Sep 29, 2011

Time Management Essay | Value of Time.

Time Management Essay Explanation:

In actual sense time can not be managed because it never stops never waits and gives only one chance to us.  But it can be beaten by power of excellence and strategy of putting energy effectively. The energy is just like speed in case of traveling to  a particular destination in specified time limit. Here we can reach our destination before the time if we could accelerate our speed without any accident. I have added accident words here. It is the analogy of strategic energy utilization. Many successful person on this globe are the time killer  by mastering volume of energy  tactfully for achieving goal. Sometime it is also the unique outcome of sixth sense of extraordinary thinkers.

 Note-My request to visitors is that you must read this essay. The time management can change your life dramatically and you can be scorer at every front.

Managing your time effectively will bring about some dramatic improvements in your life, but you must be prepared to make some fundamental changes. Because of this, you need to take one step at a time.If you taken and tried to attempt many at a time, you can fall in the drum of failure. Don't try to break all sticks at once. Break it one by one by taking one at a time. This is one of the biggest simple example out of all

Effective Uses and Time : If one most important task has been chosen and accomplished successfully , I think time is being utilised successfully.  People, who made effective usage of time at their disposal, got the best from time. But those who forgot the value of time found to their utter dismay that it was harsh on them later

In other words, successful persons use time in the best possible manner to achieve their goals. Most of us waste our precious time in unnecessary things such as gossips, roaming-aimlessly, grieving over the past blunders or day dreaming. It must always be kept in mind that, Time and tide wait for none. Time can be spent wisely or foolishly. The choice is ours and so are its consequences

Life and Time: Life is not a bed of roses. each and everyone of us has to face a number of problems in life. We have to be bold and courageous enough to face them. Problems are faced by men of courage only. Escapist always avoids problems. Had times teach us a lot. They prepare us for a prosperous and glorious future. If difficult times arrive, they would prepare us for a better life. We would be able to handle problems in future with more maturity, stability and courage

Basically, time and opportunity once lost can never be recovered. The flow of time is ceaseless and eternal and we all are like small insignificant particles in this endless and continuous flow. Time is eternal and endless but human life is very limited, finite and short-lived. hence, successful people make the best use of time in their lives. A word done is time earned. A decision taken at an appropriate moment can work wonders. hence, let us strike the iron when it is red hot

We must make the best us of good times. We must make arrangements for the bad times during the good times. When the bad times knock at our doorstep, we should face them bravely with perseverance. That is how a rational and strong man is supposed to fight his battles of life. Ultimately a seasoned and an experienced human-being would be able to master time with his resources, skills and careful planning

Before concluding please read this Urdu Saayeri of Nayeem Akhtar -जो बेदारी के पल में सो रहा है , वो अपने मुस्तकबिल को खो रहा है , ये घड़ियाँ फैसले की मुन्तजिर है , इसे क्यों मसवारों में खो रहा है. । in English- One who are sleeping in spare time is loosing his destination. This is the time to take decision, Why are you wasting it in discussing

A proper use of time means the right use of an opportunity. As a very popular saying goes - 'A stitch in time saves nine'. As opportunities in life are few and far between, so is time precious and limited. Those of us who miss an opportunity or waste time, have to repent all our life. This implies that we must be punctual, disciplined and regular in our work-schedule

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