Mar 16, 2013

My Favourite Cartoon Character (Shinchan) Essay Class 7

By Anusa,                                        Total 800 Words

A cartoon is an explained visual art of two-dimensional form. An artist who creates cartoons is known as cartoonist. Some famous cartoonists are William Hanna and Joseph Barbara, Yoshito usui, Walt Disney etc. A cartoon is formed from Italian word “cartone” and Dutch word “karton”. Cartoons are loved by children dearly. It shows the total fantasy of the children. The fantasy liked by the children can only be shown in cartoons non other than in movies or films. For example- when in cartoon Tom and Jerry the cat tom is pressed  it is snubbed, but it again become as usual it was.

Sinchan with his Mother

The first cartoon made was Fantasmagorie in 1908 by Emile Chol. The first cartoon with synchronized sound is Walt Disney's Steamboat Willie, starring Mickey Mouse in 1928. Today’s cartoon is mainly produced by computer. Girls like watching Barbie cartoons mostly. It is noticed that girls usually watch Barbie cartoon. Barbie was introduced in the year 1959 on 9th march. Shin chan was started in 80s and is still running its new episodes. It was created by cartoonist Yoshito Usui.

Favorite cartoon Character:

My favourite cartoon character is Shinchan. Shinchan is a five year boy who used to create trouble for his family, friends and neighbors. He used to irritate by singing silly songs; which doesn’t has any meaning he also do same by taking off his pants. Shinchan also has a small family. His family members includes his mother Misae Nohara, father Hiroshi Nohara, sister Himahari Nohara, his dog Shiro and his grandparents. Shinchan’s favorite cartoon is Action Kamen; which he believes to be true. He reads in school Futaba  kindergarten. His teachers are Matsuzaka, Yoshinaga and his principal sir. He also has a group with his friends; who usually help people and is named as “Kasukabe Defence Organization.” 

Favorite episodes:

1st episode ----Here I am telling some of my favorite episodes. One day at night Shinchan’s mother served him  dinner including peas and Capcicum; which is hated by Shinchan very much. His mother told him to eat that but he didn’t want to eat it. So his mother ousted him of the home. For few hours he waited outside the home but he didn’t got any response from his mother. Then after not getting any response from his mother he went to his friend’s house Masao. There he started watching TV  without any tension, but his parents got tensed about his missing from the garden and they were searching him. However Shinchan was watching TV there with relax mind. It put us in feeling of huge laughter. 

2nd episode---- This episode is about when Shinchan’s mother sent him to buy some meat. He went to the market to buy 300gm of meat. Instead of going to meat shop, he went to the grocery shop to buy the meat. When he goes there he forgets what he has to buy? So the shopkeeper tells him to go back and ask his mother again. He goes back and asks his mother, when he got the answer he tells the shopkeeper to give him 300gm of meat. But the shopkeeper tells him that it is a grocery shop and tells him to go to the meat shop. There he found his friend Masao. His friend Masao by inadvertently (by mistake) forgets to bring his purse, so Shinchan helps his friend by giving the money to the shopkeeper. But Shinchan’s mother told him to give the exchange money to her and Shinchan does the opposite. Now the problem arises for Shinchan that how to escape from his mother’s temperament? So he goes to the park persiving that his mother will not be there. But his mother was there in the park, now there was no chance for Shinchan to escape from his mother. When mother Misae ask him where is the exchange money? Then he started talking about rubbish things. Misae understands what has happened? So she gave him a tight slap on his cheek but Shinchan turns around and tells that Man doesn’t have any pain ( in hindi- Mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota) So his mother became angry and start to chase him. It is a great episode for me


Favourite Cartoon Characters watching are good for entertainment for children. But watching cartoon for longer periods of time is bad for health that is particularly bad for eyes. It puts a lot of strain on eyes of children. Many children has lost their eyesight and have a big problem in studies. Today's survey is showing that many children are becoming overweight and have also pre-ages diseases. They  shouldn’t have those diseases in this age. This is because the infra rays coming from the TV damages eye vision very much. So children should watch cartoons for few hour . The main positive impact of watching cartoon is that it put us in huge  laughter and we know that laughing is good exercise for health.    

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