Nov 9, 2011

Lokpal Bill is a Corrective Measure of Corruption Essay

By Administrator +Deepak Shenoy +Elias Khan +Srinivas V 
Lokpal system is not new to Indian constitution. The word 'Lokpal' was coined in 1963 by L.M.Singhvi as a corrective measure, a Member of Parliament during a debate in Parliament about grievance redress mechanisms. The bill was structured for the same reason ; which has become today`a new issue. In our society it may happen that the ruler may become corrupt . Keeping this view in mind social activists made time to time agitation to strengthen Lokpal and Lokayukt System. But as this law will provide a check on corrupt government functionaries (officers, ministers and others lower level staff) this bill  was never given a right priority  in the past.

What may be the history. I will say that this is one type of corrective measures that may again become defective. Actually the nation creator M.K. Gandhi and other great freedom fighter thought that the people of India will not become unethical in later time. It is because Indian brought the glory of India by sacrificing their life. Their ethics were at highest peak of human values. But the today's people failed to sustain the value of freedom fighters. Why I am saying these think. Is it boring your mind. But later in this article , I will show you the link of corruption with this fact.

 I write the reason of corruption in other competition but that was not liked. May be the true fact which I feel was not liked by many. But believe me what I think to the best of my knowledge is that 'Corruption comes from the bad thinking of the human selfishness by sidelining the fear of  God .' It means if a man is not of religious minded , then there is more chance that he may become ill thinker. Many non-believer of religious facts will laugh on the word fear of God but mind it , these people faces the beauty of God`a punishment in their present life.  

Think of our home management. Suppose if it would be small nation and the guardian or head of the family has allotted different job to different family members by keeping his position as the Prime minister of home.
Then  analyse it and think ,  is there corruption in your house. If not then it is clear that the ethical values are at highest condition in your house. If not then it is evident that your house have no real human values and many of you are distant from religious platform.
 If guardian receives a packet of sweats then he never eat it alone, but he brings it at home and share it with all members of the family. Everybody of the family feels very much accountable for other`s feeling and maintain a good level of human values.

Corruption can never be eradicated by lokpal bill or any amendment. It is my view. It can only be checked by bringing the whole world towards managing human values and its importance enhancement  in modern education system.

The modern education system teach to deprive others by competing with tricky intellect. But religion teach to give opportunity to first to other and remain on the theory of live and let live. Until this comes in one`s mind , one can not be free from corrupt mindset. This doesn`t mean that competition is harmful in education system, but there must be something supportive system for the survival of the failed candidates in that competition. At least there must be sufficient opportunity to deploy them in the profession of their suit. It can be possible if accumulated corrupt money is expended for creation of new economy i.e. in power sector or in agriculture sector. These sectors need large fund that can be achieved from black money.

If our society can maintain only 50 percent of religious thought and theory then our system will improve at most.
It is my belief. It is because if one is going to participate in corruption then it is his mindset only which can stop for doing that. Nothing can stop. Because he is possessing power of sufficient corruption activity.
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