Jun 17, 2011

Essay on A Trip With Your Family During Christmas Time

I have a great memory of my trip with my family during Christmas vacation.

It was one of my first trip with my parents and grand parents to Ajmer Sareef (Khwaja Gareeb Nawaj) in Rajasthan. I planed to go here in the begining of December month of 2007. We planed the rout  as :

Durgapur-New Delhi-Ajmer-Agra-New Delhi-Durgapur. Our main traveling  targets were Ajmer Sareef, Agra and New Delhi . We started on 17th December 2007. We first took all Train tickets from the website IRCTC.CO.IN .  My father is a great planer of any project. He has done the plan in such a way that we could never felt any problem during our journey time. We took a halt near JAMA MASJID locality in a hotel. In this area we enjoyed the taste of TANDURI roti , BIRIYANI etc particularly TANDURI of Delhi was our fine and very tasty experience. First we went to the majaar of  NIJAMMUDDIN AULIYA. Here we paid duwa and  enjoyed the divine qawwali of the majar. This was our first night in Delhi. We left Delhi in the night and caught NEW DELHI AJMER EXPRESS.

At early morning we entered in Ajmer city. First we book a nice luxurious hotel. The divine environment and qawwali of the Ajmer Dargah is a great memorial experience. We bought few CDs of qawwali. We traveled the whole important place of the Ajmer like Tara Pahar, Anna Sager, Sai Baaba mandir etc. We saw the biggest kadahi made  by emperor Akbar in the dargah campus. We stayed in Ajmer for three days. After that we caught a luxury bus and reached Agra after 12 hours bus journey. These buses have sliper seat. These seats are very comfortable for sleeping. This is first time we slept in a  bus journey .

In the Agra we went to take the nice glimpse of the TAJ ; one of the  biggest symbol of love towards beloved Mumtaj. It was really amazing to see the TAJ . We took a lot of photograph there. After that we returned to New Delhi. We talk a tourist bus at Lalkila for seeing important places of Delhi. The bus cost only Rs 35 per person for Delhi tour. We very much enjoyed traveling in Delhi. On 30-12-2007 we returned to Durgapur.

I experienced that practically seeing the historical places is more interesting than seeing the same on the television. It was a great journey experience.


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