Mar 6, 2013

Pakistan Courteous Country Essay For Class 1

Courteous means  respectful, or considerate in manner. The name Pak means spiritually pure and clean. Pakistani people are very open heartedness and passionate. Pakistan has given great Gagal singers. Usdad Gulam Ali is one of the greatest Gagal singer (Funkar) of today's time. Pakistan has produced many top world level cricketers. Pakistan also proved their strong bowling attack. It is the greatness of the Pak land which delivers consistently great pace bowlers. Pakistan must feel courteous of having great preacher Mohammad Tahirul Qadiri. He is ranking as one of highest preacher of Islam in Urdu language. He has great influence on Arab's and Indian Muslims.  Pakistan must feel courteous about Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Great cricketer like Imran Khan is a legend in cricket world. There are big list of these types of legends. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world. I think Pakistan is the only nation which has saved great  language Urdu. I think it is one of the most prestigious thing. Because this language rules the heart of large mass of people throughout the world. 
This essay again can be simplified as per student's capacity and potential. For higher classes points like these can be added. e.g.-I also noticed that Pakistani web-professional are doing wonders on IT. It is the time that Pakistan should think for great work on economic front to make energetic people to produce more and to engage youngster  in Pakistan economy. 
This point
If anybody know other good things about Pakistan, then he can adds by commenting below.

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