Apr 7, 2013

401 Words Essay on Health is Wealth for Class or Std 3

"Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise". Health is more precious than wealth

Every thing ends if health ends. Healthy man can only be happy in all situation and everywhere even he has less wealth. But more wealthy person having even more wealth feels pains in all happiness situation if he fails to preserve his health.  His bad health does not allow to enjoy fullest with his wealthy possession.

Everything looks good if one is healthy and looks bad if he is trapped to a deadly disease. To remain healthy and wealthy the life style must be guided with discipline of balanced life activities. It means we should remain always focused to our core objective of healthy living. I am mentioning few examples.

early sunrise scene

Suppose we are eating then do not eat more than requirement and eat only healthy foods cooked in healthy way. We must not do late night work. We should behave politely and positively with our friends. We must know the normal level of social behaviour. These things create a very happier platform of living ; it keeps us cheerful ; which in turn save wealth. Healthy life will keep us away from bigger disease and thus wealth is not wasted for medical treatment. Medical expense is one thing which  drag many wealthy person on roadside very quickly. The signs of good health are sound sleep and proper excretion. Nothing is important than early to bed. We generally do this mistake of going to bed late. This one bad habit draws all bads for the next day. Doing this daily sets our daily lifestyle. This bad lifestyle for a longer period of 10 to 15 years produce bigger disease like diabetes, Blood pressure etc. In search of more wealth we generally loses more wealth at last. So keeping balanced lifestyle is most important for healthy and happy life. So it is really justified that health is real wealth. A cancer patient can not enjoy millions of Dollar but a healthy man can enjoy fullest with one Dollar. Insufficient wealth can be beared but insufficient health is unbearable in normal sense. So comparison is very clear and simple that health is wealth.

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