Jan 7, 2013

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solo or Single Player Essay for Class 7

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This essay topic "Advantage and Disadvantage of Solo or Single Player" is very new and uncommon.  This topic is recently given by a school teacher. I don't want to disclose the name of the teacher and school, because of policy of this site. But it has been noticed that the students of higher class (above 6 standard) faces crisis of confidence in writing and they are being always tested by the school teachers for their imaginative constructive potential . So this site is to impart  starting and confidential clues and  idea to start writing any essay topics. So let us start this essay.

Introduction: Solo means something like musical show , dance show, game etc in which single player or contestant participate having a winning spirit to defeat his opponent or opponents. Here its exact Hindi meaning is एकल . Some times it is heard that it is solo musical show. Also it is usually talked in our day to life that it is a solo game.There are few events in which players or contenders show their only own energy, passion, strategy and core capability and temperament  to accomplish the tougher challenges and control the events to turn it into feeling of success. These players doesn't need teamwork, or united strategy.  These events are singing competition, Lawn Tennis. Badminton , Many Olympic events etc. Now we analyse the advantages and disadvantages of solo player.

Advantages of Solo Player:  Main advantage of solo player is that everything win or loss depends on self performance of the player. Single performance is only counted and rewarded. No need of team work Unity efforts are not needed to grip players for their best outcome. As reward always go to one pocket therefore there is no chance of jealous and hatred . Each players have chance of showing full potential.Solo players have undisputed decision making power during their performance irrespective of external influence.   They execute their plan perfectly according to their set objective in the various type of competition. Their practice schedule never get disturbed or distracted by others choice. In this type of competition no any player remains untouched to show their full skill and their hidden inner, imaginative and dreamed concept for the competition.    
The contestant can show his talismanic talent fully to defend his chance of losing. It may be assumed an ordinary platform for contestant to turn his fate into extraordinary success. We can cite example like Viswanathan Anand, Serena Villium, Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Gulam Ali etc . There are a big list of these type of solo magical talent who just changed their stature from minimal to unimaginative renowned posture. 

Disadvantage of solo player : One of the biggest disadvantage is that there is no multi directional inclusive team thinking. So there is  more chance of failure of taken decision. Lack of support is one of the worst drawback of being single(solo). More than one is always better than one. Enthusiasm during practice is always remains low. Solo player faces the increased stress because of single. Social environments inculcate very healthy way of game planning. One wrong step in any can be overcome by others' performance in a non-solo competition. The effort, energy level and potential multiply more in a team environment than that of solo game atmosphere. Solo game have lesser audience than non-solo game. Therefore there remains always attraction for sponsors to finance a non-solo game. 

Conclusion: There is few advantages and disadvantages of solo players. It depends on the participant's performance potential. If someone is extraordinary in a field and have talisman of doing wonders then solo competition is best for him otherwise non-solo competition may be preferred over solo one. 

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