Dec 31, 2012

New Year Greetings Message 2013 | Sayari and Quotation

This greetings and messages are for all visitors of  FREE ESSAY
We have escaped from the predicted danger of 21st December 2012.
Now we can plan 2013 resolution,
We can dream our gifted future,

We shouldn't want universe from God,
We shouldn't want drops from ocean,

we should put our thirst on other's lip,
we shouldn't decide life on coin flip,

We shouldn't be every time logical,
we should be sometimes blindly ethical,

We should forget last year pain,
We should relish for the last year gain

we should analyse and enjoy our critics.
we should live for spiritual end objective,
Wish you and all visitors a very happy New Year 2013.
----Administrator of Free Essay
Akbar Ali
A new year SAAYARI: 

Ham rukh badal rahe thhe is kalke saalki ,
Lekin palak jhapakte ye hamse nikal gaya.
Kosis kiye the iske pal ko pakadne ki,
Lekin ye bada tej thha hamse fisal gaya.

हम रुख बदल रहे थे इस  के  साल की ,
लेकिन पलक झपकते ये हमसे निकल गया ।
कोशिस कीए थे इसके पल को पकड़ने की ,
लकिन ये बड़ा तेज था हमसे फिसल गया ।

Enjoy this evening.
Wishing you and your family a very heartfelt happy new year 2013
Akbar Ali

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  1. These are the new year gift to all visitors. Put your reply if you like. I am trying to write this for our Pakistan Visitors.


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