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Apr 16, 2014

Saving Our Earth Essay For Grade 1

Keywords: save the earth, save earth, how to save the earth, ways to save the earth, save our earth for kids, earth day, earth day activities, what is earth day, earth day facts,water conservation tips, environment.
(155 words )     * Earth is very important planet for us.

*In Hinduism we regard Earth as mother.

*The Earth is in big trouble in this century.

*It is feeling overheated.

*That is why It is sometime not behaving normally with us.

*We have overused our Earth, which is very dangerous.

*We should save energy to save the Earth.

*So we should learn for how to save energy.

*There are many ways to save our Earth.

*Waste products to be recycled.

*We should not keep water tap opened unnecessary. 

* We must plant trees to make our Earth green and cool.

*We must reduce electricity consumption.

*We should avoid use of air conditioner.

*Electric bulb to be switched off when it is not needed.

*Garbage is not to be burnt without any purpose.

*We should also save environment, because it is also a vital part of our Earth.

* Earth day is celebrated on April 22 for protecting environment.

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Apr 12, 2014

Leisure Time Essay For Class or Grade 6

(212 words) All of us work most of the time to earn our daily wages and yet we have a  time at our disposal with full freedom to spend as we like. This time is leisure time for rest. Leisure is necessary for every living being, name, for non living objects also for recreational activities. Shri Jagdish Chandra Bose, the great scientist of India had demonstrated and prove that metals such as steel used in scissors and machineries are subject to fagtigue, and regain efficiency by periodic test. So we see that everything in this world requires rest. As we need food for body so also we need leisure for the same purpose. We enjoy our leisure time in various ways. Students may spend their leisure time with sight seeing or by making leisure tours (trips) to any place of importance. They can have recourse to any other outdoor game. A worker who does physical labour, can find pleasure and relief in a game of chess or ludo or going to a book or chatting with his friends. We can also arrange a leisure programmes as per our hobby. Leisure makes the mind fresh and gives it energy to do work with new zeal. Leisure properly utilised adds strength to the mind as fuel.
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Apr 8, 2014

Wealth And Happiness Essay for Grade 12

Keywords: Does wealth bring happiness, happiness wealth, what is happiness in a relationship, gospel of wealth.
Wealth and happiness are the two most seriously important aspiration and hungriness of today's time. Wealth is now being considered the concrete means for destiny of happiness. Wealthier person is now rated in the reputed world's magazine. Wealth accumulation is now being taught indirectly in our smart society. As per today's justification, it is evident that happiness cannot be ensured without wealthiness. Wealthier person are being paid due respect in our society irrespective of their bad human qualities and behaviour if  they possess.  Good virtue  still liked by all. That means weighing a human being on wealth scale is wrong. But our society is following the wrong path. This is the highest reason of virtual happiness achieved with the help of wealth.  It  doesn't mean that wealthier people generally have bad qualities. These are the reason of human leniency towards wealth.
Everywhere someone is trying academically for attaining wealth, Someone is trying to monetize himself from share market, someone is trying to become big business men and someone is even adopting illegal way of wealth accumulation. But approximately everybody idiotically is in the business of wealth accumulation. I can say it in Indian way that everybody is in the "dhanda" of getting and accumulating more money. And the real fact is that nobody of this kind is in the mode of true happiness.
The reason is that happiness lies in the contentment of aspirations and God tricks with human beings to not to provide end contentment. And God said that end contentment lies in me not in the materialistic world. IN QURAN Almighty Allah said that he will test human beings in this world with two parameters one is wealth and the other is offspring. He also said that sometime I will mislead human beings by providing more wealth. He also paid an argument that poor will mostly get passed in the test of wealth parameter.  It is for that tricks and reason of God, we all are more attracted towards wealth and unnecessarily, we are unbalancing the globe in terms of wealth possession. This does not mean that God is condemning earning. He is advising if I bless you with wealth then do justice with others and follow our recommendation of helping others more and more and enjoy yourself. Try to achieve happiness in God's way. Because God's way is the correct way.
Few wealthier become confident, proud by watching their mega bank balance and our body language exhibits the money sense and follow offensive living style.
Sometimes it is tested by having a tour of some important location and by testing adventure. In this adventurist tour many have lost their lives also.
*Many times wealth and happiness don't stay simultaneously. There are so many examples. A student has to take a lot of pain for competing for a good job. A business needs lot of hard work for its business gain.
Most of the beautiful women marrying or refer to marry only wealthier person irrespective of their bad look. But they are not exhibiting this virtue on the screen. It is because only good virtue is liked by the society.  They are in fear of getting business loss. 

