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Jul 31, 2015

Short Essay On Republic Day 217 Words

By Jyoti Mishra Jha

Our country, India celebrates the Republic Dayon 26th January every year to honour the date when Constitution of India came into force. People who were fighting for Independence of India took a pledge on 26th January 1930 , to achieve Poorna Swaraj of India. India became independent on 15th August 1947.

On 26th of January in 1950 our country, India was declared as a Sovereign, Secular, Socialist and Democratic Republic means people of India has the power to govern the country themselves.

On this day, The President of India unfurls the National Flag amidst the Grand Republic Day Parade at Rajpath, New Delhi. All army people and their troops march past saluting the President and the Guest of honour who is usually the President or Prime Minister of some other country. Many states present their tableus and showcase their cultural dances and songs to the millions of people gathered at Rajpath. School children also present their programmes. The army personnels are awarded Param Vir Chakra and Ashoka Chakra for their service to the nation.

The recipient of Bravery Awards from all over the country also grace the occasion among the thunderous applaud of the audience. It’s a grand celebration watched all over the country via satellite transmission.Every moment of which makes every Indian proud of their country.

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Jul 24, 2015

334 Words Essay on My School

By Jyoti Mishra Jha

I study in XXXXXXXX Public School which is one of the best schools of Greater Noida. It has all the facilities that a good school should have. It has well-designed four storey building surrounded by lush green parks and gardens.

Our classrooms are spacious, well-lit, well furnished and well equipped with Smart Boards. Our library has many fiction and non-fiction books to suit the readers of all age groups. We have reference book on almost all the subjects. We have well equipped and nicely arranged computer lab, science labs, language lab, social studies lab, book store and canteen as well. We have big playgrounds for practicing football and cricket. We have separate basketball court and skating rink. There is also the facility of playing indoor games. We have well maintained music room and art room . Our school timings are from 7.50 in the morning to 2.00 Pm in the afternoon. Our school provides bus facilities for the children and the teachers.

Our school has a prescribed uniform. We have to wear blue trousers, light blue shirts, black shoes and white socks. Girls wear blue or white skirts. We wear white dress on Wednesday and House  t-shirts on Friday. We have well trained, highly qualified and dedicated teachers. They teach us with great care and love.  They inspire us and motivate us to be a good human being possessing good moral, ethical and social values. Our Principal is highly qualified and a strict disciplinarian. He is very loving and caring but, when it concerns discipline, uniform, studies and conduct, he does not accept any excuses.

In our school special attention is paid to behavior, cleanliness and punctuality. The most well behaved, neat and punctual student  and the achievers in academics, are awarded a prize at the Annual Day function. Our school has always produced best results and is awarded as the Best School Campus in Greater Noida. I take great pride in belonging to the Aster family. I love my school very much.

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Jul 17, 2015

Essay on a Busy Life for Class 9

Life is to remain happy, prosperous and peaceful. These three parameters are making human's life busy. Again pursuing more happiness is again engaging all of us into critical stage of busy life. Let us discuss it in details with few examples.

In general I summed up maximum information of a busy life and found that today's human beings want to perform more to achieve more. It has become possible due to technical advancement. These technical advancements and developments resulted very fast processing and execution. Due to this, reward is higher and thus materialistic life is fulfilled lavishly. A simple calculator can calculate many critical calculation in fraction of seconds; which used to take hours in past time. Computer has improved processing and calculation so fast that one can keep his business at finger tips. It is the real culprit that rounding up the yearly calculation and forecast in a second. Thus the task generated by computer of physical work and movements naturally become infinite.

Different people have different type of busy life. I shocked by listening an unemployed man's answer. He told me that he is very much busy. His business is because of getting up late and passing time with friends and ultimately searching daily job for filling his stomach. It is very peculiar type of busy life.

The people like us take something as mindbuster to entertain by doing something new and challenging; which keeps them most of the time busy. As I being a blogger there remains always some events to write about or template design for giving new look to the blog. It gives me immense happiness , therefore I like it. I felt in my life that remaining busy harm our social circle. The circle gets contracted. Desktop, laptop and smart mobile have proved to be very advantageous for stealing every moment. But we need to be more discipline to balance our social life. As ultimately life is to enjoy our social surroundings.

