Sep 27, 2012

598 Words Study of Biography Essay Class 4

This Biography essay for class 4 can also be made useful for other classes by adding or modifying the contents of this essay.
Biography is an account of life of a man written by someone or by the man himself. If someone wants to get an ideal living style then he has to study the biography of great men.     The great men always have influenced the society. The biography of a great man practically carve the path of success of many. It is very much important to read the biography to learn new sense and energy of living. First of all here I will explain the story of great men connected to materialistic world. After that I will explain the brightest spiritual world personality that moulded the whole universe. I will also explain the benefits of reading and following the living style of great man.
Let us first know the one of the greatest Indian personality ( M.K. Gandhi) who biography is enriched with great human values. His style of living can be followed to get the extremely valuable result in life.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote about Mahatma Gandhi-“If humanity is to progress, Gandhi is inescapable. He lived, thought, acted and inspired by the vision of humanity evolving toward a world of peace and harmony.”
Mahatma Gandhi was a great soul who loved even those who fought against his ideals to bring about peace with non-violence. Satyagrah and Non-violence are the two most popular theories which gave the biggest strength to fight against British rule in India and played iconic role in achieving independence. "Live and let live" formula of Gandhi cannot be forgotten. This theory made him greatest leader of India. Gandhi taught many reasons to die for bringing peace on this globe. This is reason why the rest of the nation researched and rediscovered the Gandhi's way of bringing peace and harmony. But it is very unfortunate that during his last phase of struggle the leaders of his time forget immediately and participated for divide of this great nation into India and Pakistan. If Gandhi's formula would be adopted then there would be no Pakistan, no Kashmir, no Bangladesh, no human killing etc etc. The divide of India was against the theory of sacrifice of  Gandhi Ji.  Gandhi Ji also wrote that-"There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no cause that I am prepared to kill for."
Today the innate desire of living for oneself is destroying the peaceful way of living and breeding many evil (particularly corruption) in the society. I am again prophesying that there is no need of LOKPAL BILL or LOKPAL SYSTEM. Human society can only be controlled by the standard value of human ethics that many great prophets taught us.  Gandhi Ji proved these values with many bright results. Whole world is to learn by the teaching of Gandhi Ji. Today's problem of global warming , food security, terrorism and economic crisis can be handled very smoothly without any tension. But the word sacrifice is to be kept at front in all global meet. In today's time developed nations are warning to developing nations to not to discharge green house gases. They forget their discharge which has warmed the globe. To find solution developed nation has to come forward and to set an example of sacrifice towards the developing nation so that developing nation also learn to check the green house gases.
It is not possible to complete this essay in one topic. I will write the rest part in another essay about biography.

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