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Apr 5, 2014

One Day Of Leave Essay for Class 6 | Happy Holidays

In our day to day life , we all have our daily jobs to do.  Sometimes we get depressed and become frustrated with our daily repetitive routine work.   At that time we need a change for keeping us healthy and stressfree.    
                As we are students so it is a good idea to enjoy a day leave.   In this situation, we can relax ourselves by taking an off-day (Holiday) from our regular job. 
I planed to get relaxed for one day.  It was very smart way of neglecting classes of a  boring teachers and utilising same day for a rest. So simply I wrote a leave application for the next day   giving a solid excuse. On that night I took deep sleep and woke up late in the morning. First I took my tooth brush and sat in the lawn. In the morning, dew droplets on the grass and the leaves mesmerized me. My mother daily feeds birds in my lawn. On that day I enjoyed it also. Few birds have become my mother's friend. They don't get fear from my mother. I loved this relationship of my mother with birds. That morning elated me very much.The rest of the day I spend listening songs, reading books and watching cricket match on  television. At evening I helped my mother for cooking one of my favourite dish. I was  tired and got deep sleep after getting exhausted.
Keywords: coursework help, essay writers, holiday card.
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Mar 30, 2014

My Ideal Teacher Essay for std or Class 4

(174 Words) Shri  T. K. Roy is an ideal teacher.  He is smart and energetic. He is very punctual and regular in his duty.  He believes in simple living and high thinking.  He wears a Dhoti and a Kurta and puts on a Gandhi cap.  He is always gentle and polite in his behaviour with the students and his colleagues.  He always reads in his leisure.  He is regarded to be the most learned teacher.  At any moment he can speak on any topic because he has very good presence of mind.  He always speaks in an impressive and interesting manner.  Though polite and humble,  he is a  strong disciplinarian.  He can never allow a mischievous act go unnoticed.  He does not believe in the discipline of the stick.  He has won his students by love and affection.  His teaching is both interesting and effective.  His expression and diction is very clear.  He presents even the most difficult topics in the simplest manner.  He is respected by his students and honoured by the people at large.
Keywords:essay for teacher, essay about my best teacher, essay help, qualities of a good teacher essay, essay for free, free for teachers.
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Mar 27, 2014

Essay on Air Pollution For Grade or Class 6

What is air pollution: Air pollution is contamination of unwanted  substances with normal and natural air that is undesirable and unfit for use and also are harmful for living organisms. 
Air pollution can also be defined as - introduction of harmful chemicals and gases into the Earth’s atmosphere, causing discomfort and harm to humans and other living organisms. It has adverse effects on humans and ecosystems. 
Source of Air pollution(Causes) :     
The proceeding bad activities of humans are causing air pollution in the environment. The greenhouse effect, increment in the Ultraviolet (UV) rays and acid rain are the main causes of air pollution on Earth. Harmful gases like-Carbon Monoxide that is emitting from vehicles, Sulphur dioxide which is releasing from factories etc is also one of the factors of pollution. Sulphur amalgam is present in Coal and Petroleum. On combustion of these fuels So2 (sulphur dioxide) is released which causes acid rain in the environment. Carbon monoxide gas is produced by the partial combustion of coal, natural gas and wood. Burning of solid wastes and liberation of Chlorofluorocarbons from the refrigerators are also the main causes of air pollution.

Effect of Air pollution: There are several effects of Air pollution on the biotic ecosystem such as wheezing, coughing, breathing problems, asthma etc. One of the most dangerous gas is Carbon monoxide which is extremely poisonous in nature. When it is inhaled it mixes with blood and interferes with its oxygen carrying capacity. On inhalation of carbon-monoxide-rich air it causes headache, dizziness and even lead to death. Sulphur dioxide is noxious and affects our lungs.  In 2014 the New York Times reported that 'India has the highest death rate because of chronic respiratory diseases. 'The top ten polluted countries in the world are China, United States, Russia, India ,Japan, Germany, Canada, UK(United Kingdom), South Korea and Iran.
Method of checking air pollution:
We can also reduce air pollution by the following ways:

Ø  Emissions from automobiles can be checked by catalytic converter which converts unburnt hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into harmless water vapour and carbon dioxide.

Ø  Government has introduced CNG gas (compressed natural gas) and LPG gas which has down the pollution level.

Ø  The government has banned using of the diesel buses.

