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Mar 25, 2013

759 Words| A Journey to a SeaShore ( Digha- West Bengal-India) Informative Essay For standard 7

759 Words: This essay  journey to a seashore can be universally written by the student of any country by changing the name of referred location (here Digha) and other related information . It is because the seashore entertain everywhere equally. So read this essay and enjoy.
seashore is one of the best location for passing holiday after puzzling examination and mental stress caused by the exam preparation. This become more charming and heartfelt realisation, if booked hotel lies very near to seashore and window faces at right angle to rushing seashore's cool air . I was stayed in Saikatabas Hotel which is my best sensation because it faces the seashore at right angle and is very near to the seashore. I opened the window and all doors and switched off the light. It was very nice and fanciful dreaming experience with open eye. The whistling and body touching seashores air gave me excellent feeling and satisfaction.
Journey Preparation- Many of us try to be more smart and usually say that leave it , I can do everything at the right time. It is very good sign of unplanned man. Journey preparation to a seashore is very important. Generally we must make a list of required needy things of our daily uses . Think and write on paper , it is so simple. Just imagine how will you start for the journey and what will you do in course of journey. E.g. we should start from our home so we have to take a car or bus, then we will catch the train. So what things we need in the said example above. Cloth, mobile, car hiring, train ticket baggage slipper etc. I think you are understanding what I mean here. So I am leaving rest of thing on you.

Journey Route - Digha is 272 km (shortest route  - see Google  Map picture ) by road from Durgapur and 347 (158+189) km by train route from Durgapur. I wrote the distance by breaking it in two parts because this train journey needs to break at Howrah station. First journey is from Durgapur to Howrah and second one is from Howrah to Digha. One train run with two names e.g.-- Tamralipta exp. ( UP route-6.40 am from Howrah to Digha, Down route-10:25 am from Digha to Howrah). And Kandari exp. (UP route 14:15 from Howrah to Digha, Down route 18:20  -from Digha to Howrah. The main point of this train is that it has only one rack of coaches that runs between the two stations and if any way of journey gets disturbed the other three journey of the train get delayed or cancelled. So this is very important to know the running status of either Kandari or Tamralipta Exp.
The other trains between these two station is HWH DGHA Duranta , PAHARIA EXP. and SRC DGHA EMU. 
Hotel Information- top hotels Old Digha- my preference - Saikatabas, Sea Hawk, Sea Bird, Dolphin, Blue view, Larica Holiday Inn, Aditya International etc. 
At New Digha- Hotel Gitanjali.
 At Mandarnani-Rose Valley resort.
Best visiting sites are Mandarmani Ghat, Rose Valley, New Digha beach for MANDARMANItaking bathe, Science City. I personally enjoyed Mandarmani and Rose valley because these two have fine balance of natural and artificial beauty and both are at one place. The real perception of driving four wheeler on beach first time in my life became possible at Mandarmani . 
Now I am going to explain one important bad event; what we faced during our journey time. The Kandari Exp rescheduled at 19:50 Hr instead of its right time 14:15 Hr. I was waiting since 10:45 Hr to catch this train; which ultimately shocked us at the last time. We already passed about 2 hrs at the Platform and our family members had no energy to pass another 6 hours at the Platform. We were in groups of four family therefore we didn't got any big puzzle instead we twisted our plan and stayed in Yatri Niwas ( Railway Hotel ) Dormitory  for 5 hrs. We refreshed ourselves and caught the train at 19:50 Hrs. After that we reached at Digha at 1:30 PM at night and passed another 3 hrs at the Railway station. This was possible because we were in a group otherwise this journey couldn't have possible. At last we enjoyed at our fullest and were able to overcome all journey pain. Ever time this type of event doesn't happen but we were unfortunate at that time. We showed our patience and perseverance of completing seashore entertainment. 

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