Nov 22, 2011

How to Write Autobiography Essay | Autobiography Essay

It is very simple to write autobiography about any thing or about yourself. Writing about yourself is even more easy than writing  autobiography about any material or things. The most common subject of  autobiography for kids and for class 1,2,3 etc are  autobiography of an umbrella,  autobiography of a coin,  autobiography of a watch,  autobiography of a street dog,  autobiography of a road,  autobiography of a station,  autobiography of a tree,  autobiography of a pen and  autobiography about any renown personality. For example if you want to write an autobiography of a tree then it can be written like this-
I am a tree of a small village. Proud and firm I stand on  ground. I like all the village folk for the care and concern they show  me. I readily and happily offer shelter to their goats and sheep. Their children play under my care and protection. I owe them my life. It was long ago, when I was young and slim. I cared only for my
desire to grow up. One day, I saw a gang of the king's axemen sharpening their axes to cut me down. I became highly anxious. I trembled with fear. Suddenly, a loud voice echoed through the village. “Do not cut our trees. They are the breath of our life.”It was Rani, my neighbour. I never knew that she loved me so
much. She hugged my trunk so tightly that three axemen were not able to tear her away from me.

This is just an example.
See this video for a guidance.

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