Sep 21, 2012

367 Words Computer Essay for Class 6

The word Computer is originated from the word compute which means calculate or  reckon.  Computer is an electronic device for storing and processing data, making calculations, or controlling machinery. The computer is one of the greatest discovery of modern science and technologoy. British scientist Charles Babbage invented the concept of a programmable computer in about 1856. The computer has changed the pace of growth in about all sectors.  This small machine is doing large wonders of executing bigger projects in a very strategic way . This machine can lead smartly a system with keeping millions of input parameters at real time ; which is almost impossible for human mind. This is the one quality of the computer which is creating numerous economical , financial and social  solution for welfare of human biengs. The main characteristics of computer which have made it extremly popular are speed, accuracy, huge data storage capacity, data searching capability and logical discision making capacity.

In begining computer was used only in accounts but today it has penetrated every organisation. Bank service has become much convinient than before. Now a days a bank branch can manage millions of account. Custommer now need not to stay in queue for money withdrawal. Before upcoming of the computer a bank job was killing almost half a day of a person but now a days it is two minute job at ATM. Money transfer has become very much simple. Internet banking is saving a lot of time.

For job seeker computer has brought a lot of simple form filling and exam fee paying system. In one day one can apply to as much vacancy as he wants with the help of computer. There will not be any hesitation for filling any datafield because online form filling will not allow wrong filling of any data field. Result publishing  and communicating millions of student is become a small job for a computer. In school admission management and library management has become very easy.

Industrial management has become very much strong with SAP-ERP (System Application & Products-Enterprise Resource Planning)  and many other Industrial software. Financial management of industries has become real time with computer. It is not needed many days to calculate industrial account because of real time financial processing.

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