Feb 27, 2013

Earth and Moon | Dharti aur Chand | for Class or Std 2

Earth is the third planet from the earth. It is fifth largest planet in Solar System. The Earth is the densest planet. Moon  is the natural satellite of the Earth. Moon is the fifth largest satellite in the Solar System. It is the largest natural satellite in the Solar System. Islamic calender is the lunar calender in which moon's rotation time period is the basis numbers of calculating days in month. In Hindi the Earth is called Dharti (धरती ) and Moon is called Chand (چند ) in Urdu and Chandrama (चन्द्रमा) in Hindi. The Earth is personified as a goddess in German paganism and it is personified as Dharti Maata in India. Earth sometime is referred to as world or Blue planet or by its Latin name "Terra". Moon is the natural satellite of the earth. It has no its light. It shines with the help of Sun light. The Moon is in synchronous rotation with the Earth. Therefore the moon always shows same face with its near side to the Earth. Moon is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun. Islamic festival strongly followed by the emergence of the moon. The moon is popularly connected with the proverb ( Aap to Eid ke chand ho gaye.(in Urdu-آپ تو عید کے چند ہو گئے , In Hindi-आप तो ईद के चाँद हो गए ). 
For class 3 and 4 also adds these lines as per requirement.

The name Earth is derived from old English "eorthe" before 754 AD. The Earth name was modernised from middle Englihs word "erhte" in 1137 AD. The word Moon is derived form the word "moone" in 1380AD; the word "moone" was developed from the word "mone" in 1135Ad. This "mone" was derived from old English  "mona" . 
In Bollywood  special songs were with the the Earth and the Moon as -Dharti meri maata pita aasman (धरती मेरी माता पिता आसमां ). Chaand ke paas jo sitara hai o sitara hasheen lagta hai (चाँद के पास जो सितारा है ओ सितारा हशीन लगता है ).

Prophet Mohammad bisected the moon in two pieces in his  childhood time again joined it. He used to play with the moon. This was the prime indication of his prophetic power given by almighty Allhah Subhan-W- Tala. --Resourch Quran and Hadid.

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