Jul 24, 2011

Essay on My Father For Kids | 13 Point Essay on My Father

Do not feel fear this website is for the guardian who have no time to write essay for their kids or for those who does not have good command on English. But you do not allow your kids to make mistake to just copy the essay of these site .rest give a task to write an essay about My Father after that you show this site for their help. In doing so the child creativity will remain intact.
You can also allow to your child to write an essay about my father in the comment box. In this way he will get learn computer writing with keyboard. For doing so you can open an ID just below this essay in the comment box.

1. My father's name is X.

2. He is a serviceman. Or he is an engineer Or he is a teacher. Or he is a doctor etc.

3. My father loves to play with me.

4. He loves and respect elders of my family.

5. On Sunday I go to market with him.

6. My father helps me in my study.

7. My father takes me on long drive sometimes on Holiday.

8. My father watches award program show on television with me.

9. My father is a good singer.

10. He always cares our family members.

11. My father sometimes comes to our school to take us to home.

12. My father always tells mo to eat healthy food, to play outdoor games and to sleep alot along with studies.

13. My father has good habits and good manners..

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