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Aug 17, 2012

Most Memorable Day in my Life Essay For Class 5

This essay is about one of the most memorable day in my life. It can be used for class 6 by modifying a little bit. However it is best suited for class 5.

It was May 20, 2007; I was going to school by Omni School Van. The school is only 4 km from my house. The road ; on which we usually travewl was very busy. Suddenly the rear wheel of the school van got puncture. A sudden left side jerk threw out one of my friend out of the van. He was rolling on the road. The leg of the friend was badly injured. And blood was gushing from the wound. The driver immediately stopped the van. One good practice about our driver was that he always used to drive slowl. It was because of that reason my friend was safe and had only outer injury. We immediately get out of our van and picked the friend. Many people came quickly to help us. We immediately brought him to the nearest hospital and did the necessary treatment. The doctor examined the injury and pushed a few injections and gave a few pain-killer tablets.

The biggest mistake of this event was that the van lock was not set properly at locked condition. We went to the home of the friend and told everything to his mother. The mother started crying like a child. That is very much obvious. The mother feels much beyond the feeling for her child. My friend told to his mother that mom he was OK. Please don't cry. It was very pathetic scene.

We all children complained to our van owner to change all the old tyres of the van. Our parents also warned him to pay extra safety measures. This event has got high impact on my mind. From that day I remained alert and cautious while going to school and also in the school.

Any addition to this essay is most wlcome. You can add to this essay by commenting on this page. "Most Memorable day in my life"  for lower classes will be tried to write soon. 

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