Let us take another example of busy life of a class 9 student. A student passes his bulk time about; 6.5 hrs a day, in school. After having his lunch he has to prepare for private tution like FIITJee or Akash Tutorial. Ultimately many student's vision is to become an Engineer or a Doctor. He returns to home at about 8 pm. Now he takes few biscuits and tea. After that he sits for school work and Tution work. He takes his dinner at around 10 pm. Thereafter he starts his won late night study. After doing all these, he cry on his mother and father that he has no time. During this all day schedule he has no time to wash his cloth or for cheer with friends. It is clear that a student's life is really very much busy life. Therefore the students needs to be more strategic about time management.

Busy life is good but more busy men are seen to be passing very complex life. It is not logical to complicate our life by becoming more busy. We need to maintain discipline in our life to achieve perfection of peace and happiness and not the complication.

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Jul 10, 2015

Essay on Paper For Class 6

Introduction :

Paper has influenced humans lives for past thousands of years. It will not be wrong to say that paper is a backbone of learning, reading, writing, art drawing etc. Paper still has big role in our society.

Paperless work or digitisation has started shaping our official work into a new electronic platform, but the fear of data loss is still have use of paper for hard records. The fear of no existence of electricity in future is a big factor to decide the future of the paper. As far as I know the banks are still records all transaction of the branch.

Everybody is talking about paperless work. At certain extent it is possible. But in many instances we can't leave paper fully. E.g. we still prefer to read book than computer screen. Biologically paper is healthier than computer screen. Let us know few history of paper.

The word paper came from the word "papyrus". Papyrus is a thick material of Cyprus Papyrus plant. The first paper was invented by Egyptian around 3500 BC. They used strips of paper reeds; which were dampened and pressed to turn it into usable form. These papers were also used by Mediterranean cultures.
But modern paper was invented in ancient china during Han Dynasty (206 BC- 220 AD) [source Wikipedia]. In history writing or inscription was made on bone or bamboo or on piece of silk called chih. After defeat of Chinese in the battle of Talas the invention of paper making spread to Middle East E.g Samarkand, Baghdad, Egypt etc.

Top paper producing countries are China (largest producer), USA (2nd largest producer) and Japan (3rd largest producer). In India Ballarpur Industries Limited (BILT) is the largest paper producer. ITC is the 2nd largest paper producer of India.

Uses of Paper: Paper are mainly used for writing printing books, Magazine, Newspaper etc. It is also used for banknote as a currency of a country. Special modified forms of paper are used for cleaning purpose E.g. paper soap, toilet paper, facial cleaning paper. Paper is also used for decoration purpose. It is also used for wrapping gifts. After banning of polythene paper's use for packaging of shop goods has been increased these days. Some kind of papers is very strong and can be used as strong box for packaging. Computer generated banners on paper are being used at large scale now a days. This happened because of cheaper and very good quality of colour print for banners. Therefore paper still has endless uses.

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Jul 3, 2015

Traffic Rules Essay | With Data how many People are made with Accidents in one year and how

Traffic rules is one of the most important system to be taken as serious in consideration. We must be most ethical for obeying traffic rules otherwise it would throw  us into hell of suffering. Road accidents particularly become the fear factors for all of us.  We are so scary about roadside  movement that we are stopping our children from leading normal open life.

Accident data:

Traffic  expert says that the actual figure of the accident is more than the record , because all accidents are not recorded. India ranks highest in the world in traffic collisions data. A National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report says that every year, more than 135,000 traffic collision-related deaths occur in India (source : wikipedia ). Traffic collisions related deaths are 14 per hour in 2009 and maximum casualties are associated with the motorcycle and trucks . In New Delhi, the capital of India, the frequency of traffic collisions is 40 times higher than the rate in London. WHO identified that the major causes of traffic collisions are due to driving over the speed limit, driving under the influence (drunken ), and not using helmets and seat belts.

