Jun 28, 2013

Granddaughter Essay For Class 1

Granddaughter photogrph image pictureIt is for class or standard 1 therefore visitors are requested to modify it as per their need.

Granddaughter is the beloved of grandparents. She is the queen in the eye of her grandparent. She shares with her grandparent by heart. Granddaughter remains more close to her grandparent than her parent. She used to do all naughty things in the safety net of grandparent, because she know that her father or mother may not like her all activities. Granddaughters are sometime replica of  grandmother. She is a beautiful living toy for her grandparents. Old-age family members at their last age  remain very much attached with their grandchild.  Granddaughter is the stars of the house members. She or he breaks the resistive anger of the family members. Granddaughter is that who brings happiness, ecstasy , amusement and pleasure in the family. 
You can also write some points like this.
granddaughter photo image pictureI deeply love my granddaughter. She is my daydream. I can not live without her. My time gets passed easily with playing with her. I need not to do any exercise separately. It is because she cause me to run when she remains awake. My granddaughter  always ask about my wrinkles. As of now she speaks her beautiful lovely words. She is grand gift in my life. Life was not so much beautiful before. 

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