Oct 21, 2012

552 Words Air Pollution Essay For Class 3,4,5

  By Anusa  500 Words--

Air pollution essay topic  is a very important for lower class. So read this essay.

Introduction:Air pollution is the contamination of harmful gases, dust, fumes or odor in undesirable amounts. That is, the amounts which can be harmful to the health of humans and animals . This can cause damage to plants and materials also.

It has been noticed that nature has given most of lifesaving needs for our life completely free. Air is one of those needs. Without it we cannot live. The worse fact is that we seldom take care of this most precious gift. We provide safety to our materialistic secondary needs but pay less attention on precious one. We never remember that what we are discharging to the atmosphere will come back to our nose and enter into our lungs to damage it slowly.

Cause of Pollution: The industrial harmful discharge is increasing in large quantity day by day. Noxious gas emitting from vehicles, chlorofluoro carbon (CFC) from refrigerators and AC (air conditioner), burning of fossil fuels which doesn’t burns completely are causing danger to the air purity. Auto industries are manufacturing new models of cars and bikes to increase their sale. We are maintaining our luxuriousness by using these products. The problem is that we are pointing others (e.g. Government) to check the natural balance but never see ourselves. We are doing everything in the name of development. But we never care about the  side effects of these developments. All these are adding threat on the health of  air.  Fuels that are burning everyday creates air pollution; which is harmful.  But the fuels; which doesn’t burns completely causing maximum air pollution.  The coals  used in power plant are producing electricity, but the  gas discharged is adding air pollution. People are throwing plastics here and there and basically on the road, which makes environment dirty. These plastic wastes also causing air pollution indirectly. The volatile organic compounds are one of the major causes of air pollution.  

Method of Checking Pollution: We must be careful about uncontrolled air pollution to check or to reduce it as much as possible. Our efforts at all level must shows that we have a bigger concern about this threat and we are very much subjective. We should use jute bag instead of plastics. We should use only required quantity of electricity because this reduces coal burning and indirectly reduces air pollution. Volatile organic compounds are present in several consumer products like paints based on solvents, printing inks and petroleum products. These products must be treated to make it free from volatile organic compound. Carbon activation is one of the popular air pollution control methods where the carbon is treated using a process called carbon adsorption. Reduction of carbon di-oxide emissions is a must in the industries ; which are causing air pollution at larger scale. The automobile industries must install air filters for carbon adsorption and for carbon di-oxide reduction.

Conclusion: Government must impose tough law for air pollution control. There must be research for developing new methods of checking air pollution commercially. Last but not the least we want to convey a message for general public that it is we; who can serve our environment by behaving in better ways.

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