Aug 3, 2011

A visit to a fair essay for Class 1 to 5

On Sunday last I went to a fair. This fair was organised on occasion of Rath Puja. It is the main religious ceremony of Orissa in India. It is done at a grand level in Puri. In Durgapur this is the very good fair than any other fair. This fair has got very popular place in the big field.

I went to see this fair with my parent. We also accompanied by my other close family of Mr. Aninda Talapatra. We went there by my personal car. That day first we walked throughout the fair. The main attractions were a large number of clothes shop and Health products shop. Except these there were very much glassware attractive shop and big pickle shop. First we enjoyed a cold drink and ice cream party. After that my younger brother Riyan and my aunt’s son Raja bought their toys.

A visit to a fair  essay for Class 1 to 5

The two funny boys were disturbing us very much. Therefore we had to buy three toys for them to keep them quite. We did this so that we could enjoy the fair at most. We could not see the circus because it was not good.

We purchased Prickles after tasting it. We also bought a nice tray. We also saw a lot of clothes but that were not reliable. That is why we avoided those.

Finally we came to home at 9 pm. In the fair we enjoyed every moment. I think all of my friend circle should write their experience of fair by commenting here.

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  1. Bro u English is a bit weak plz work out on it

  2. This essay is good,but the only thing is it just added some of the sentences that not required......

  3. YO! Hiii i am 11 and my bro's name is Vivaan😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😁😁😁😀😀😀😃😃😃

  4. Very nice you also share this thing next time also 😀😀😀😀

  5. improve ur english please but the rest of it is good


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