Oct 8, 2012

Presence Of Mind Essay For Class 5

This essay is very important not only as a sample essay for class 5 but also as very good learning about presence of mind. In this essay I will explain  to develop and improve self control of emotion, feelings, and mindset, that ultimately controls the presence of mind. Also key of achieving better presence of mind for those who has not got blessing of God; is explained here. So it is very interesting to read this essay carefully.
Presence of mind means how the mind is aware and prepare to impress and influence the audience of any questaionare attack smartly in a moment taking very short period of time. Actually it is a great God gift to a man. This boon is blessing of God to fortunate one only. We have heard many times in our daily life about absent mind. It causes many danger at critical places of working like working with electricity or doing an operation or driving vehicles etc. It is most important to first know the absent mind activities to correct and improve one’s presence of mind. The better meaning of presence of mind is opposite of absent of mind. Now assessing the absent of mind’s activities ,very precise meaning and understanding of presence of mind can be explained.

Presence of mind essay
While discussing with friends , we have noticed that few of our friends reply some question suddenly in a very smart manner. Due to this we fell in a big laughter. This happened because of his great presence of mind of handling the best reply to amuse friend circle. I am giving another instance of handling the situation very smartly. Let your boss called you on your mobile and is asking about your late coming on a job. Here is the place to control your emotion of being not  true and honest to give better excuse to apply good presence of mind. Many of us become nervous for better reply but a smart person instantly reply as - My bike got punctured or I caught in a huge traffic. Here your boss is not seeing the traffic and your bike. Here the boss is only judging your strength in your voice; which will convey strongly him about your problem. So it is clear that to develop better presence of mind one has to know himself better. It is very important to control one's emotion and pulses. Controlling emotion equate better  and strong presence of mind. One has to act repeatedly in order to improve his presence of mind. The habit of developing presence of mind will certainly help during the time interview for a job. An important thing want to say that only good answering style is not sufficient for become smart. But it is very much important to have in-depth   knowledge and idea of the area in which your profession lies. This require a lot of reading of good articles and general knowledge subject. Reading good magazine helps a lot e.g. Yojana, Frontline and this site www.essay.com etc. 

Read another case here. Suppose driver is driving a car. His mind presence should be active all time on clutch, brake and accelerator for driving the car. But his actual test comes when something happen suddenly. If he has God gifted with better presence of mind then he can handle the situation smartly. But every body is not gifted with this boon. Now the questions arise here how he can develop his presence of mind. I am telling how. Except driving practices there must also be practice of keeping eyesight with greater front angular coverage so that he can asses the situation of dog, cow, child etc who are timing to cross the road. He has to practice repeatedly to keep his intelligence at back side with the help of left , right and central mirror. Now I am telling the most important tricks of driving. The driver has to imagine about few mishap if happened. Let a dog comes in front of the car, he will not apply sudden brake to put himself in danger. Suppose an accident happened , he will not to have pity on the front otherwise public will not have the same for him. This doesn't mean to enhance the dareness to do accident. Actually it is better to anticipate the ill events during driving and to take extra mental preparation to avoid accident and to develop safe driving habits.  These thing he has to practice imagining at the time of driving to develop better  presence of mind . If rear brakes fails then how will he control the car with front brake. One smart thing he has to control is the coolness of mind. Suppose one vehicle is blowing horn repeatedly to get a right side pass; never pay any attention to that until you get safe and sufficient left side passage of the road. One thing also to be stored by heart that time saving and hurry is the key reason of any fetal accident. Two minutes saving is not important than the life and it is completely meaningless to catch the destination at the cost of the precious life.

Here I explained about two cases, but there are several instances where we can experience about miracles of better presence of mind or danger of worse presence of mind. I am suggesting everybody that no one on this globe is a master of everything and also is not a master of handling all situations. We can certainly develope our sense and presence of mind for our concerned field keeping in mind that I need not to become master of everyfield. By doing practice it can be achieved because practice makes a person perfect.And last but not the least remember this cotation "Every thing is possible"

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