Sep 30, 2011

Autobiography of Umbrella Essay | Essay on Umbrella Autobiography | Kids

This essay "Autobiography of umbrella" was demands for many kids. It is because their teacher recent gave this topic. This autobiography  of umbrella essay will be very useful for kids and their parent who have no idea what to write about the autobiography of umbrella. It will also give an idea for writing these types of essays. So here it starts now... 

The word umbrella comes from the Latin word umbra, meaning shade or shadow . The Latin word  Umbra in turn derived from the Ancient Greek ómbros.  Brolly is a slang word for umbrella,  used often in Britain, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Kenya.

I am an umbrella. Black color is my facial look and my identification. For long time I was  only black. But for last few years the user gave me new varieties of colours. Now I have  become charming because I give bright reflection on the faces and boost the feelings of  facial look. 
After a long time I became fashion also from rain protector.Now I taste warm sunlight. Thank to the human they kept my existence alive. Car is my enemy  on the many places it is giving me tough competition, but when the matter of street ,and  narrow paths come I win always. It is because I am very much portable, fold-able  and  movable . 

I have been favorite because of my unbelievable activity. I provide protection to user from  rain and sunlight. I keep most of the water off you. I provide a convenient way to stay dry  when the weather turns wet. I am indispensable to anyone who spends their time outdoors. With  an me, anyone can be outside all day. This is innovative quality ; which offers protection  from the rain as well the sun and can reduce the temperature underneath me. you can  instantly open me at any situation. 
I am the cheapest way to provide protection when the weather forecast calls for rain, throughout a year.

So friends now I am ending this essay You must write and post your comments. It will be more favorable if you share autobiography of umbrella according to your view or autobiography of any other subject which are the requirements of the students. To write your essay go to "Publish Your Essay" page of this site. There you will find how to post your essay to get published here.

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