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Feb 8, 2013

385 Words | Wild Animal Essay For Class 6

An animal living or growing in natural environment i.e. in undomesticated atmosphere is called a wild animal. These animals are uncontrolled and unrestrained. Their way of behaving their exposure in wildly manner which they have got very natural from birth. These animals sometime behave in very angry way and sometimes in soft manner. It is very unpredicted how a wild animal will behave until one study the whole environment of that animal. The wild animals are tiger, lion, leopard, beer, elephants, monkey, rhinoceroses etc.

Since early times animals have been hunted in large numbers. Elephants were killed for their tusks, Which yield ivory. Similarly Deer for their skin Rhinos for their horns Ostrich for their feathers and Lion for their skin. In order to protect the depleting wild animals the governments of many countries have enacted laws to prevent illegal hunting. In this connection many wild life sanctuaries and national parks have been set up in many countries. These parks have protected by forest areas to protect these vanishing animals.
I am mentioning few examples of sanctuaries and national parks  of Africa and India- Masai Mara National reserve in Kenya, Ruaha National park in Tanzania, Zambezi national park in Zimbabwe, St. Lucia Wetland park in South Africa, Etosha National park in Namibia,  Corbett National park in Uttaranchal , Hazaribagh National park in Bihar India.

India made a legislation of Wild Life Protection Act in 1972. Fefore this there were only five national parks in India . This law gave legal protection to the wildlife by making schedule of the laws for plant and animal species. These laws are effective to the whole states of India except Jammu and Kashmir, because this state has its own wildlife protecting laws.

The Wildlife Protection Society Of India (WPSI) was founded in 1994 by Belinda Wright. From its inception, WPSI's main aim has been to bring a new focus to tackle India's growing wildlife crisis. It provides support and information to government authorities to combat poaching and the escalating illegal wildlife trade.

Now our duty is to support the wildlife protection laws and we must communicate about the legals rights of the wild animal so that nobody could violate the laws of wildlife protection. It is because many of us don't know what are not allowed against the wildlife. 

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