Dec 29, 2012

Paragraph on Life in Pre-Historic Times For Class 6 Essay

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In  this  essay  I am going  to tell you  about  the  lifestyles  of pre-historic times of peoples. Now we have everything such as car, computer, fans to comfort our selves etc. But in the  early  times  people  didn’t  had all these things. They were nomads , hunters and  food gatherers .They were always in the search of  food. So they  move from one place to another and  were called Nomads. In earliest times pre-historic humans lived alone in caves or other natural shelters such as trees or groves. They ate wild berries, fruits, roots and flesh of small animals that they killed. They do not  had   weapons  to kill  animals  and  used  their  bare  hands  to kill. Their bodies were covered with thick hair and they did not wear any clothes. The  Stone-age  is  broadly  divided  into four broad  periods -  Pala eolithic age, Mesolithic age, Neolithic age and  Calchaeolithic  age. Early humans might have observed that   grains buried in the soil grew a yielded food crops. Humans had developed the art of spinning and weaving. Cotton and woolen clothes replaced the clothes made of skins of animals and barks of trees. The Palaeolithic humans were the first to make stone implements. Later, they began making crude unpolished stone tools. These tools were used for cutting trees, killing and skinning animals, chopping meat and digging up roots. Later, the stone tools used during the middle-stone age were more advanced than Palaeolithic tools. These tools, called microliths, were smller, sharper and more effective than those of the Old Stone Age. A system of exchanging services and goods is known as Barter System was started. That means payments for services were made in kind, not in cash. So this was all about the people in pre-historic times.

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