Reason of road  accidents : Emotional cause : It is because people have  less respect towards traffic rules. Harman Singh Siddhu of "ArriveSafe" organisations  of India has stated that general lack of respect for traffic rules is a major contributing  factor  of road accident.  Anger of not deviating from narrow road or path is creating bad intention during driving.  Mental excitation of taking unnecessary road race is a common mistake of today's youth.

Wrong Driving sense: While turning right side from main road to take another road at a T-joint, one should never be at extreme left at the time of turning right. He should make himself at right side slowly by turning on right side indicator of the vehicle. It is also the traffic  rules.  But many drivers don't know this. Also check indicator before riding everyday because sometime in one's life it may fail to function.

    Safety Precaution :
  • A truck driver always does the mistake of quick bending without giving a signal as maximum of them usually have no indicator at working condition. Therefore a bicker must be very careful while overtaking the trucks.
  • While driving it should be kept in mind that life is more important than any work in our day to day life. Not reaching timely to office can cause a small punishment.
  • Saving two minutes with 100 km/hr speed is far better than saving our lives. Virtual cinematic road race is not the reality of life. If anybody meets an accident then he may face never ending list of accidental impact.
  • One most important thing to keep in mind is that accident not always happen by own mistake but by mistake of other also. Therefore remember that other driver will do mistake and we need to be ready for that mistake to save us. It is one of the great lessons of driving.

Conclusion: Accident record should be tracked with cctv and to be processed with software. The accident is to be recorded with standard database system to know the problems of a particular road spot or crossing. We all should know the traffic rules. We should help other and even government for safe driving. We must avoid unnecessary race driving as it doesn't yield any values in our life. We should be friendly in our temperament while driving particularly at critical crossing.

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Jun 26, 2015

Social Worker Essay For Class 9

Social workers provide support to the people who are socially excluded and have crisis of life resources. They cannot stand in the society with their own effort and knowledge, therefore these people need help of social workers ; who connect them for useful services available in a society, organisation, countries etc.

They also sometimes act as guide. Social workers work within available framework of law and procedures. For example blood donating is a legal works, therefore social blood donors remain in a group or system to provide blood to the needy people. Sometime big hospital come forward to run a free health check up for poor. All these are the examples of social work.

We must think total development . The poor and common man can't be left behind. We must live for social contribution. A society can't be happy with suffering of a group of people. Therefore social workers must be at every corner because all works can't be defined with 100% of rules and norms of a country. There remains many cases out of norms that must be handled by social workers.

Free education is a great social work; which can be done for removing illiteracy from our society. Thereafter many online services are made available by government in many countries. But it is hard to utilize this opportunity by poor and common people also. Poor people has no personal internet access. Therefore there should be a social organisation; which can make free utilisation of these opportunities for poor. This service should be given by government to support the needy people. Many organisations have started these type of services but those are not free. Therefore this work can not be regarded as social work. In India there are a system available to complain at ministry level for grievances at but poor people are completely unaware of this service. Even common man don't fully know its use and benefit. A social work can be organised preferably at village level for grievances of the people. Because it is more important for any government to know that benefits of their policies are reaching to the bottom or not. Social workers may be employed by any private organisation to connect these type of people or communities with the government.

I think creating opportunity is not sufficient. The disparity is as prominent that it is hard to push benefits up to common man's level. Any policy should be thought for its reach, execution success and analysis. We are living with computerized people and illiterate people. So the work of social groups becomes more challenging.

Payment of social worker depends on the type of social work anybody is attached to. In western countries it is in the range of $1700 to $3000 per month. In India our labour salary is not up to this level in unorganised sector. We need to made agricultural job lucrative to retain labourers in villages. Our one important problem out of many is that the set salary for labour class people are not going completely into their pocket. It is deducted as a commission by middlemen. Here social workers have big role to execute and to nullify middlemen and to create transparent system for labour class.

