May 28, 2013

Private School vs Government School Essay

Private school vs government school is one of the highest concern for the people of India and particularly proper regulation and monitoring of private and government schools are the big issue.

The topic needs not to define in more detail, because the title of this is sending all message regarding  the content which is needed to be explained here. Everybody, community and even the system is trying to do needful for the regulation of the private and government schools. 

It is quite tough to generalize strength and weakness of Private and Government schools because it depends on a particular school , how it deals with the students and in the system. However in recent time many distinct positive and negative differences have been noticed from both type of the schools.

First of all I will throw the focus on the strength and weakness of these two model of the schooling system. 
Secondly here the precaution and measures to be taken ; will be dealt.  And lastly conclusion will be written. 

Characteristics and quality of Private schools (Strength): Main noticeable quality of the private schools are that these schools have top class management and they compete for maintaining its qualities for keeping them ahead in the business. Time , discipline, punctuality, security etc are maintained at a greater level. Teacher to students ratio is less in these schools thereby providing very comfortable learning environment. Private schools have better safety records. Their examination, leaves and other all activities  and periodical test are well programmed from very beginning. They usually organises teachers parents meeting to discuss about the strength and weakness of the students and other good or bad practices of the students to check these at certain intervals of the session year.

Drawbacks of Private schools(weakness): 
A very noticeable point is that private schools are expensive and they commercialised  everything keeping aside all ethical values of education system. These schools inject unnecessary books in the syllabus. Also these schools organise unnecessary programmes thereby putting unnecessary pressure on pockets. The good qualities of these schools are butchered on the financial platform despite killing all traditional values of the educational system. Once upon a time students were hiding their face from teachers outside at wrong places for respecting  teachers. And if they had caught they would do Namaskar by leaning on the teacher's feet. 

The large bags filled with maximum books and note books , put more physical pressure particularly at lower classes on the students. This is one of the highest drawbacks of the private schools. 

This is my perception that few private schools recruit few low quality teachers on low salary and these teachers have high quality getup to impress physically to the exterior world.  I don't mean here that all the teachers are like these. 

Characteristics and quality of Government School (Strength): These schools are blessed with highly talented teachers ; who joined after competing bigger competition. The talent can not be beaten or dominated by anything. It is the God gift. The potential of these teachers are extremely recognisable. These schools have national and international recognition because these are under government regulatory.  It is because of their job security. Many of them lacks in ethics of performing their duty for what they are paid sufficient salary
Drawbacks of Government schools(weakness): 
Despite many remarkable qualities it has been noticed that many government teachers seldom discharge their knowledge in the classroom. Teaching track records of these schools are very poor. These schools lack in discipline. They doesn't exhibit performance as per the expectation of the parents.  

Note:Two types of students are developing in Indian society. One is from private schools and another from government school. Thus youngster are getting divided in two part economically. This injects discrimination in the educated youth. It is being listened many times  that higher society students teas lower society by saying -- "these  are the bestial boys, they doesn't know manner, culture etc etc". 

Precaution and Measures:
Schools are the temple of education and most of all it produces nation's future. So it must needs better regulation and monitoring. Very important part of these schools must be to injects strong human values in the students e.g. honesty, goodwill, honor, holistic living, integrity, loyalty, obedience, patriotism, discipline, non-violence, peace, justice and punctuality . Many evils of the society evolve from human body e.g. corruption and many social evils. So it is the human being himself which can strongly check himself from doing wrongs. Police and force can not be deployed behind everybody for checking wrong doings. 

There must be a strong regulation for both private and government schools. Bad practices of the private schools must be checked and the government school system must be interlocked financially to get good individual performance.

Conclusion: Here I want to convey one message that we must chart a bright students future to do our best from our side to create , support and nurture goodness so that an efficient schooling system may be restored. We need to convince the schools that our demand is this. If the schools are ignoring then we must unite to form an Association to realign the systems of the schools. It is we who are the customer for our children. And the system must be customer based to satisfy the good carrier of the students  so that ideal students may come out from the schools to serve humanity, economy and prosperity. 

By Akbar Ali: This topic is very interesting. I guaranty you for full contentment and innovative focus which is the core value of this essay.--MUST READ and COMMENT BELOW!!


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