Mar 2, 2024

An essay on existence of God Allah according to Quran logic

This essay is written by keeping view of Quran, but there is a high respect for other ideologies. Therefore no any negative points are mentioned for other are requested to comment for any mistake while quoting Quran's points.

The Quran, the holy scripture of Islam, presents a comprehensive worldview that encompasses the existence of Allah through various logical and theological arguments. In Islamic theology, the belief in Allah is central, and the Quran provides several logical and philosophical perspectives to affirm the existence of God.


1. Cosmological Argument:

The Quran emphasizes the concept of causality and asserts that everything in the universe has a cause. It argues that the existence of the universe itself implies the existence of a cause – a First Cause or Prime Mover. This First Cause, according to the Quran, is Allah, the ultimate Creator. He is an uncreated creator, therefore no one can challenge the cause of Allah. 

Allah is ONE its Arabic word is AHAD in the Quran which was used for the meaning of ONE and this word is not used for anyone else Allah in the Quran. The oneness of Allah and the qualities will bring anyone to the truth.


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2. Teleological Argument:

The Quran frequently points to the intricate design and order in the universe as evidence of a purposeful Creator. It suggests that the complexity and balance observed in the natural world, from the fine-tuning of physical constants to the intricacies of biological systems, indicate the wisdom and intention of Allah.

Why science is forced to take a constant while calculating gravity. This constant, where scientists are bound to assume few constants, is the reason behind the finetuning of the creator. The creation is so vast that nobody can reach the last end of the sky.

That is why Allah is commanding in the Quran- Look above in the sky your eye will get exhausted and your vision will get returned after exhaustion

3. Moral Argument:

Islamic theology, as derived from the Quran, posits that the human moral conscience points towards a higher moral lawgiver. The innate sense of right and wrong, according to the Quran, is a reflection of Allah's guidance, reinforcing the notion of a transcendent source of morality.


4. Revelation and Prophethood:

The Quran itself is presented as a miraculous revelation from Allah.

The logic here is that the coherence, eloquence, and profound guidance found in the Quran are beyond human capacity, serving as evidence of a divine origin. The Quran also highlights the role of prophets as messengers chosen by Allah to guide humanity.

25 prophets were mentioned in the holy Quran. Allah sent 1st to last prophet as listed below. Arabic name are written first and English names are in bracket. The name list is given below:
Adam Alehisslam,
Idris (Enoch) ,
, Nuh (Noah)Alehisslam,
Hud (Heber)Alehisslam,
, Saleh (Methusaleh),
 Lut (Lot),
Ibrahim (Abraham),
Ismail (Ishmael),
Ishaq (Isaac),
Yaqub (Jacob),
Yusuf (Joseph),
Shu’aib (Jethro),
Ayyub (Job),
Dhulkifl (Ezekiel),
Musa (Moses),
Harun (Aaron),
Dawud (David),
Sulayman (Solomon),
Ilyas (Elias),
Alyasa (Elisha),
Yunus (Jonah),
Zakariya (Zachariah),
Yahya (John the Baptist),
Isa (Jesus) and Muhammad Sallaho Alehi Wasallam.
Peace be upon all of them.

5. Personal Experience and Intuition:

The Quran acknowledges the role of personal experiences and intuition in recognizing the existence of Allah. It encourages reflection on one's surroundings, inner self, and the signs in nature as a means of connecting with the divine.


6. Existence as Self-Evident:

According to Quranic logic, the existence of Allah is considered self-evident. The Quran challenges skeptics to reflect on the signs of creation and asserts that the truth of Allah's existence is evident to those who sincerely seek it.


While these logical arguments provide a foundation for the belief in Allah according to the Quran, it's essential to recognize that faith is a deeply personal and subjective matter. Believers often find a convergence of these logical perspectives and their spiritual experiences, reinforcing their conviction in the existence of Allah as described in the Quran.

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