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Jun 19, 2015

Poverty is a Curse Essay | it Cripples the Society with the people | who fall victims in its Clutches | Discuss by Picturising the story of Hardship | from the chapter journey by night

Question is like this: Poverty is a curse it cripples the society with the people who fall victims in its clutches Discuss by picturising the story of hardship from the chapter journey by night.

Poverty is scarcity of need of life that tears the cloth of life into pieces thereby making eye wet and inserting deep pain into feelings. If it clutches anyone then it makes whole life full of hardship and never provide any passage to come out of it. It can be said that poverty is curse.

Poverty has been defined by many countries with income level of deprivation level, but literally in real sense poverty is the level at which human beings will not be able to survive. When it clutches in hardship then it become impossible to proceed in life. Darkness prevails around the eyes, when there remains no coin in the pocket. It turns someone into inhuman activities. Or sometime poor people divert them from mainstream of a country and works against the law and order. But simple people found them clutches themselves in the vicious circle of poverty till death.

In "journey by night" chapter we notice that Kunwar was at the door of death. But his mother was bound to work with cattle and also she was bound to continue her daily work otherwise they all had to starve. The poverty here is so deeper than it encompasses the expected death event of her beloved child. She mourned in tears and said that it was more important to send her child to hospital but she failed to do herself and forced her elder son; who was only of twelve to carry Kunwar on his shoulder. It is very pathetic. Nobody in this world will decide to put his beloved one into danger of night travelling. We never allow our son or daughter to go outside of campus if there is a road in front of our house. Night travelling risk for our son or daughter is far beyond our decision. When Kunwar's mother decides that it feels as she is taking out his heart out of his body. But if she wouldn't continue her job then all had to die. This is really very deep poverty situation.

This isn't the end of the hardship of the family. Sher Singh faces many dreadful problem on the way. difficulties on the way to hospital. For a twelve year child it is not easy to face a night journey of a primeval forest; where Shere Sing faces cobra, herd of elephant and track of bears in the night. On the way he had to cross two rivers. It was really impossible for a child to cross a flooded river. But poverty pressure is dominating her mind. It put too much pressure on Sher Singh. After reaching hospital the next big problem was money problem ; which is very common for a poor. He had to work in railway yard. Finally the effort of Sher Singh won the race of poverty and difficulty and he managed to save his brother Kunwar.

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Jun 12, 2015

Essay on Who really get Benefit from the Development the Rich or the Poor

Development is an event comprising of a new stage in a changing situation. It may also be called as growth, evolution, expansion, progress that often reasons for the welfare of locality, society, countries etc. Any change that brings prosperity happiness and peace for human beings is called development.

Both rich and poor get the benefit of a development but rich gets more portion than the poor. This is true because we are still engaged in poverty alleviation work. We talk about global when we rich people are in business of wealth creation. But when it comes turn of poor then global becomes the local problem of individual country. In the today'sbiased development, Poor people are local and rich people are global. If we minutely do research the sluggish progress in poverty removal then we will notice that basic reason behind it are middle men, wrong leadership, complexity of the laws, unjustified job selection procedures, vote politics, lack of transparency etc.

The leaders of these times are mostly their pocket based not welfare of people based. More developments sucks more life saving resources e.g. rice, wheat, pulse, vegetables etc. It can be realized by an employee living in developed country has enough purchasing power and suck those costly resources even they are more dear.

Peace and poverty are the two faces of a coin. Poor people are rich in peace and contentment. Where as rich people are happy with wealth and problems. I tag the word problem, because wealth always carries development and problem. Little hared to understand. Take an example. We have erected high rises building but these buildings remain under threat of earthquake. More development decreased the natural properties of the Earth. It is today's truth. More rich people more war equipment more fight for resources and poor are killed. In these scenario development is dangerous. It removes the peace of the poor. We can't deny that it gives employment to poor. But the main fruit of the employment goes in the pocket of rich. Therefore poor only earn bread. After that they remain poor again. But rich people earn money that create more wealth. This in long run produced disparity in the society. Therefore vicious poverty trapped more poor in its mouth.

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