Nov 4, 2012

765 Words Essay on 'Train Journey' Experience for Class 6

The title of this essay is not saying all the hidden story of day just before starting the train journey. Mind me friend it is very interesting accumulated experience to know the mental status and the worrisome activities of the day.
Train Journey Experience
I am not familiar with train journey experience of the people of other countries but I am sure these people will get equal entertainment by going through this essay. The experience of unease feeling before every train journey is very common and natural. It is because time of the train never waits for any passenger and the fear of forgetfulness of the needy item for the journey affects mental stability for the day. These two factors play very vital role for putting human mental condition into uneasiness. I am explaining few silly activities that happen spontaneously under pressure. First one is checking train ticket again and again in the bag. Checking money again and again is also a foolish activity. All people don't suffer with these bad experiences of uneasiness, but maximum of them get affected by many small, unnecessary silly activities.  Whereas children feel excitement and aura of train journey; which is going to last for next many hours; charge them for daydream. This is just opposite to the feeling of elders.
If the railway station is far from home then many of us generally take one hour in hand. This is because of fear of missing train ride. The most dangerous problem is seen when one is about to miss the train. He always tries 100% to catch the train with taking all risks. It is very critical situation where nobody thinks about the risk attached with this mindless effort of catching the train. Many intelligent people also have been seen of doing many unsafe activities to get on the train.
 If packing is not done in planned way then the situation become worse. It is because cross talk among the members continues until all of them get on the train and compromise with the fact they have agreed with. Sometimes packing plan is well done, but the things in the bags are not organised in proper way. An unstable mental status put under bad feeling and under unhappy situation on the journey day if things are not organised in proper way in keeping various journey items in right pockets of baggage. If something is not found at the time of need and if two or three pockets are tried in searching those things then a quarrel starts among them.
Short Story of a Train journey ride: I remember one event of train journey of my past time when my old aged uncle was going to catch a train in early morning time at 4:30 AM. He got up at 2AM and was calling to me to reach station at 3:00 AM where as station was 10 minutes walking distance. I was laughing at that time and was consoling my uncle that there was more time in our hand for catching the train. But uncle was shouting and was telling frequently that the train will not wait for us. I understand now that it was because of the stress of the subject we are discussing about. On the day of journey many activities are repeated unnecessarily
Now here I am explaining to get rid of these problems in very simple way. There may also be more intelligent and excellent way of planning train journey. But I am not going to discuss those to avoid complex advice. It is such a simple formula that anybody can adopt. There are several methods of journey preparation of various people. So which one is best for the train journey cannot be stated perfectly. So read these tips carefully.
Tip 1: Life is more precious than riding or missing a train journey. Therefore maintain more safety from start to end of the journey.
Tip 2: Make a list of needy items in the journey as per their priority. E.g. First priority is few cash money. Second one is mobile and its accessory. Third one is train ticket and so on. Many of us make train ticket as first priority which is not logical, because ticket cannot brings money but money can bring many tickets.
Tip3: Execute your plan list by marking the pocket identity of the bags in the plan list for each needy item. E. g. If there are more bags then it is to be marked in the list that which pocket has soap and which one has tooth brush. It is very tricky for comfortable train journey.
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