Feb 3, 2013

Computer My Best Friend Essay For Class 8

By Akbar Ali
This topic of Computer my best friend essay" is very important for many students and has become the demand of the today's e-Students. Once upon a time about 20 year ago the beginner  student used to write on wooden board (usually called PATRI in India). These students were dependent on their teacher and school study material.There were no trace of electronic gadget in those days. Time passed and wooden board was replaced by paper  for beginner students. Chalk is replaced by Pencils of various brand. In those time every student had a best materialistic friend like board , number board Kerosene lamp (Diya) , lantern etc. Now a days best materialistic friend concept has been changed. It is now high definition mobile, laptop, cameras , desktop computer , tablet, iPhone etc. 
The development in computing technology has completely changed the teaching and learning pattern of  educational  institutions. Smart class is becoming the status symbol of the private schools. Now main question is why these gadgets are receiving very high focus of everyone. The straight reply is that because of its usability, enabling capacity of the latest resources and its vast collection of information and last but not the least it is taking all the mental pain to support our daily activities. I will explain those supporting features of gadget in details but my particular focus will be on computer because of the essay subject taken here.
I use computer in my day to day life to gather knowledge and to get solution of many critical educational problems. I am telling one small story.
My teacher taught me an English Literature poem. Everybody knows the hidden meaning of the poems in general  is very hard to understand lucidly. Many teachers could not explain the poems clearly. I take online tutoring from the internet, but didn't got the help from my tutoring site. I just googled the poem topic and I surprised completely by getting so many mind-blowing search results. I found a site which gave me compete understanding  more better than my school teacher. I relaxed myself in great happiness.  I adore my papa , because he has provided me the stunning supporting material like computer with internet connectivity. I told this story to my papa. He laughed and laughed and told me that enjoy studying and relax. Don't take any pain of not understanding anything. The computer will solve all your problems.

Next I am telling my second experience of using computer. Do you know spelling memorizing is quite hard. I made it interesting just like mathematics. You thing what a joke I am telling. My friend be simple in thinking , here I am telling you how I turned this joke into my spelling mastering skill. I collected all my hard English words  and told mummy to dictate me those ones. I opened MS Words and I switched off the power of my monitor. Before this I ensured that spelling checking feature is enabled or not in MS Words. I started typing. After completing the typing all the words I switched ON the monitor and checked what are the red marks underlined words. These words are wrongly spelled. I started self correction and did all for those wrong words. Again I repeated same for second time I got 70% improvement and after third time I achieved 100% success. Now I am more smarter than my papa in English Spelling. 

I use dictionary on my computer. Searching of words meaning is game of seconds. It was pretty difficult  to turn pages after pages  on hard copy dictionaries. For GK internet is more smart than any thing else. 

 I learned about physical map of South African countries with the help of online geography map game. And it is fun to do. Similarly I remembered the name of states , its capital and location of the states. Computer proves its friendship  in my almost maximum activity ( of class 8). Sometime I feel bore then I listen music on my computer. 

I use Google Drive for storing my certificates to access it from anywhere any time. Sometime I do video conference with my cousin sister who are far away from me. There are other countless helping stories in which computer do wonder for me.

It is because of these reasons I think that among all of the electronic gadgets computer is my best friend. 

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