May 11, 2018

220 Words Essay on my school garden For class 6

Garden is an important part of the school but generally, not every school has a garden. I feel myself lucky that my school has a beautiful garden.

My school garden is big and is always filled with the lush greenery. It is stretched in a vast area of 2 acres. There are many types of trees plants, and flowers. I don’t even know the names of all those trees and flowers. It is located at the middle of school building and the playground is just beside the garden. On one side, there are only trees and on other side, there are different types of flowers in a row. The vivid butterflies on the branches of the trees make the garden even more colorful.


On the mid of the ground, there is a big and plush lawn. One can sit there peacefully. I visit my school garden whenever I get free time during the lectures or during the lunch. A gardener is also appointed to take care of the garden. Since he always remains in the garden, no outsider can enter the garden. The gardener is always busy with nursing the garden. Kids are not allowed to pluck the flowers or fruits from the garden. In my whole school, my school garden attracts me the most.


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