Jul 18, 2013

310 Words short essay on Time is Money for kids

Time can be turned into money if it is utilised efficiently in present. Time never stops. It never shows pity to poor and never salute the rich. It has its own weight and value. It can not be returned and can not be saved. It can only be used as an opportunity.

It is quite difficult to show and prove for children that the time is money. But there is small and simple way to realise them about its value.

First example:

It is usually listened from few hard working person that 'Time is money' Don't waste it. Actually these type of people work hard and gain a lot. For them 24 hrs. a day  is very short period of time. Irrespective of these person, we have also seen the kind of men sitting and passing time. These people usually says that it is very hard to pass time. Actually these kind of people do nothing and also earn nothing. So it is proved that the person who use time efficiently gains respect status, money and high reputation in the society. They treat  time as money. And who spoil time do nothing and is very worthless people. So they left the time and hence the money. Time slipped from their hand and leaving them workless, unemployed and worthless. 

Time is Money for kids

Second Example:

It is seen many genius students do hard labour in study and manage time to execute their plan for achieving success in the competitive examination. They get selected in top class of universities (run by government) ; which costs very little for the course. Where as same courses costs lakhs of rupees in private institutions. Thus it is seen that by using time cleverly the student indirectly  earned money by achieving high rank in the competition. He has to pay very little amount. Ultimately they also get selected by reputed employers.

The kids are advised to change the sentences where they think so. Parents can do this. Also make short for them.

Give your feedback what you think about this essay about 'Time is Money'

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