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May 14, 2012

Autobiography Of a Coin for Class ,Std 5,6,7 | School Essay

 By Anusa:
This essay (Autobiography  On a Coin) is fit for school students of class 5,6, or 7. Students of higher class are requested to suggest us to improve this autobiography on coin.
I was  born in a mint  near  Mumbai. I  am  twelve  years  old  and  I was  sent  to Kolkata from Mumbai. You know  who  I am? Guess I  am a two rupees  coin. I am  telling  you  the  days  that  I  nearly  spent. When  I was  made  I was shining  but  a  man who  was  carrying  me  fell  me  down.  I was sad. No one  saw me and  without  seeing  me  they  kept  leg  on me and went  away. Soon my shine  also had gone  away. Days were  passing  like  this  and I was getting hurt in same brutal way. But  one  day a girl’s  eyes  fell  on  me. She  took me in her hand  and  kept  me in her pencil box. Her   name  was  Smita. This new place  was  nice, cool, safe and better for me. I  lived  there  very  comfortably. I passed two  to  three  days  in this box . Whenever  Smita used to open  her  pencil  box  she  used  to  see  me  smiling. After seeing me she was  thinking  something  in  her  mind. One  day  Smita   got  a  five  rupees coin. She  kept  the  coin  beside  me. Now  I  had  a  friend;  with  whom  I  used  to  share  my  joys , good feelings, bad  feelings  and my  experiences  of  my  life. It was  also  very  happy  with  me. You know , what  happened , One  day  Smita  dropped me on the way when she was in  hurry to get up on  school bus .    Without  seeing  me  she     kept her  leg  on me.  I was  crying  with  pain. When  she  removed   her  leg. I got  some  relief  and  took  some  breath .  What  bad  day  it  was! There  was  also  Smita’s  brother ;Arun;  who  was  naughty  and  never used to listen   anyone . Arun  took  me  in his  hand  and  bought  a  candy  and  gave  me  to  the  shopkeeper.  He kept me  in  the  box. There  was  also  coins  like  me. Again I   got many friends and   I was   happy.  I  also  told them  my  bad  days  that  I  spent.  They  were  also  sad  and  were  weeping  by  hearing  my sad  story (Autobiography) while  some  were  laughing  at  me. Some  friends  told  me  don’t  mind  at  them. I  was  happy  there  but   also  missing  my  beautiful  home  and  my  friend  ,  five  rupees  coin.  Now  what  will  happen  to  me   I  don’t  know .  But  I  don’t  want  to  go from  here  too. 
This 'Autobiography  On a Coin for Class ,Std 5,6,7'  were well tried. But if you have any new addition to this then comment please below.

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  1. I liked the Essay very much. a bit complicated english would make it better. I am very happy to see this type of Essay!!!!!

    1. Shaan thanks for commenting. I request you also to kindly suggest something concrete so that I could make these type of essays better and better. Also share your essay on this blog and increase your digital presence. Now a days digital presence on high ranking site are adding values to the personality for getting better opportunity of employment.

  2. thankyou for giving me such a good essay [by shanid]

  3. thankyou Anusha for such a good essay [by Shanid shajahan]


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