us to have better relationships and would help us enhance our listening. We would be patient and not jump to conclusions. We would become more just and unbiased and believe only on the truth and not on heard thoughts. It also helps us in questioning rules and regulation and gives an opportunity to change them with the passage of time. Thus philosophy is a subject that each individual should read in order to make the world even better than it is

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