Latest new regarding air pollution as on March 27, 2014: 
*7 million deaths worldwide in 2012 because of air pollution:source World Health Organization(WHO).
*India as an entire is the third largest producer of green house gases after China(1st) and therefore the US (2nd)-wikipedia.
* India ranked 155 out of 178 countries in 2013 :[ Method of  Environmental Performance Index set by UNO.]
Pics of air pollution or images of air pollution.
Keywords:pollution, outdoor air pollution, air pollutants, air pollution solutions, global warming, global warming causes, environment articles.
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Mar 23, 2014

How to Care Teeth Essay

Healthy teeth is essential for all. We seldom care about our teeth. But sound and clean teeth is the most vital part of our health.  Healthy eating and brisk walking do not complete our health cycle. Therefore I am giving here very simple tips of caring teeth and saving wealth ( I mean doctor fee). Just spare 5 minutes daily and save your teeth for ever. This is tested and proven secret.
One day I was in a dental clinic. The doctor was giving large lecture to a patient.  I was silently recording the lecture by keeping my smart phone in my pocket. From there I sorted out very important tips ; which I am going to share here.
* Food stuff in the teeth's gum is the most vital agent for generation of bacteria in mouth.
*It is the most advantageous to spare only 5 minutes for teeth cleaning after every meal.
*Mind it!  this five minutes can save your wealth in future if your teeth is vulnerable to dental problem.
*Simple tooth brush never cleans teeth completely.
*There are various hygienic things available for teeth cleaning in the market(e.g. teeth kit).

*Many types of medically recommended tooth brushes are in the market.  Find proper brush for yourself; which one suits your teeth best as per your experience. For example I use "Dental Floss" (Colgate company- as there are cheap nonsense Dental Floss. I am using Colgate brand - there may be other better brand's product but I have no using experience). It is one of the best tool for cleaning anything in between teeth. I am using it for last five years. It suites best for caring my teeth' s health. Watch image for 'how to use 'Dental Floss.'
*  If anybody has Scurvy disease,  then he has to get cleaned his teeth from a dentist.  After that he can use Dental Floss to get better result.
* Teeth must be cleaned before night bedtime, as night's long period provide better platform for bacterial breeding.
*Luke warm salted water gargle is all time better, cheapest and best medicine for teeth.
* Gargling with salted warm water after use of dental floss  gives better strength to the teeth.
* If dental floss is used at night and thereafter salt water gargle is done then  tooth brush may be avoided. It is better to use tooth paste and salted warm water gargle at alternate day.
*Using medicated toothpaste is cheaper than conventional toothpaste in longer period. Glister of "Amway" is one of better toothpaste as I am using it and it's result is very good. There are also other good medicated toothpaste that can be judged by using.
*One last thing is that we only follow new instructions for few days and leave it.
But you have to follow our recommendations at least for one month. After that I am confident that you will get the result.
*After getting better result please share your experience on this page. So that other get better information about teeth health.

Keywords:toothache, how to floss, teeth care tips, healthy teeth tips,tips to keep teeth healthy,tips for healthier teeth, health tips, dental health tips, dental care.
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Mar 19, 2014

Our Bihar Essay

By Aditya Singh : 218 Words: bihar city photo
In the north-east part of India, Bihar is situated.It is at the11th position in India's area.The area of Bihar is 94,163 square kilometers.Its length is 483km from east to west.Its width is 345 km from north to south. In the north of Bihar, there is Nepal.In the south of Bihar Jharkhand is situated. In the east of Bihar west Bengal is situated and in the west Uttar Pradesh is situated.Bihar is made of the soils brought by the river Ganga and its tributaries. So, it is called the 'plains of the Ganga.The population of Bihar is10,38,04,637. The position of Bihar according to population is at third.Patna is the largest district and sheikhpura is smallest district of Bihar according to population. Gaya is the largest district and Shivhar is the smallest district (in area) of Bihar. Someshwar range (875m) in west Champaran district is the highest mountain peak of Bihar.The Ganga is the longest and largest river in the Bihar.There are 38 district,9 commissionaries, 104 sub-divisions,585 blocks and 45103 Gram Panchayats in Bihar. Patna is capital of Bihar. Hindi is the official language and Urdu is the second official language of Bihar. Bodhi tree is the state emblem of Bihar. Bear is the state animal and owl is the state bird of Bihar. Bihar has monsoon type of climate.
Keywords: bihar state, population bihar, education bihar, what is population of bihar, population of bihar state, health department bihar,bihar development
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