Apr 19, 2013

Short Essay on Myself | 151 Words

By Mano Butt :                                                          151 Words
My name is Saba. I am student of matriculation. I live in Pakistan. I have four siblings and i m youngest one. I like computer most, that is why I choose computer field.I wish to join Pak Army.I want to do something special for my country. Now a day Pakistan  needs more skilled and genius people for its betterment.I also like to play cricket and my friends are also like to play it. I also like to read books.I like pink and black colour. My teachers love me because of my intelligence and wisdom. I like to cook different types of dishes.I have a lot of friends. I have some mistakes in my self but my good things cover my all bad things because these are in majority. My parents have lot of wishes about my life. I love my parents a lot and I love my country Pakistan.

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