Jun 16, 2013

Sign of Humanity Essay for Class 7

                                            By Azra Ahmad: 608 Words

Humanity is the  standard value of behaviour, disposition, relationship,  and attitude  shown to others by a good human beings. Sign are the reflection of these values at the time of instances in our human society. First of all I will write all the names of the good and standard values which are very close to defines humanity on its own scale.  These words are love,  responsibility, fraternity, kind, help,  and humbleness. We must also know inhuman activity viz. slavery, holocaust, unkind, prejudice,  genocide, hate, and greed. I want to draw attention of few thinkers ; who say that humanity is the highest of all religion. So they are telling wrong according to my concept and belief. Actually humanity is the minimum standard value that make qualify a person to enter into the periphery of a religion. So it is the minimum qualification to start and get practice to any religion. It is the misbelief of today's society which has pushed it into darkness of unknowing and doing bad to mankind. 
Now this essay is the concern of tracing the humanity of a man. That will be the sign of humanity. I will explain it with few practical instances of the society.
 Humanity is judged by the human beliefs of goodness for the welfare of the whole society not for the members of own family, neighbours and own community. It coverage is very large in actual sense. But now a days doing good to our community or society is treated as humanity. This I call conservative humanity. This is the reason of today's all problems of the society. One nation is doing all best for its shining ; which may be at the cost of destroying the people of other nation. Humanity is at such a down level that big leaders used to have large force for their protection. It is because his welfare activity was lasted for a certain group of people thereby creating other groups of enemy. If humanity would persists at larger scale covering whole mankind then no force of any category would be needed for the leaders of any nation and he could walk freely in the society. It is the sign of limited humanity for limited people.

If the people of our neighbour is treated well therefore people of our neighbour nation should also treated in same fashion and the people of other community or religion should also respected and behaved in same manner. In this way humanity can shine everywhere and reflects the sign of humanity at every corner. 

In today's time big meeting are held at international level to settle and solve the inhuman economic malpractices to save the mankind and the globe. But mind me maximum representative of the nation usually put forward its own national welfare with the strategy of getting more benefit for its own country. This is the fact behind the global warming. All will die with its own short term gain. It is a short term for the age of the earth not to be compared with human average age. In this way we are buying dangerous future for coming generation. This is not the sign of humanity. So we see in wider sense humanity is not being maintained at all. Many people may not agree with this explanation . But it is my perception. I recommend everybody to write own perception while writing essay. This may be out of box thinking , but it must be like that to indicate the problem of the society to try to send a message to the system so that good decision may come for welfare of  human beings in future.

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