Feb 10, 2013

Pollution Essay For Class or Std 3

246 Words: This essay on Pollution is suitable for class or stander (std) 3 and it is tried best to make simple so that the students could memorize it easily. 
Pollution means mixing of unwanted substances into the environment. Pollution are mainly of three kinds viz. air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Pollution are caused by man or by nature itself. When the presence of any natural substance exceeds the normal level, it is considered as contaminant or pollutant. 
Some common pollutants are automobiles fumes, chloroflurocarbons, untreated sewage, industrial effluents, noise beyond 80 db. In India pollution norms are set by CPCB (Central Pollution Control Board ). It was established in 1974. CPCB is under Ministry of Environments and Forests.

The pollution level in India was worse between 1947 and 1995. But according to World Bank data India has achieved fastest improvement in controlling pollution between 1995 and 2010. There is still more to do to improve pollution in India. There is a big opportunity for business men to explore new avenue of checking pollution. 

Actually economic development are the friends of environment degradation if not tackled carefully. So economic development process should be Eco-friendly. 

We should not use polythene. We must be also use electricity carefully. Unnecessary burning of carbonic material must be avoided. We also sensibly use our car when required only. We should treat outside as like inside of our home. Rivers, lake and pond are life giving assets it must be protected against sewage.

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