Essay on My new Class | for std 3 | 202 Words

By Urooz Ali:                                            Total-202 Words.
My New Class Room

It was first day of my new class 3 session. I was very happy as well as anxious about my new Classroom  many questions were arising in my mind. For example- Where will be my new classroom, Who will be my new classmate and who will be my new Class teacher etc .

On first day my parents came with me for helping for my new Classroom . I noticed many students were searching their respective new classes. There was very much rush on the school passage. I was also doing the same for class 3. It was very confusing to find my new class because each room was having two or three room number labels. Finally one teacher helped me in this regard after that I found my class easily. I became happy to see the interior and the location of the new class. The class was airy and was at ground floor. The black board was big and nice. My eye was waiting for previous year friends. After a while I saw two of my friends were entering into this room. I felt relaxed and happy after meeting with them. I talked with them and we all were very happy.

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