Jun 9, 2013

My Home Essay for Class 10

By Azra Ahmad: 738 Words.

Home is the home of happiness, ecstasy, rest and security. It is the place where we open our eye to see the world. So from very beginning of childhood it sets in our mind as safest place in the world.

God is greatly created all animal to make its home. It may be hole of rat, burrow of small animals, den of lion or highly sophisticated home of human beings. It gives the equal sense to the respective inhabitant. Home is also become a status symbol of social and economical strength. In old days girl's marriage were used to confirmed by elders on the basis of home possession of the becoming groom. Architectures are continuously doing research to dish up new design of home to the customers. After a journey we feel tremendous relief in our home. Home is the centre of our all life activities. Many says that if anybody has a home then he can earn   fooding and lodging and can achieve success in his life.

Home detail: My home plus layoutI am fortunate to have a beautiful home. Its layout design is so nice that its all rooms get light and air sufficiently. It should be very general formula to give a plus sign layout to the home for better air and light passage. In plus design layout the projected part (room) get maximum air and light contact. The middle portion can be a Dining Room. Latrine and Bathroom can be inserted at backside corner to provide common passage to all the rooms. One front plus projection can be made Guest Room. As per my conviction, the plus design layout of the home is straightway adoptable. It is good to decorate home but it is utmost important to make home airy and sunny. There may another design also , I am not challenging that this is the best one only. But my plus design home is really enjoyable for me.

 My home is south facing. Geographically we know that south facing houses get sunshine in Winter and very much cool air at evening in Summer. For this point of view , it is very much necessary to have a south facing home. In front side it has very good lawn space for growing flowers and small trees. I have planted. Guava tree, Palm tree, Jasmine, Rose flower and many more. These greenery gives us fresh air and very nice front look for my home. My main bedroom gives me very nice heartfelt sleeping experience.

Dream of Home: Making , acquiring or buying a home remains always a dream of human beings. To turn this dream into reality everybody accumulates its hard earning of his life. It has been said in Indian context that Roti, Kapda aur Makan (Bread, Cloth and Home) are the three prime needs of human beings. Bread and cloths are essential but need very few money to fulfil this. But Home is not a one day cricket game. It is the lifetime game to prove its possession. Even many governments of the world lend Home loan at cheaper rate to construct a home at early stage of life.

Daily passenger's story: As we are discussing about my home therefore it is compulsory to say something about daily passenger's story; who are the most affected person by their home. They travel daily for attending their office from few km to up to 200 km. But they are not ready to leave their home. It is heard usually that their dear and near advise them from various point of view to settle near the office. But it is their home ; which keep them attached with their home for whole of their service life. I am not saying that they remain only because of their home only, but it is one of the major reason out of many reasons. So you think how a home impacts on one's life. The fortunate persons are those ; who get their student life, service life and ending life near their home.

Homesickness:  Many say that homesickness is very bad. But my conviction is that to get this disease everybody must remain passionate and pursuant to achieve their profession near their home. It entertains us with the jubilation of all festivals with friends, parents and relatives.

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  1. Excellent....good wording,good topics,everything is good......
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    1. it was a very conducive essay with excellent terminology. thank you for writing it!

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  2. plz add some quotations in it

  3. Azra ahmed I liked your esaay. Can u please give me aome more esaays with 700+ words. I need two essays of SPORTS AND GAMES, MY LAST DAY AT SCHOOL please also put these
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  4. It is very good.But quotations are required.Plz add quotations.🆗

  5. It is an excellent writing gleaned by the pen of some extraordinary person.

  6. V.good essay thanks for brilliant work.

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  8. essay is not so good not so bad

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