Feb 4, 2013

20 Lines How I Celebrate My New Year Essay for Class 2 Pointwise

  •  31st December is the last day of Gregorian Calendar.
  • In the last phase of December month we feel the warmth of New Year.
  • I celebrate the New Year in my own way.
  • I make a list of delicious food item on 31st December with my sister.
  • Fruit cake is the important item of this day.
  • My mom cooks varieties of dishes on the last day.
  • I make a list of TV program ; which we will watch.
  • Our main choice of program is to watch the gist news of the whole year.
  • I also write our success and failure on a diary.
  • I make a list of our resolution for the New Year.
  • After taking our dinner at 9 pm we watch our favorite TV show.
  • I also listen our favorite songs particularly Qawwali and few Bollywod songs.
  • I also write the top national event in the diary.
  • I also send messages to our relatives.
  • I buy New Year cards for my school friends.
  • I write good wishes to my best friend.
  • I shake hands with my friends in the school.
  • I prepare special New Year card for my class teacher.
  • I also wishes my parent and hug them for being the best parent for me.
  • In this way I celebrate New Year.
This essay on "How to celebrate my New Year " can be arranged point-wise or in a paragraph manner. I would like to suggest all guardians to first put a little pressure on your son/daughter to write their own essay about this article. It is because their weakness can be noticed from their mistakes. After that allow to read this essay, so that their  power of creative writing  can be assessed. This is very important point that must be tested . In the crisis of time parents can read this essay to guide their son/daughter properly.

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