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Mar 31, 2013

Visit to a Historical Fort Essay for Class 9

Fort means "a permanent army post"or strategic position.In Urdu means محصور جگہ  . A building which is built so that it can be defended against an enemy is called a fort. The fort usually was the capital of maximum historical kingdoms. The forts were made by many strategies to put barriers against enemy. e.g. the fort remained surrounded by deep pit so that nobody could enter into the fort except the main entrance; which was remain guarded by high protection. 

Fort :
There are two forts of UNESCO ( United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Oragnization) world heritage  sites in India. They are—The Agra Fort and The Red Fort. The colour of the twor forts are red. They were made of redstone of that time. The oldest still surviving fort is the Qila Mubarak Fort in India and the Kangra fort in Kangra believed to have been built by Katoch dynasty after the battle of Mahabharata.
I visited the famous fort of Agra with my family members. Agra fort is the monument located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is about 2.5km northwest to its famous sister monument, Taj Mahal. It is basically described as a walled city. 
History of Agra Fort that I visited:
The Agra Fort has a deep history. It was taken by many great peoples rather than Mughals. The fort, was originally a brick fort and first held by Hindu Sikarwar Rajputs. Ghajnavide force captured it- is first time mentioned in 1080 AD. Sikandar Lodi was first sultan of Delhi; who shifted his capital to Agra from Delhi and lived in the fort and governed the country. He died in the fort at 1517 and his son Ibrahim Lodi held it for nine years. He built several palaces , a mosque and wells in the fort. But he was defeated and killed at Panipat in 1526. After the first battle of Panipat the fort was captured by Mughals in which Mughals have taken vast treasures including Kohi-n-oor dimond; which   is known later as Kohi-n-oor. Babur stayed in the fort and built a baoli(step well). The emperor Humayun  was crowned in 1530. Sher Shah Suri defeated Humayun and the fort remained with suris till 1555. After that Humayun recaptured it. Later Hem Chandra Vikramaditya  won Agra and started to capture Delhi , He was defeated by Akbar therefore Agra fort once again remained in the hand of Mughal. 

The one story of Agra touched my heart and felt kind very much towards Shahjahan; who was imprisoned here at his last period of life and used to watch Taj from the window of the Agra fort. I visited the room from where he was watching his beloved tomb; which is now  the 7th wonder of the world. The greatness of Shahjahan ; the creator of Taj wonder; was ended in very pathetic way in this room.

I recommend every one to listen the big pathetic story of Shahjahan from the experienced guide of the Agra Fort. 

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