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Sep 3, 2012

Journey to Mumbai Informative Essay for class 8

This treain journey was done for training purpose at Mumbai Parel railway workshop. Class 7 or 8 student were kept in mind for quality level of the essey. This is a true informative essay.
We four friends were in the group. This journey will showcase very important key and decision making tips for performing a healthy, highly interesting and successful train journey. I first booked all tickets of onward and backward journey. We started from Durgapur by Shatabi Express at 7 pm and reached at schedule time i.e. at 9:15 pm to Howrah station. Yatri Niwas at Howra station is very good and cheaper destination for staying in night than private hotel. Shatabdi's dinner quality was better than that of Duranto Exp I am comparing this because our next journey was by Duranto from Howra to Mumbai. We booked our Hotel by verbal communication with hotel owner. Hotels at Dadar area are cheaper. Here you can find hotel in the range of Rs 550 to Rs 3000 AC and NON-AC. This price range is cheaper in Mumbai. Restorents are neat and clean. Taxi fare are both type contact and metered. For 2 km we paid Rs 20. Nos of person is not counted by taxi drivers. If you are new in mumbai then use Drive application of mobile ; which works with GPS It is very much useful for determining distance of any place in Mumbai or any other places. It gives distance idea for not getting cheated by taxi drivers. I reccomend you to stay at Dadar East becuase there are both budget hotels and luxurious one. Dadar railway station are near to all of the hotels. There are very good and cheap markets in Dadar. Chitra cinema hall is also very near to the hotel area.

Cheap travelling method:
If anybody wants to see maximum tourist spot at cheap price then one has to travel long distances by local train and after that take a taxi and cover short distances. It is a very good trick to travel with a cheap price.  

Cheapest travelling method:
Get a ticket of tourist bus for one day Mumbai tour. It will cost arround Rs 200.00 to 300.00 (2012 price). The guide bus will cover maximum tour spots in one day. After completing this tour one can choose ones most favourite spots to enjoy and dedicate maximum time for better journey and tour experience. 
My Experience:
According to me one has to expend one evening till 8 pm at Nareeman Point, one day for Elephanta cave, minimum one day and night for Essel world. Haji Ali and Mahalaksammi Temple  and Juhu Beach can be covered in one day because these are very near to each other. Two days can be spared for Nareeman Point because it is very pleasant. The evening view of Nareeman gives excellent feelling.

Be careful of not sitting in first class of local train with general ticket. It will be a fine of Rs 250.00 per person. There is mark on the bogies. First know the stripe mark for first class. First class is costly but it is very safe for travelling. Also don't travel in third class local train at office time and at evening. It is because there is very much rush at these time. Also one important thing is to be remembered while traveling in local train that if any one get up from left side of the train door then get down will be on opposite i.e. right side of the train.

One experience I would like to share that electronics goods of the footpath are not reliable. Pen drive bought at CST footpath  will  hardly work. If it works then the speed will be very slow. If 32GB capacity is assured by the footpath shopkeeper  then you can find only 4GB. But it is same for the entire footpaht seller. There may be also reliable footpath shop. But it is difficult to find guarantee. It is the personal experience of one man so it is not to be taken as reference for exploitation of shopkeeper or for litigation activity against the writer.

It is very charming and happy journey experience in Mumbai. It is one place that everyone needs to see to experience the high rises building and varieties of Car. Also the living style of Mumbai is to be seen once in life. It was great journey experience.
Mumbai Picture towards Elephanta cave

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