Nov 20, 2011

India State Division Hints Essay | State Formation Date| For Class 4

India has divided into different states after making of Indian constitution. Following 11 states were formed as special class stetes.
Andhra Pradesh-1953
Keral and Karnatak-1956,
Gujrat and Maharshtra by breaking Bombay-1960,
Himachal Pradesh-1970,
Meghalay, Manipur and Tripura-1971,
Mizoram and Arunachal Pradesh-1986,
ChhattisGarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand-2000.

At present there are 28 states and 7 Union Territories.
How many states does India need is a question marks. New states demand are still continue. New demand list to the best of my knowledge are:
Gorkhaland in West Bengal,
Vidharva in Maharashtra,
Bodoland in Asam,
Mithilanchal in Bihar,
Saurashtra in Gujrat,
Koshal in Udisa,

Recently Mayawati has started a new state issue as division of Utter Pradesh into four states. I am not mentioning the demand name because it was in the news. I do not want to give any oral statement of a political leader. Because it is against the interest of our country. 
Political leader always doing cheap politics by diverting people`s mind towards a destructive issue. Dividing states are not the solution but is just an election identity. Reconstruction of states always exerts extra monitory burden on national economy. So these must be avoided. Actually today`s people just discard these type of election news. We should always keep of our national interest at  top priority list. 

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