May 23, 2012

Importance of Reading Book Essay for Grade or Class 3 Children

In short reading is source of knowledge of almost everything. The importance of reading has been increase in today`s time.

It is because the need of dominance on other can only be achieved by knowledge and we know it comes from reading. In old days there was substitute of reading as oral traditional storytelling and verbal sharing of knowledge.

If it is explored that how an intelligent man become intelligent. We will find that he used to read for long times. In this way he has grown and strengthens his mind in the subject of his interest. You know why the top students of your class are clever; it is because he has the habit of reading his text books. I think teacher teach to grow interest about a subject and give basic ideas about any subject. But it is the reading which brings perfection about the subject of concern. I think reading increases the intelligence level of a boy by reading the great books and this practice push the whole world towards new discovery, innovation and creativity. I have got starting ideas of a mathematics chapter by just reading the examples and starting note of the book. I achieved lot of knowledge by reading the various books and newspapers. I usually read the great magazine authorized by the government. It is because it has the content of toppers of the society. For example Yojna magazine is a great publication in India.

I personally feel that it is the reading practice which changes the personality and mental strength of anybody. To become a writer one must be a very good reader.

By Administrator
This essay on reading is delivered  in a new and in an innovative way. This essay about "importance of reading book" will completely fill new energy and enthusiasm in the school children of class 3 and in the students of higher classes also. 


  1. Thank you for helping me to finish my English Home work.

  2. Thank you for helping me to finish my English homework

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