Jul 5, 2013

Mother Essay for class or std 8 750 Words

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The modern English word "Mother" is from middle English words "Moder". . In old English it was "Modor". Mother is one who cares us till her death. Mother is reasoned well behind birth of all the living creatures.

Our existence is because of our birth. Birth activity is the primmest , superb , hardest part of the mother in this world; after which she gets another life by giving  life to others.

Name of Mother in various Language: In English we say mother as Mother, Mama, Mom. In Arbic we say "Ahm"  In Hindi we say Ma Maji and  Matri, In French  Mère, Maman, In Urdu Ammi. etc Similarly there are various name in many language. Mum and mummy are used in the United Kingdom, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Newzealand, India, Pakistan, Hongkong and Ireland. Charles, Prince of Wales publicly addressed his mother Queen Elizabeth II as "Mummy" on the occasion of her Diamond Jubilee.

Mother words is very much rich in its presence among various words in dictionary. Motherhood, Stepmother, mothering, maternity, motherland, grandmother are few words attached with mother. We sometimes call our nation as mother. So we see the mother has extensive presence in our day to day use of language.  

Who had come first Mother or father : Scientifically its answer will be hypothetical. it is because science had not been developed so much at that time when life started on the earth or we can say that science had not gotten its existence at the time. According to Hinduism methodology Rigveda, the earliest Hindu text mentions the Hiranyagarbha ("golden embryo") as the source of the creation of the Universe.  According to christianity and Islam the answer is common. Almighty Allah first created Adam Alehi-Salam after that from the body bone of adam  Bibi Hauwa was created. Acording to Christianity as far as know Adam and Eve (First man and woman) had started creation of human beings.

Value of Mother from Religious Point of view : Mother is the most precious possession of any body's life. Her unconditional, divine and purest love can not be equated with any type of love in this world. Even God has imparted this message through prophets. The mother takes care of her newly born child day and night and know all symbolic language of newly born baby. She remains awaken for many nights to keep the child alive at any cost. For this she never compromise with any parameter; which can harm her baby. For saving her child's life she can die also. This is terrific mother's love for her child. She can identify her child by smell. Isn't it a miracle.  Hence my mother is the most valuable, respectable asset of my life.

 Three most significant sacred mothers as per my perception are Mata Kaushalya, Marium and Amina (from religious point of view of  Hinduism, Christianity and Islam). These mothers had brought on the earth three most influencing personalities Lord Rama please be upon him, Jesus please be upon him and Prophet Mohammad Sallallaho Alehi Wasallam. Islam says that at the time of Akhirat (after the complete devastation) the path of Jannat go below the foot of mother of every Muslim. And father will open the door of Jannat. So there is no chance of success without mother's forgiveness  at the time of Hashra (Time of Decision of almighty Allah).

Role of Mother in Our Life :  It is not wrong or illogical to say that it is the mother who first teach us about the God ; who is the cause and reason for the creation of this beautiful world. Mother cares us, nurtures us, build us, and teach us with more than sufficient responsibility. She is responsible for clothing, feeding, looking after and controlling their children. She is the first to teach the children about obedience the most valuable learning of the childhood. Also its the duty of a mother to make sure children are physically, mentally, psychologically in their good condition. It is the mother who is one  formula of well-being of their children.

Responsibility toward mother: So it is our utmost duty and responsibility to take care to our mothers from bottom of our  heart.

We must remember by imagining our childhood when she was dying for providing us everything. She used to feed us such thing ; which was as costly as she could not eat herself. She used to become very much anxious if we would get a little cut on our body.

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  1. Beautiful essay
    Loved it a lot and also very much useful

  2. Beautiful essay
    Loved it and also very much useful


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